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Ottawa, this is BC calling… Come in Ottawa.. this is BC calling – we actually need the Coast Guard here. Do you copy? ……. “For the second time in three days, the communication system for the Coast Guard in Canada’s busiest waterway had an extended malfunction. “There was a loaded tug and barge with 86,000 barrels of diesel and gasoline going through the … Continue reading

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This weeks new column for 24Hrs Vancouver: Mayors can’t afford to ignore housing

Recently, I  shared with you the news of my move from the Duel and why I made that decision-I’m thrilled at the overwhelming support from all of you in this new venture. Today, I’m happy to bring you my first … Continue reading

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When wrong just doesn’t begin to describe it.

I’m about to give the old fingers a rest from the keyboard for the May long weekend –  they’re getting a bit claw like – but there are three more stories I wanted to bring to your attention for posterity. … Continue reading

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Submissions raise eyebrows at Electoral Boundaries Commission public hearing in Surrey with ‘Gracie’s Finger’ references, opposition to changes in key Liberal ridings.

On a rather mundane Thursday afternoon in April, without any press or fanfare, representatives from the Electoral Boundaries Commission conducted a public hearing in Surrey at the Guildford Sheraton Hotel. The purpose of the public hearing was to allow voters … Continue reading

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The end of something wonderful and the start of something new

It’s a bit cliché to say that all good things come to an end, but it is true. It is not without a touch of wistfulness that I’m here to share the news that I’ll be leaving The Duel column … Continue reading

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This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: Alberta NDP will hurt the premier

I’ve missed post a few of my Monday columns for the last bit thanks to an extra-busy schedule, but found some time to post this while the coffee is brewing  :) This week’s topic: Could the NDP’s win in Alberta … Continue reading

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Politics must not trump public safety – It’s time for government to put its money where its mouth is when it comes to Surrey.

After another Detroit style rolling shoot-out yesterday in Newton,the last thing Surrey residents wanted to wake up to was news of more gun violence this morning- this time in North Surrey. It is little solace to anyone that todays shooting … Continue reading

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Orange Crush served up in Alberta by Notley win,but can the BC NDP ride the wave to leadership in 2017?

There were two things on my TV agenda last night : the season première of Deadliest Catch, and the Alberta election. Flipping back and forth on commercial breaks, once the news that an NDP majority was being called by media, … Continue reading

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“Live in the sunshine,swim the sea, drink the wild air…” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

While most people refer to Surrey as the suburbs, for me it’s always been ‘city life’. I hear the noise of traffic that most people might not even hear, loudly. The pace of life, the hustle, bustle and crime just … Continue reading

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There’s no forgiveness for Chesney’s latest chestnut,but don’t be quick to toss this councillor.

As someone who has known  Dave Chesney for far longer than he’s been a councillor for the city of White Rock, I was as shocked and offended as anyone at the comments revealed to the press yesterday. In days gone … Continue reading

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