We are all Egyptians.

Fighting the good fight

I believe that any individual who has spiritually awakened in our time, to the degree that he or she finds a higher and deeper motive for living, is going to be driven to fight the good fight in one way or another.

 Whether it is through engaging with the struggle to evolve *democracy or fighting to save *the environment or remove *corrupt governments, the spiritual impulse cannot be separated from the moral compulsion to make the world a better place. And in order to fight the good fight, we have to engage, we have to get into the ring, not just stand outside it and be philosophers.

It takes guts and integrity of motive to fight the good fight.

 It takes a passionate interest in life itself.

It’s easy to stand on the sidelines, shaking your head and commenting on how tragic things are. But if you really care, you are going to be in the ring, trying to make the world a better place. And only from that position will your words and your thoughts and your insights have weight.

 When you live an engaged life, your sense of self gains depth and power and authority, and your philosophy is no longer abstract. You become a person who can really make a difference, because you are actively participating, you are digging deep, and you are pushing up against the edge of your own potential.

Andrew Cohen

(* indicates words I have substituted for effect)

A pink wash frames Mt. Baker in the southern sky beyond my bedroom window this morning, signalling the start of a new day. I woke very early, laying in the dark thinking about the quote I posted to Facebook last night.

“Our government… teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.” ~Louis Dembitz Brandeis

This morning, I realized I am an Egyptian.

Nothing else could explain the magnitude of outrage and desire for change that burns in my belly. Nothing else could explain why, even at this early hour, I feel like I should have a loudspeaker in my hand as I march down the centre of  the streets, drawing people to join me as I shout: ” I have had enough! ”

I have had enough of a government that issues press releases touting the “overwhelming success” of the Canada line when the truth is that line is a massive financial burden to taxpayers and in my opinion, has done little to nothing to get cars off the road. The only people who think this project is a success are the concessionaires who are getting a wonderful return on their P3 investment, among them shadow fares based on number of riders and distance travelled. This is fact, not fiction. It is yet another case of hidden debt and monetary excess that we all pay for whether we ride it or not.

For the rest of us, and in particular, Susan Heyes, it is nothing more than another reminder of why this government must go, the sooner the better.

It is a reminder that this government has repeatedly and with great air of entitlement, demonstrated that they are above the same laws the rest of us are beholden to. This it not simply a use of rhetoric on my part, it is fact. I have stacks of research and documents to back this statement up, as do a number of others.

The government has fostered an environment within itself that not only rewards unethical behavior – just don’t get caught – but encourages it by example. The government has committed to transparency and accountability, but has a record of stalling both in any possible way they can.

” The HST wasn’t on our radar.”

” We can state unequivocably that there are no shadow tolls on the Sea to Sky.”

” We’ve said all along, the government did not do anything wrong in the sale of BC Rail, it was only about two corrupt criminals and they have admitted their guilt.”

I dare not go on, it might use all my blog space. One look at the 100 reasons Campbell should go above, will also tell you why the rest should depart as soon as possible. There is no difference between any in this group, and nor will electing a new leader change what is going on inside the ministries,because as Tercon vs. BC showed us, it is often the high level ministry contacts that oversee contracts and projects who are well involved in some unethical actions as well.

We are told to put our trust in a national police force that has shown us more than a few times, that even they will conceal, deflect and spin the facts that could have shown us the truth.

We have Liberal corporate friends and associations that think nothing of using their money and power to bully and intimidate people who tell the truth and threaten their current feed at the Liberal trough. Look at how much money these kind of companies are throwing behind Kevin Falcon, skirting his own parties leadership financial limits for campaigning. Look at the movers and shakers on Christy Clark’s team. These are the people who will benefit most from a continuation of the Liberal corporate driven agenda – not you, and certainly not I, nor any other average person in this province.

Look at it. Skyrocketing unemployment, a fake deficit that is far larger than the one the government admits to, and a province in turmoil  and indecision as the two major provincial parties both struggle to choose a new leader as the old one departs and tells reporters he is proud of the feeling he has left with British Columbians…

This is the time to say enough. And mean it. No more settling, no more rationalizing, and no more excuses.

 It is not enough to stand on the sidelines and say you watched and supported while others fought for your future. It is not enough to read the stories I bring you and say: ” Wow, that sucks- the government really is corrupt!” because what if next time it is your house in the way of a road? What if it is your business their overbuilt, over-priced  project will run into ruin?

