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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey Laila,

    I just popped by to read your take on the ‘NW experience. I was a semi (quarter?) finalist – I can never remember which one is the last one but I was knocked out – rightfully, I think – by Colleen Brow, who, as you heard, was very good.

    I didn’t hear your whole final show but I heard a couple of segments and you sounded great: well prepared, calm but with contagious enthusiasm. And I know how much work goes into putting the show together: I spent multiple hours putting my last one hour appearance together (and I have a two-year old at home too!). Three hours is crazy, particularly if you don’t have a producer working with you.

    Don’t be bummed if ‘NW doesn’t come through with an offer. From all I hear, the cost-cutting that has gone on at Corus would mean even if they did offer a gig, it would probably be really poorly paid for the amount of work you’d have to do (you’d be working a lot on ‘passion’!).

    All the best!



  2. Frank

    Algerian Gamil Gharbi was responsible for the Montreal Politechnic murders yet the media still uses his ‘alias’ Marc Lapine. Is there a valid reason for this or is the media afraid of something?


  3. Sue Stroud

    Mulcair is doing for his area what local politicians here should be doing for their area. By the way did Harvey or you ever ask if Mulcair would agree to federal funding and no tolls for the rest of Canada? Make you a bet he would happily do so. Corporate tax dodging and their control of the Tories and Libs is the real problem in this country., Harvey seems to be trying to fight the election for the Tories. See NDP Policy book which Tom uses extensively Infrastructure is a big concern for Mulcair as is the environment. He spent Friday at a major environmental conference meeting the people he will need to work with to get things done. Does Harvey want him to just not build the bridge and leave all those people stranded? What can be changed quickly will be done right away, what needs to happen over time will be planned and carried out incrementally and yet still as quickly as possible. As for the rant about spending other people’s money that is typical Tory obfuscation meant to blind voters to the real issues, Tom is a taxpayer too and acutely aware of what we are facing when tax fairness has been gutted. I would also suggest that Oberfeld’s piece borders on hate speech re Quebec.


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