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    1. Hi Sandra. 🙂 I did mention before I deactivated my account that I was taking a break and included that directly in my post above:
      “For now, I’ll be continuing work on a couple of books and focusing on family, so there will be a hiatus on blogging & social media – I have deactivated my twitter account for now because I have very little faith left in political process and I’m afraid I will lose what’s left completely if I don’t. It’s incredibly disheartening. ”

      Contrary to some online trolls I haven’t abandoned anyone. Many forget I have children and they were very patient & understanding of my dedicated time to site c. It’s time for me to focus on them without having my phone go off every ten seconds. And frankly the pure unmitigated cult like verbatim repetition and unquestioning responses and justification from partisans is mind blowing. From the same people who have rightfully hammered the BC Libs for the same kind of political decision making.
      I got hammered for promoting Greens during the election by the ndp. I did an interview with cbc saying the Greens would gain and were growing interest. Then I got hammered for voting for the ndp at the end to defeat the lib in my riding which was done by a handful of votes and defined the election.
      There are so many unanswered questions about this decision on site c. And no mla will address the compelling contradicting evidence on how it could have been financed. That’s telling. It was my choice to disengage for a while. I’m sick of the hypocrisy.


  1. Laila, while I’m so sorry to see you go from Twitter, I completely understand where you’re coming from and may well follow in your footsteps. I wish you and your family the very best of the season.


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  2. Hi Laila,

    I’m taking a break from Twitter too and I thought of you. It’s spring and time to plant the garden and watch things grow. However, I will probably be back in a few days after that is done. I hope you are doing well. A new day will come.


    1. Hi Harold 🙂

      Thanks for the kind note. I’m well and also planting…it’s been so hot though, that the lettuce bolted and so now onto a second planting along with summer crops.
      Hope things go well with your crops this year! And stay above water…I see the Frasers getting high and hopefully the dikes are ready!
      Be well 🙂


    2. https://deltabc.ca.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=1201&starttime=undefined&stoptime=undefined&autostart=0&embed=1&fbclid=IwAR3AwSYTCRrYt7i5giImPDrlqZv1VyAfBtF3Wd5-dM8nxns60MeiBHOH-5g This is the council meeting (Delta) March 11, 2019. At ~ 50.00, Cllr. Jackson asks for data from BCLC back to 2010. Twice. Cllr Kanakos concurs….but it’s not entered into the minutes. Also, this council has now asked the Chief of DPD 3 times to come talk to them about money laundering at the new casino that has been approved for Toigo’s property near the tunnel. It will bring ~600 cars to the area between 3-4 pm weekdays. MOTI has the final say, apparently. Write a letter, maybe? How can we get some eyeballs out here? There’s a takeover happening in Delta, without a whisper.


      1. sorry, forgot to mention DPD has never yet come to talk to council about ML, despite 3 askings.. they sent a memo but it was a response to something else.


      2. Hi Aimee, I did point out how ridiculous this approval was in the midst of all this money laundering in one of ny recent corruption posts. Its why the coverage of bclc pulling back on a north shore casino was so ridiculous…they tried to look responsible yet the Delta one went ahead.

        You are right and diligent in your concerns and I suggest contacting Sam Cooper at Global about this. I’m going to add your comments to another comment section here too.


  3. Remember the poem “Invictus” by Henley. Its who we are… or have to be. Do not despair, spit out the loose teeth, go back in swinging, and never give up. That goes for you too, Harry.


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