Who will fight for you then?

 You must take your future into your own hands and fight for what it right and show this government they work for us – we don’t work for them.

After all, we are all Egyptians.

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  1. Laila,
    I sense the rage in your article. Seems that every thing that the government touches is tainted. The Police are only taken to task when a video camers is around. Think of all the events that have occurred when no video was present.
    How are we to change our government. I don’t think that people will take to the streets. I know that we should but do not see it happening.
    Therefore I would suggest that change has to be made at the ballot box. I am convinced that BC First is the way to go. Just review the website and think outside the box and you surely must see a light at the end of the tunnel. All to often we see the mode implemented of shoot the messenger not the message. Therefore I implore that the message be honestly reviewed.
    Again, and again Laila thanks for your continued enlightenment of the various topics. Is any one arranging a method of helping Ms. Heyes out financially?


  2. Amen to that.

    Every positive word or deed we can think of, helps. Let me say that one more time: EVERY.POSITIVE.WORD.OR.DEED … HELPS. And this dear old province needs us.

    Starting now.

    Blessings upon you, Laila.


  3. […] Fighting the good fight I believe that any individual who has spiritually awakened in our time, to the degree that he or she finds a higher and deeper motive for living, is going to be driven to fight the good fight in one way or another.  Whether it is through engaging with the struggle to evolve *democracy or fighting to save * the environment or * corrupt governments, the spiritual impulse cannot be separated from the moral compulsion to make … Read More […]


  4. When Colin Hansen threw in his support for Kevin Falcon he said this was the best replacement for Gordon Campbell. I thought all our pressure was to throw out Mr. Campbell – not to replace him with a memetic clone.
    Which of the apples in the “Liberal” Barrel is not rotten ?


  5. That’s weird, John Hackett – are you or are you not the same User:sirjohnhackett who went to war with me to try and censor the Wikipedia article on Christy Clark from having any mention at all of BC Rail in it, and even once you begrudgingly allowed it kept on trying to soap it and soap it and soap it, and redelete stuff time and again after it was repeatedly restored, accusing me of all kinds of things in the process, until a “protect” status had to be placed on that article to end the edit war? The same sirjohnhackett who tried to add slanderous and one-sided material to Adrian Dix’s page while complaining that I (and others0 were aiding slanderous material to Christy’s page?

    You don’t sound like the same guy, with your endorsement of BC First!, but the similarity of the name you’re using suggests you may very well be, no matter what you’re saying right now. I gather the “other” sirjohnhackett adopted his name from that of an Australian politician or general; yours may actually be your own name. But I can’t help but asking if there is a connection, given my recent (very unpleasant) experiences with someone by that name, albeit bearing a (false) knightly honorific. If you’re not my apologies, but given what I’ve described I think you can understand my reaction at seeing the name. If you ARE, you’re going to deny it anyway, though…..Schroedingers Cat and the Turing box etc play into this. Can you program a machine to lie? How can you determine if something is intelligent, or real, simply because it says it is?

    The line between lies and truth in British Columbia, as well all know, was erased LONG ago. Well, depending on who you talk to, that is…..


  6. Skookum1
    Sorry the sirjohnhackett is a different person. John Hackett is my name and I do not, or have ever endorsed any Liberal or NDP (for that matter). Apolgies accepted and all the very best to you.


  7. Awesome, motivational and emotional article.
    Thanks Laila.

    Is this the worst that a BC Gov’t has been?
    Sorry still learning and trying to understand the Legislature and the wrong doings and
    buffoonery going on there.


  8. Grant,
    Yes. This has been the most devastating provincial government so far.

    The people elected are following the global agenda of obliterating national borders and throwing every public institution open to unrestrained capitalistic take-over.

    In practice this means that any social safety-nets, such as medical-aid and old-age pension systems are abolished; in favor of ‘ for private-profit only ‘ pan-national predators . Schools and prisons follow; and there is an eventual reversion to feudal systems; complete with war lord corporations, and private armies (eg…Monsanto has bought up Blackwell, already)

    The ‘ bottom-line dollar only’ corporations have no regard for people or the environment, and are driven by ‘maximum gains at any cost’ (anthromorphized this equals greed).

    One tactic the ‘Liberals’ have used is to claim “investment equals jobs”- not differentiating between honest, home-grown businesses (which do create employment) and global predators who have no stake in the well-being of any community or nation (or province). Gordon Campbell,s government has assisted anybody and everybody in the looting of what was once a place where people had a chance for a good-quality life.


