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Headlines tell a story with a very sad ending.

(tell me Ms. Clark, how do you decide whose Families come First?)

News1130:Budget for B.C.’s anti-human trafficking office slashed‏

News1130:BC film industry gets $275,000 boost‏


  1. Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, Walton, Pattison, Weyerhauser, MacMillan and Bloedel, Krupp-Thyssen, Heinz; these are a smattering of the most important families in BC. Of course Madame Premier will do whatever the Scion of the Harper Family tells her. And she is a thrall of the CBCS, Clinton-Bush Crime Syndicate. (I’ld like to include Obama in there but any observer will know he’s already there.)


  2. But of course, the film industry would get money. They were on TV, suck holing to Christy. They aren’t stupid, they knew that was the way to get money for themselves…praise the HST. It’s disgusting, what some sell their souls for. The media is another example, of being suck holes.

    This is another excellent show of proof of, how Christy is the clone of Campbell. Remember, how anyone opposing Campbell lost their jobs? Everyone accepting his corruption, were rewarded. Christy as we see, more and more, is exactly like Campbell. This is just another dirty tactic of, The BC Liberal Slime Family. Nothing new here. Just add the BC film industry, to the boycott list and, the suck hole list.


  3. best short post ever. Thank you for pointing out again how stupid the liberals are and how even changing the leader wont change the rest.


  4. No surprise that the film industry would get a nice chunk from the public purse – they praise the HST – and a huge chunk of the BC film industry is owned by David McLean. He of BC Rail/CN fame. Did anyone really expect change from Campbell’s Queen?


  5. You are so right Laila.

    Christy’s priorities have thrown the plight of those poor abducted girls, right into the garbage. She is playing spiteful, vindictive games, no different than Campbell’s hateful, spiteful games. Christy looks out for Christy, just as Campbell looked out for Campbell, and to hell with their own citizens. That’s how the both of them control, they use hate, spite and malice.

    Christy’s family’s first, I never did believe. She would have never forced the HST, on the BC family’s, if she really cared. Christy and Falcon, are just as horrible, as Campbell and Hansen. None of the BC Liberals, are worth the powder to blow them to hell. That’s because, the devil would refuse to accept them.


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