(updated ) How Christy Clark set the standard for vulgar questions and innuendo – a rebuttal to David Obee, Editor in Chief of the Times Colonist.

One of the first things off my twitter feed this morning was Vaughn Palmers tweet linking to  Times Colonist editor in Chief, David Obee, and his column on the double standard being applied to poor Ms. Clark.

I’m still shaking my head. Here is an excerpt but please do read the entire column:

“Last Thursday, for some reason, Clark found herself on an FM station in Courtenay. About 90 seconds into the conversation, the radio dude said the following:

“Andrew from Comox wants to know what it’s like being a MILF?”

Now, MILF is not the kind of term that would normally appear in this newspaper. In the past decade, we have printed it seven times — and six of those times, it was used as an acronym for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, an outfit active in the Philippines.

That’s not what Andrew from Comox had in mind.

We can’t print the precise wording behind his acronym MILF. Roughly, it means Mommy I’d Like to Have Sex With. The question was not only highly inappropriate, it was vulgar as well.

Clark responded by saying she took it as a compliment, and said it was better to be a MILF than a cougar. (A cougar being, of course, an older woman on the prowl for young prey.)

A short interview with a radio station in the Comox Valley would normally be forgotten before it ended, but bloggers and political observers are doing all they can to ensure that this one stays alive.

Clark’s answer is being cited as yet more proof that she degrades women, that she is an embarrassment to women, and so on. That two-sentence exchange has, it seems, given the Clark-haters enough fuel to carry them well into the new year.

Personally, I think she did the best she could with an unexpected, inappropriate, insulting, stupid question. She answered it quickly and moved on.

That’s not good enough for the critics, who have had time — something Clark did not have — to think of all sorts of things that Clark could have said or done.

But all of those suggestions are irrelevant. For those who hate Clark, the question was just about perfect. No matter how she answered, she could be raked over the coals for saying or doing the wrong thing. There is no answer that would have satisfied all the critics.

It all gets back to the cold reality facing women in politics: The double standard is still alive.”

Ahhh… where to begin?

How about with the fact that I do agree with David’s opening statement :  “It would be nice to think that by now, politicians, male or female, could be judged on their abilities, their vision, their values and so on. Gender should not be a factor.”

Yes, for most people, gender has nothing to do with the intrinsic qualities we seek in politicians or any other positions of public trust. For myself, the candidate with integrity, values, passion and a solid background will come first, regardless of gender, which is why I still have a such an issue with the NDP’s “gender quota” policy.

However, Christy Clark has not been relying on her values, integrity or her abilities… most of which are questionable at best, considering her policy moves and actions in the premiers office.  Unfortunately for Clark, she has set the standard for herself like no other female politician I can recall now or  in history.

PrivatepassionofChristyClark.Let’s go back to her Radio talk show days. The days when she would hang out with the jocks from The Fox and Rock 101 and talk innuendo and potty talk. The days when she gave interviews to the guys in the sports section of the Vancouver Sun about her private passions, one of which happened to be one of the most degrading, vulgar shows on TV – Manswers.

You can click on the photo to the left if you need proof, but from her own mouth, she thought it was tantalizing to find out how large breasts would actually have to be to crush a beer can, and that, like, “these are, like, real people. It’s fantastic.”

On a side note, it wouldn’t be honest to claim we don’t all have a guilty pleasure or two, but more than likely we aren’t going to share that with the readers of the Vancouver Sun, especially if we were even remotely thinking about a career as premier. But to say this wasn’t a candid look at the now, still un-elected premiers inner workings, is to ignore what most men and women think about this show. I’m not a prude, and we’re all adults here, but this show is nothing but trash TV. Trash TV that degrades womens, portrays them as nothing but sexual objects, with a large load of potty talk features involving piss, poo,farts and everything else attractive to the beer bong demographic.

And people are attacking the radio host for an insulting ,vulgar and inappropriate question ? On a radio station much like The Fox, or Rock 101, both of which she has shown her sense of humour on in the past, documented in sound bytes and photos for the world to see?

Give me a break.

First of all, the premier didn’t “find herself” without a clue on this radio show, it was arranged by Maclean Kay,one of the premiers communications people, who had been shopping her around for good press as David points out, tends to be done at this time of the year. The station came to her, as the radio host in question pointed out here on my site.

