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Sea to Sky highway project making money once again…but not for the taxpayers of BC

Call me a geek but the big transportation projects of BC have always been of keen interest to me and I’ve written about many. The Kicking Horse bridge, the South Fraser Perimeter road,Port Mann Bridge and of course, the infamous Sea to Sky highway….

Port Mann Bridge becomes the new ‘Fast Ferries’ debacle.

If you don’t follow Integrity BC on twitter https://twitter.com/INTEGRITYBC , or at their facebook page where frequent updates are posted, you are missing out on some vital information regarding BC politics and how the BC government operates. All of the work posted is rock…

The ‘real’ thing about the Port Mann Bridge.

“The thing about the Port Mann Bridge is people start using it–and they love it, because it saves so much of their time that they would otherwise be driving and they can spend with their family for example or get out and coach soccer….

Vaughn Palmer: On mega-projects, not much balance in B.C. Liberal claims of ‘on budget’

I was happy to see Vaughn Palmers column today, because his readership far exceeds mine and this story really needs to be read by all British Columbians. He also gives a tip of the hat to a December 21st blog post I did right…