  9. I just feel so rejuvenated reading this ! Like you are the keeper of the flame for all of us. This is good anger I feel here, and it gave me goosebumps reading this.I’m a long time reader, first time commenter here and I just have to say Susan and that Pavi guy you wrote about and all of us are so damned lucky to have you to keep us inspired,informed,and thank you for that. I wish you would give this emotional speech live,like a video or a rally or something. You coul help a lot of people who are giving up hope find some in your words. Thank you again!


  10. These are words of a leader. You.

    ” If you build it, they will come.”

    Or in your case,if you lead them, they will follow. You inspire people to do their best,to do more, something no politician has done ‘cept the ZALM with the HST.

    Gotta step up girl. Time to shine.


  11. Laila, I’m just helping to get the word out.
    February 26 – 3:00 to 4:00 – Canada Place Way (by the Pan Pacific) by the trade and convention centre. Meet by the owelypic cauldron. – Rally against the HST. This is the lieberals eve of picking “their” premier. Please, let there be a big turnout to show that we, the people, are disgusted with this gang not only for the “wasn’t on my radar”, but for all the lies, sells off and sell outs, in the past 10 years.


  12. Hi Laila,

    Add me to the many others here who admire your heartfelt words and were moved by them. In particular I want to second the motion by Dave that you commit these words to a video clip that can be posted on YouTube. I think it’s an excellent way of getting the message out en masse.

    We have to counter in a big way the disinformation campaign waged by the MSM – the danger is that those who are ignorant of the facts actually eat up what they hear on the radio or read in the newspapers, and they have a wider audience than do bloggers (I think).


  13. OK, thanks, Not-Sirjohnhackett, good to know…..you might want to call Christy’s headquarters and tell them you don’t like them using your name as a cover LOL or maybe better not, they hate me enough as it is…….


  14. Skookum1 and istvan
    Hope to meet up with you guy’s at BC First AGM 9 April. It will be my order, whatever for Skookum1 and istvan and single malt for Laila and myself (and my wife). All the best to every one and keep up the good work Ms. Laila


    1. Morning everyone – Will be replying to all later on after having taken a very relaxing weekend off, much needed, but wanted to invite everyone to listen in as I join Ben Meisner on his show from Prince George, to talk about the NDP leadership hopefuls. Click on the microphone at this link to listen in live this morning starting around 9: 15- 9: 30, depending on programming.


      ( Lol Mr. Hackett, you are very persistant, to be certain! I have not joined BC First but have been asked to by many members, which is what Mr. Hackett is referring to.)


  15. Good work as usual Laila.

    Why should citizens have to fight for, our Constitution, our Civil Rights and Liberties, our Democracy and Freedom? Why should we have to, fight to protect the environment? Fight corrupt politicians and governments? Fight unfair taxation? Fight corrupt police, corrupt courts and corrupt judges? BC citizens have to constantly watch their backs for, underhanded tactics, theft of our assets, lies, and deceit. This is Campbell and the BC Liberals mantra, nothing is beneath their dignity. They are pathological liars, impossible to trust. They thieve from the province and the people, to give to the wealthiest corporations in the world. BC people have been left with not enough money left to live on. Many families don’t even have the basics. Everything the BC Liberals have touched, they have dirtied, ruined and corrupted. Do we have to do as the Egyptians did, to stop the crippling corruption, dictatorship and tyranny in our province?


  16. It is beginning to look very much like we should take back British Columbia. The sooner this corrupt government realizes that people are getting very fed up with the government bull sh*t and propaganda, just maybe they will change – though I very much doubt it.

    Campbell is doing a runner – finally acknowledging that he is not liked (at 9% popularity, that finally got through) and is, in the meantime, continuing to sabotage whatever good working arrangments there are left, in the whole provincial set up.

    The only thing this government will understand is a complete stoppage and walk out. Not many can afford to lose a day or two’s pay – but to not make the government realize what is at stake and continue is the same old way – is going to be much more expensive and devastating. It amounts to having to do exactly what the Egyptians and Libyans are doing. This BC Liberal government doesn’t give a damn about the people of this province. They would rather get into record debts, let 21 children die in poverty, make sick pensioners stay in hospital hallways, let 1/4 of the population live in poverty – than do anything that would benifit the people of British Columbia.