One look at the station’s site is going to tell anyone, even my 4-year-old, that its rock radio, with personalities like ‘Drex’ and “the RockDawg”… so what the heck was she, or her people, expecting? Seriously, let’s be real here, she used to hang with Rock 101 and The Fox, so why wouldn’t the morning jock think he could pass off a stupid question to her? He even said he knew from her days in radio, she had a sense of humour. As I’ve shown above, and as many people in radio here know, she’s set the standard for what she thinks is funny already.

Secondly, David states in the quote above :

“Personally, I think she did the best she could with an unexpected, inappropriate, insulting, stupid question. She answered it quickly and moved on.

That’s not good enough for the critics, who have had time — something Clark did not have — to think of all sorts of things that Clark could have said or done.”

Yes, David, she sure did answer it quickly…. with the worst answer a politician could have come up with male or female. I have been one of her harshest critics, focussing most often on her lack of ability blatantly displayed in interviews across the country, her reactionary policy/decision-making and the chameleon like insincere remodeling of her persona dependant on the media attention at the time.

Let me tell you something, I doubt someone would even dare to ask me what it is like being a milf… but if they did, it would be the last time they dared asking an intelligent woman something so silly. But I am not the premier, and she said she thought it was a compliment.

David, I am appalled that you think she handled this appropriately, and take offense to your statement that her critics have  had more time to think of responses. How about “That’s not appropriate for families listening Drex.” or ” I find that insulting, lets move on.” or even the short simple and sweet…. “Next!”  – all of which came to my mind immediately and are responses suitable for airplay.

Nope, it was the premier who laughed, and said she considered it a compliment… “Thank you! ”  Let’s have a some accountability here.

The only cold reality here is that no other female politician I can think of in BC, would

1) have put themselves on a station like that without setting ground rules

2) have inspired such a question in the first place

3) have answered that question with the statement Clark did.

It escapes none of her critics, nor myself, that while Clark handled Richard Branson’s invite to kite surf naked on his back with a sharp jab and these quotes in the Vancouver Sun

” I didn’t think it was very respectful,” Clark told reporters in Victoria Tuesday.

“Lots of young women I hope want to run for politics,” she added.

“I think when you meet with the CEO of a billion dollar company who wants to do business with your province, you can get a little bit more respectful treatment than that.”

…Clark handled JEtFm’s  cheeky question about being a milf, also disrespectful, with humour and accepted it as a compliment. There was no press release, and the media didn’t run to her for comment…. but oh wait….. it wasn’t someone elses comment they were after, as with Branson, it was something inppropriate that came out of her mouth.

And it was only pulled down when someone realised it was quickly reaching viral proportions.  Corporate pressure.

Kind of a double standard, if you ask me.

I’m going to finish with this – It is indeed hard to be a woman in politics. And yes there is a different standard out there for women, in a culture where women are still hyper-sexualized beings in ads, print, and TV, movies and magazines…. which makes it even more alarming any woman leader would set the standard with the answer given. Yes, the jock asked a vulgar question… and she had every option to not answer, or say anything else than thanking the listener for calling her a MILF.

Let’s be real here and not play the gender double standard card.

There are quite a few female politicians in BC, many considered very attractive, most mothers, and none of them have ever been the recipient of these kind of sexual innuendo, or even been commented on like this.  Lana Popham springs to mind first, a stunning beauty yes, but her brains, vision and dedication to her job in this province all come before that attractiveness as qualities of leadership. It wouldn’t even occur to any radio host to ask her such a question.

Christy Clark has been now the subject of very overt sexual comments not once, but twice.  Once making news internationally.  Why is that?

Maybe because Clark has done nothing to show voters her abilities, her vision, or her intellect, but she’s done everything to show them that she will say, do or even become anything she thinks will get her a vote….

…..because in her heart, in her heart…. she’s a filipina…she’s south asian…she’s a wounded, sweeping Vancouverite getting over the hockey riots… she’s a devout Anglican who looks to the Bible for guidance in her decisions…

and sometimes… in her heart… in her heart…. she’s even happy being a MILF.

And while David Obee is certainly entitled to his own opinion… it isn’t Christy’s appearance, or her breasts that have degraded women, it is what comes out of her mouth.

For women aspiring to politics, it is not only degrading and frustrating, but embarrassing to boot.

