It really is God’s Little Acre, and right now it’s an ice rink just waiting for you to make memories…

God'sicerinkIn the muck and mire of all that is political in this province – and this country- it is those rare rays of light that I find such inspiration in to keep the belief that change is not only possible, it is happening.

Jas Singh is one of those bright rays, a man who has proved that simple action can do more to feed people than endless years of talk by bureaucrats in government. In doing so, he’s also shown that if you build it, they will come. And they have – volunteers in the hundreds if not thousands, donated materials, whatever Jas needs miraculously always appears.

God’s Little Acre farm has evolved from one hay field that produced potatoes for the Surrey Food Bank in the first year, into a “self sustaining charity model  built on supporting local folks, with local food from our local farm.” The farm has donated over 100,000 lbs to local food banks and charitable organizations,a feat that leaves me in awe.

Those who know Jas, also know that besides having a big heart,he also has a fun,crazy spirit that’s absolutely contagious, and it’s that same spirit that led to thoughts of flooding a field and creating an ice rink when this cold snap appeared….

Well, thoughts soon lead to action and Jas was out with his most valued helpers and soon the water was flowing… all day and all night… the Surrey Fire Department came out to help and today… the ice rink is ready for the public!

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade they say, but when nature hands you artic air, instead of whining about the cold, you make an ice rink!!  And as someone who grew up skating on frozen lakes and ponds north of Prince George, I can tell you there is nothing like skating outside in the winter.. absolutely nothing can beat it. And when you add in the fact that your attendance will help grow more crops for needy people and families, it’s just an all around good thing.

Bundle up, grab your skates and come on out. Admission is by donation and proceeds go towards purchasing seeds and supplies for next years crops. There will be hot dogs and cocoa to purchase and even if you don’t skate, come out for the music,the fun and the sun.

What else are you going to do when it’s this cold outside? 🙂

Parking is at 16582 40th avenue, in Surrey and more details can be found on their  facebook page:

9 thoughts on “It really is God’s Little Acre, and right now it’s an ice rink just waiting for you to make memories…

  1. What a wonderful, kind person Jas is. Wish we had him as Premier.

    Sounds like so much fun. Wish I lived near, I would take my little granddaughter, who loves to skate. She announced in a restaurant, her daddy skates on his butt. I got the evil eye from her Mother. I was the one who asked her, how come her daddy skates on his butt.


    1. Haha! Well, better to be on your butt than not trying at all! 🙂 You don’t have to skate to enjoy the fun out there today at the rink. Just being a part of it will be an amazing feeling.


    1. Oh RossK, that is just perfect!!! 🙂 Thanks for that…and please post your link when you get yours up too… hmmm… your guitar would sure be welcome down there I bet, along with not so Little E’s talents! ( and Big E if she’s home yet!:)


  2. We’ve been reading Hockey Tree to the children for the past month. Might fit right in with God’s Little Acres ice rink, as long as the weather remains cold. No need to use the professional pucks when they can be made out of wood, dunked in water, then frozen. The book is available in your local public library.


  3. I’m not a great skater — but everything I learned about stopping, backward skating and crossovers came from skating outdoors… in the Lower Mainland, no less. I recall the North Van Fire Department flooding the tennis courts on the Grand Boulevard, back in the 1960s. Since then, I guess the fear of liability has prevented that kind of free spirit.

    There’s something about outdoor ice (or maybe it’s the wide-open space) that allows for more experimentation. Indoor ice seems less forgiving. Maybe its something about the concrete underneath, as compared to water or dirt cushioning.


  4. Looking forward to a sum-up post with a few of those pictures Laila.

    My version of Joni’s ‘River’ linked-to above (accompanied by a childhood story not that different that G.Barry’s, only from Victoria) is….Here.




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