    It is high time we ( the people of BC ) did something to take back our province from those thieving BC Liberal “bastards” – because that is all they are. Certainly not fit to govern any longer.

    Thank you.


  17. Listend to you from PG this morning on Meisner, and liked what you had to say about the NDP candidates and Christy Clark! I spent all afternoon reading around your site and learned alot about what is going on I never heard of before. And a Prince George gal too, makes it even better. Hope to hear you more on air up here, and thank you.


  18. Oh, yeah, and I forgot to say thanks for telling it like it is about that damn carbon tax which is no good for us up here. Nice to know we got someone down there who gets it, because if you never lived up here you might not understand what its like. No freaking transit improvements are going to help us when we all live all over the damn place.


  19. “TILMA will end unnecessary barriers to trade between BC and Alberta and could mean as much as $4.8 billion in GDP and 78,000 jobs in BC.”
    Colin Hansen, 2007. This is total B.S.

    TILMA hinders Govts ability to make laws.


  20. It’s Time.

    General Strike (by DOA)

    shut it down! we’re tired, yeah, tired of workin’. yeah, workin’ for nothin’. we all want, what we got comin’. all we need is a break, come on take a break. everything is not all right and there’s no end in sight. you can call it, whatcha like. come on, stand up for your rights. stand up, stand and unite. it’s time for a general strike. we been out, breakin’ our backs. been out workin’ gettin’ no slack. all week long, payin’ those bills. that’s just the people, that still got a job. what about the rest of us, on the soupline. stand up, stand, stand and unite. it’s time for a general strike. stand up, stand and unite. it’s time!!!


    1. Hugh is bang on with regards toTILMA, but the damn thing is so many people don’t have a clue what this is and what it means – that has to change, which is why I had it on the list.

      Grant D- I was saying exactly this last year, https://lailayuile.com/2009/11/10/general-strike-talk-grows-as-british-columbians-rally-to-fight-back-against-the-bc-liberals/

      Al, thanks for the kind words, I always have fun with Ben, nice talking with a guy who knows where I come from, and I don’t just mean the area. As you would know,living up north is an entirely different way of life and thinking, and many people down here just don’t get that, or what it means. I think Ben also understands that my only concern and care in all of this is for the people of BC, whom I do not want to see get sold down the river again. If that means holding the NDP’s feet to the fire to keep them on their toe’s than that is what I am going to do. No one gets a free ride on this blog.
      It’s certainly interesting though, the reaction of many readers to my criticisms of the NDP. Everyone still reads, but many do not comment,and some have said I am a traitor to the NDP ( I was never beholden to them in the first place! ), others say I am a NDP hack, but those who have followed me know my loyalty is to the people and the land. If the NDP become the party in power, then I will support their good efforts to change the course the Liberals have set, but will I overlook or turn a blind eye to the way they govern simply because they are NDP? Certainly not.

      Good policy comes from accountability, and in the real world, that doesn’t discriminate between right or left.

      I wonder, I can’t possibly be the only Egyptian can I ? .. ; )


  21. One thing we don’t have that the financially abused Egyptians have is starvation. We still have food banks. The Solidarity protests against the Socreds in the eighties that were settled in Bill Bennet’s Kelowna kitchen because of Union Jack’s sellout of us will never happen again.


    1. There are still people starving here Elmer, even with the food banks.There are requirements to show proof of income, home address etc that some people can’t meet, like if you are working fulltime at minimum wage, have rent to pay, heating, etc and bus transportation – it does not go far enough, but often makes it impossible to get food depending on where you go.

      Even with help from the food bank, many families are going hungry. It just never goes far enough, and certainly it is nowhere near comparable to the Egyptian plight, but for a country like ours, a shameful testament to priorities of the government that are questionable and shameful.


  22. “This morning, I realized I am an Egyptian.”

    Egypt is the birthplace of Western civilization. Hopefully it will be the birthplace of true Western democracy….


  23. Laila,
    I might be deemed persistant but hope not a nuisance. Excellant comments about holding any party in power to task. This blind loyalty always amazes me. Most commentators on your blog are Egyptians and we should stand proud identifying so. All the best from the cool mid north.


  24. Never a nuisance John ! All the best to you too and I appreciate your strong support of my work and ideas.

    Here is a great article I posted to facebook today, that is getting a lot of attention. There is always a lot of discussion about posts there as well, and I often post things to facebook that otherwise not make it to the blog. http://www.straight.com/node/376187


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