** Readers can read the first post on this here, when I first broke the story December 20th, following a tip from a friend in Powell River.

** The Province has waded into the debate now, with a comment on the Premiers answer from her spokesperson, Mike Morton, and my comments from an interview with Cassidy Olivier earlier today. http://www.theprovince.com/news/Premier+Christy+Clark+tells+radio+audience+better+MILF+than+cougar/7750003/story.html

** I appeared on the Bill Good Show with Mike Smyth Friday December 28th at 9 am and did a call back in during the Simi Sara Show with Steve Darling at about 1:30 pm, following Lesli Boldt’s appearance to talk about the MILF issue. http://www.cknw.com/news/audiovault/index.aspx

115 thoughts on “(updated ) How Christy Clark set the standard for vulgar questions and innuendo – a rebuttal to David Obee, Editor in Chief of the Times Colonist.

  1. Thank you for having the guts to speak out on this Laila.It takes a second to respond and if some guy said this to me anywhere,he’d know it right away.I can’t believe this editor is playing the gender thing as an excuse for her low standards and as a Christian I find her to be so offputting. Maybe Pam Anderson would think this is a compliment,but I sure dont!


  2. Thanks Jenny. As a woman whose worked in predominantly male dominated industries, I’ve witnessed a lot of misogynist behavior along the way. You can shut it down, or you can subtly endorse it. The big difference with Clark is that she openly sets this standard as acceptable and has for some time, as you can see with the Van Sun interview.
    I am very much for womens rights all over the world, and for women breaking barriers and overcoming stereotypes set by men who live in the past. But this editorial by Obee is nothing but apologist quickly taken apart by proof provided by Clark herself.


  3. What ever happened to that biker magazine Obee worked for? It closed down! Nobody wanted to hear from him than, nobody wants to hear from him Now, Go away David and take your slime T/C so-called reporters with you.


    1. Stephen, I have no idea what you are speaking about, but I do know there are some great reporters at the Times Colonist. I have an issue with Davids editorial, not the man himself.


  4. Like I’ve thought, why wouldn’t she have said something like, “That’s not a great question, can we move on?” or “That question makes me (as a woman) feel uncomfortable” or “When those questions get through, it wastes time” There’s tons of ways she could have replied. Spontaneous or not or an obvious mistake, I think she’s been far too cavalier in her attitude and approach to politics since she got in. For god’s sake, she probably forgets the electorate didn’t put her there!


    1. Well said K.

      We all like politicians who are honest, and honestly, I really like those politicans that might not always be reading the party page, but speak from their heart, unscripted….

      All I can say, is if this is Clark, speaking from the heart, we are doomed. As a former talk show host she should have honed the skill to speak on her toes in an instant. Any way you look at it, this is a horrible example for young women seeking any leadership role in politics, or business for that matter… to have set before them.


  5. Hilarious!
    Christy Clark has gone through how many Communications people in the past year? 3 ?

    And now she has to rely on a pliant press to bail her out every time she opens her mouth she sticks her foot in it?
    Its everyone elses fault but Christy’s…. Wow.
    We’re all the big meanies and she deserves better.
    Got news for ya Vaughn, Keith, Bill, Dave, and all the other money sucking , “journalistic” weasels that have drank at the Liberal trough……. No matter how many “Kings’ Horses and King’s Men try and put this Humpty Dumpty” back together again…….
    She’s toast. TOAST in the next election…… And all the Liberal toadies that supported her
    Sooooo enjoy the wine and grapes while they last…… you snivelling corporate pricks…..
    May 15th cant come soon enough for that corrupt, brainless, “leader” that all you Liberals chose as the winning horse.
    She aint a winning horse.
    A pig or a cow be a tad might be more appropriate.


    1. and to clarify …
      I compared Christy to a pig because they are notoriously greedy
      I compared her to a cow because they are notoriously lacking in brains.
      No slight was intended or inferred merely because she’s female.
      She’s just a greedy fool. 😉


      1. No offense taken. I personally think, as women, all women, we must accept responsibility for perpetuating stereotypes and misogynist behavior, and look beyond the victim stance taken here by Dave, of ” the bad man asked the question and it’s not her fault”.

        Everything that occurs in life is an opportunity to make things better, keep them the same, or make them worse. Whether you are a woman, or a man.


