For those of you who don’t read the Globe and Mail… you should.

And here are a  just a few reasons why- you won’t read any of this in the Sun or Province. Just like you won’t read about Dianne Watts lawsuit there either.

( and here is a beta form of those contracts for very easy reference, courtesy of NVG) 

Wow… National Public relations… who did a lot of work for the old premiers office… helping the ” independent advisory panel”  with advice and reviewing the draft report. So how independent was that panel when a

By none other than Sean Holman, of Public Eye Online ( which is on my sidebar). Thank you Sean!

 Now… scroll down for news on the Dianne Watts lawsuit, the HST agreement  that allows the Liberals to raise that tax as easily as they can lower it, and other stories… and how about we start adding some new reasons to the 1oo reasons the BC liberals should go – factual links to things that have happened since Christy Cluck Clark took over the reigns without being elected.




“Christy Clark demonstrating how she wishes she could get rid of reporters who ask hard questions.”

5 thoughts on “For those of you who don’t read the Globe and Mail… you should.

  1. Surprised she ain’t riding it :Ol

    Just received a sweet e-mail from my daughter (she’s on Chamber of Commerce, too) who mobilized young business liberals to get Ms Clark installed in that office. [we don’t talk politics, lol]


  2. wylde otse:
    Give your daughter time. She will soon realise what the rest of know.
    Just don’t utter those words: “told you so”.
    My father was a strong conservative. We did talk politics and drove Mom crazy.
    Father voted for Jack Layton.
    Hang in there Wylde, she’ll come ’round.


  3. Laila I know you are not enamored by her worship Diane Watts in her tenure as Mayor, but she still has more class than many of her predecessors (e.g. McCallum and McKitka). And although she is definitely pro-development,she has taken some positive measures to address the unsavory atmosphere in Whalley.

    BTW, Christie Clark uses that tool she is holding to fly back and forth from Heliports, where she is able to magically disclose confidential cabinet information and forget she did it, right! Right!.


    1. rmahrg, you might not think so after you hear some of the stories coming, and not all from me. Whalley is still whalley, the only difference is Holland Park and Central City Mall which has had a huge issue from the day it opened keeping stores open and in business- maninly due to the lack of customers, due to the unsavory atmosphere. This mall has more security than Fort Knox. and ask any of them how many druggies, hookers and thugs they kick out on a daily basis. the ” positive measures are only cosmetic bandaids that can’t possible stem the gush. Newton is worse than ever… ask the police station there and see if you can get the honest answer I can from officers having coffee out in my direction. Really.

      If I had a video camera I would do a story on Surrey… the real Surrey that people who know more than the facade presented by her champions. the mega homes,the residential streets packed 2 cars deep so only single vehicle traffic can get through, and God help you if you need the fire truck or ambulance- why? So many families living in every home. Brand new schools overcrowded and undersized the day they open because someone couldt stop approving development permits.And then yes, there is still very much a seamy side, the dead zones.

      If someone wants to volunteer one to me, or come along with me like I took Susana Da Silva around years ago when I showed BC how bad it was, you can see not much of what she promised ever appeared and the area has gotten worse. True for many neighbourhoods, ask the RCMP which area they call Harlem north, and they will laugh that you know what they call it on the inside.

      A lot of people thought Campbell had a lot of class, for a very long time. Look how that ended.


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