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Port Mann Bridge becomes the new ‘Fast Ferries’ debacle.

If you don’t follow Integrity BC on twitter https://twitter.com/INTEGRITYBC , or at their facebook page where frequent updates are posted, you are missing out on some vital information regarding BC politics and how the BC government operates. All of the work posted is rock… Continue Reading “Port Mann Bridge becomes the new ‘Fast Ferries’ debacle.”

Keep calm and carry on- I will return to blogging soon.

There’s something more than a little ironic about having tennis elbow when you don’t even play tennis. For a while it’s been quite bothersome to sit,write and research for any extended amount of time, as my left elbow and forearm developed carpal tunnel like… Continue Reading “Keep calm and carry on- I will return to blogging soon.”

“No secrecy, no business.” ~Toba Beta

Fraser Surrey Docks believes in expansion Surrey Docks (FSD) has listened carefully to community concerns and has enhanced an already safe project by eliminating the stockpiling of coal, re-spraying the coal on the trains before they cross the border into Canada, and adding a… Continue Reading ““No secrecy, no business.” ~Toba Beta”

A must read. “Are Tax Havens robbing the government of P3 revenue?”

There are a couple of people who I really admire and follow with regards to their work on  P3’s in the province, among other items of concern. One is Erik Andersen , who in the embedded link talks about the potential for BC reaching… Continue Reading “A must read. “Are Tax Havens robbing the government of P3 revenue?””