  6. I think, coming in after the very different manner in which she handled the Branson comment, and after the highly irregular manner in which the Boessenkool incident was handled, this speaks volumes.

    Supporters have said that its not her fault, it was a dumb question.

    I say,having heard the interview itself, she should be accountable for her response.There was no pressure applied from the jock, she had ample time to speak and shut that down immediately, as most women would have.

    It’s just disappointing for so many reasons. And yes, it matters to any girls, or young women, or any woman, looking to get into politics, when a woman leader thinks its a compliment.


    1. I felt that the whole Branson “incident” with his kitesurfing photo was childish on his part and merely a “ratings grab” on her part. Her feigned “outrage” etc. Yawn.
      The Bossenkool “incident” was pure political “coverup”. A drunken molestation by a superior of a subordinate and kept under wraps until the story “got out”.

      Lets face it.
      Christy is all about Christy.
      And I’m sure she would dance naked on the 6pm news on Global tv if a deal with the Devil garanteed her reelection.

      She’s a fillipina one week and a MILF the next.

      Does anyone believe anything she says any more?


      1. Have you seen the video of her with Branson? 🙂

        I would love to hear a comment on her on this issue. And I agree with you that she is politically opportunistic more than most politicians. The filipina thing was really just too much.


        1. A quotation for Ms. Clark.
          Unfortunately I feel she will eoither be too busy in front of a mirror or too busy babbling about something(anything) to take heed…..
          “Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something”. — Plato


  7. Good analysis, Laila. I respect Dave Obee, having occasionally rabble roused with him on Sean Holman’s former radio show, but disagree with Dave’s opinion on this issue. To paraphrase you, I doubt that anyone would dare to ask me now, or even when I was a politician, a question like ‘what it is like being a [fill in the blank]’. In politics, for both men and women, a good reputation is hard to earn but easy to lose.


    1. Thank you Eleanor and high praise coming from you in particular. I doubt any man. or woman, would ask me either. I attended the Dalai Lama’s Peace conference here in Vancouver a couple of years ago, and he spoke strongly about his views on women in politics and women in world positions of power, which he absolutely endorses and supports. http://dalailamacenter.org/blog-post/western-women-can-come-rescue-world

      Not one woman in that room, on the stage or in the massive audience, would ever have been asked that question, because simply the qualities and abilities of the women there were the only thing you noticed.Christy has set the standard herself and was given a prime opportunity to set things straight… in some ways, as one reader of Christian faith wrote me today, that might have been her ‘test’….. if that is the case, she failed.

      We can not allow excuses to be made for bad behavior and standards in politics, regardless of party, race,or gender. To place all blame on the radio DJ is to agree with the actions of the premier.

      It’s bad enough we have the Kim Kardashians of the world making women look bad, we don’t need premiers doing it.


    1. Thank you. Right up there with how many women feel when she pulls out the ‘single parent’ line. She is indeed single, meaning not married, but she is not a ‘single parent’ in the traditional sense of the word. She has a fully involved and supporting ex who co-parents with her on a weekly basis and takes over parental duties while she is busy. Be real. Most single moms struggle to get affordable daycare, dont have involved and/or supportive ex’s and nearly kill themselves trying to make it all work.

      That David in effect endorsed and made excuses for her response is quite deplorable.


      1. Lets not forget how much she has earned as Deputy Premier, a talkshow host and now as Premier.
        Poor Christy? She probably averaged 150k + or more per year for the past decade.
        She’s hard done by as a “single parent” ? Give me a break.
        Anyone out there have her published earnings for the past 10 years?
        I’m willing to bet she’s in the top 10% of Canadian wage earners.

        She wanted the job in “public office” and now she has it. Bad publicity and all.
        And all the ‘allies” in the media arent gonna save her this time.
        5 long months to the election… I hope it feels like 5 years to her.


        1. Indeed. She has little to show for since taking office… literally. Her jobs plan numbers have been ripped apart by many, including economists. Her trips and jaunts and expensive travels have resulted in yet more dubious numbers of deals. She failed to deal with a very contentious and serious sexual misconduct allegation in the expected manner and didn’t suspend him immediately pending investigation – she took Boessenkool to China with her.

          She didn’t intervene in the foreign workers issue with Chinese miners taking BC jobs, failed to take a stance on Enbridge, has show little real understanding of the economics of this province and has been the laughing stock of politicians and media alike across Canada…

          Does any of this really, honestly surprise you?

          Christy is more than welcome to have a one on one with me if she thinks my assessment of her leadership and character are incorrect. The invitation is open-ended.


    1. The definition of ambushed is to attack from a concealed position. How was she ambushed?
      She and her handlers had every opportunity to check out the station, or even set ground rules as many politicians do,in particular Liberals. She is well known in radio for being a chirpy guest and has guested many times on CFOX and ROCK 101. It might be news to you, but not to anyone whose known for a long time.

      Yes he asked the question. Yes, it was vulgar, loaded and inappropriate. He works for a rock station, paid to entertain, titillate, get ratings. They knew that going in.

      She at no time had to answer the question, and certainly if she felt ambushed her response of thinking it is a compliment doesn’t jive with that.

      Good try though. Next.


  8. Dear sweet Laila, can I say sweet without upsetting you?
    What the public sees, what the public wants, what does the public know?..For knowledge is everything and if the public saw the real Christy Clark, pre-botox-pre-boob job-pre-face tuck pre-eye surgery, pre-liposuction..The real Christy Clark would send many men running for the door.


    The mind is beautiful, erotic, functioning brain cells firing on all cylinders, reciting facts, musing thoughts, the mind is capable of interactive orgies, only without the fluids…

    Laila Yuile, blonde bomber, my friend with a very large sexy brain…..M.E.N.S.A anyone? Can I say that.

    Laila, I wrote about it too, a couple of months ago, Palmer, Bill Good, and others, they tried a written/verbal gambit, in column form and radio tried to paint females not liking Christy Clark(the gender gap in all polls) as shrews, spinsters, they tried and failed to paint a picture of….despite BC Liberals economic prowess, despite Liberals infrastructure building, despite of all that is BC Liberal good, men will vote for economic strength and good management whereas females are picky, personal shrews who dislike and or are jealous of successful females…

    When in reality, it`s those MILF drooling men whose tongue and vote are following their penis who are skewing the polls,

    From the very beginning, from her S-F-U days, Christy Clark has been waving her ass, winking and smiling at men,
    Way to go Laila, David Obee needs to let go of his penis.

    Good Day


    1. Sorry Grant,
      but your comment ” it`s those MILF drooling men whose tongue and vote are following their penis who are skewing the polls” , is just way too simplistic .
      I would say the majority of voters who support the Liberals right now ( all 20% of them !) are made up of people who will. ( theses voters are ranked by their majority)
      50% NEVER, ever vote NDP no matter what and consider all other parties a wasted vote.
      25% Long time Liberal supporters that will hold their nose and vote Liberal one more time.
      15% People that dont follow current events (BC Rail, Bossenkool,etc) and like Christy.
      10% Visually challenged males that actually think Christy is a MILF………

      And there you have it!
      The numerical breakdown of the 20% of the voting public that will be liberal supporters out there. The sorry misguided saps that they are………


  9. Great rebuttal!!!

    Mr. Obee seems to have a comprehension problem;

    “He said Clark’s a hottie,”.

    Being referred to as a ‘hottie’ is a little different than being called a ‘milf’. Totally different.

    “because someone complained about her cleavage.”

    The complainents were originally from women.

    “How many male politicians get complaints about their hair “.

    Try Kevin Falcon, Gordon Campbell, Steven Harper.

    This guy is a buffoon, who freely admits that his quick thinking is no better than the Premier’s.

    “Personally, I think she did the best she could with an unexpected…”.

    Yet he makes the point in his first paragraph, “It would be nice to think that by now, politicians, male or female, could be judged on their ABILITIES, their vision, their VALUES and so on. Gender should not be a factor.

    Exactly the point, Mr. Obee, the Premier made the point. Point proven.


  10. She could have answered the question with a question: “What’s a MILF?” It would have possibly created some ‘dead air’, and made her look like the poor, innocent little single mom that she likes to portray.


    1. Haha!!! …. Oh gini, I can’t imagine anyone but Pamela Anderson answering this question like this… well her or Kim Kardashian….

      I just think she didnt count on this interview getting out the way it did. Thank goodness for my friend in Powell River who was listening and let me know right away! Her comment was that she was just glad she had already dropped her son off at school before this came up, because she really didnt want to have to explain to him what a MILF was and why the premier thought it was a compliment…


  11. Good article. There is a reason (or many) why the majority of women in this province have a low approval rating of Ms. Clark. Most women I know are very perceptive of other women whose actions belie their manufactured public image. On the Branson matter, a few days after his comment was made public, she came up with a pithy comment along the lines of ” if that’s his best pick-up line, then he probably doesn’t get a lot of dates.” Personally I don’t care what she thinks or does in private, but I really object to her trotting out her son as a publicity prop. Leave the kid out of it. And the poor single mom thing….really? Her son goes to an exclusive private school, and I’m pretty sure Mr. Marrissen is contributing financially as well.


    1. As I mentioned above, in another comment, they co-parent, so it is really quite different from being a single parent, in my opinion. And I agree, yes, she has always been very insincere, especially when she suddenly becomes devout as she did on 100 huntley street.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFcvE0_wW84

      Clearly she didnt find the courage to do the right thing in the interview with JetFM

      And again, here she sets another standard on the Fox where shes more than comfortable talking about a number of topics…. indeed, dont shoot the messenger on this one, she set her own standard. https://soundcloud.com/#993thefox/premier-christy-clark-crashed

      The interview runs the gamut from northern gateway to kinder morgan, to KFC fries…

      When she starts talking about the show Game of Thrones, its mentioned how much nudity there is in it .. she goes “YES, Mr. Skin is going to be busy!!” and more talk about Mr. Skin… which by the way, is a nude celebrity site where you can look at nude pics,and film scenes of nude celebrities… shes laughing, love the feature but cant listen on Thursdays because her son might hear in the car… clearly fine and happy… setting her standard of funny, once again….

      THEN…. you get to the 8 minute mark, or so.

      She is asked, When was the last time you played strip poker in the legislature?

      She laughs and giggles and answers: ” Yes, thats why the legislatures is still closed, I just got tired of seeing my colleagues naked!!!”

      Sure,funny,yep…..and this isnt her only appearence on CFOX. Give me a break. She set the standard herself. You can’t play it this way on one station, several times, and then get all shocked when another jock asks you a vulgar question. Talking about how much you like Mr.Skin and laughing at references to Rich Coleman around that is funny yes, but many would think also inappropriate talk for a premier as well.


  12. Grandmother of six.
    Mother of three incredibly capable, intelligent adults.
    I was a single mom.
    Their Dad died in an accident when they were 3,5, and 9. It was a challenge, I made mistakes, and I discovered a whole new meaning to the word “tired”. But please, do me a favour “do not” pull the oh poor me.. I’m a single parent” card with me.

    I owned/operated a logging business for a number of years. Five men and a manager working for me. Plus meeting with forestry professionals on a regular basis. I was never treated with disrespect. Why? Because I respect myself and I respected the men that worked for and with me. And, I have never allowed anyone “male or female” to refer to me or anyone in my circle in a derogatory manner.

    Those that have been stupid enough to try it found out quick that I have zero tolerance for that kind of behaviour. Oh… and I am a politician.

    I have been involved with politics since forever. Rafe Mair was one of my mentors.

    I appreciate the hard work of politicians, irregardless of gender.

    Deeply admire the work ethic and professionalism of politicians such as Pat Wallace, City of Kamloops Councilor, Joan Smallwood, MLA and NDP Minister and Grace McCarthy. Former Socred, and became a BC Liberal in 2001.

    I am currently a former BC Liberal member. I do not appreciate politicians that do not appear to take their jobs seriously.

    I believe in gender equity. I raised two daughters that know how to change a flat tire and check the oil.

    And a son that knows how to bake bread and iron clothes. Thus I do not understand nor support Premier Clark’s “women only” meetings. Not in this day and age. I support people I can trust and respect.

    BC Liberals want me back? Next time there is a leadership race. Choose Donna Barnett.


    1. This is one of the finest comments on this issue. You deserve a very large pat on the back CD, for your fine job parenting and for being a strong capable woman who also sees the larger picture.

      A wise man once told me, respect can’t be taken, and can not be assumed – it must be earned. The position of premier is one that comes with inherent respect for the office – the premier themselves, male or female, must earn that spot and I think that is part of Clarks problem.

      She hasn’t earned that spot, she promised an early election while campaigning for the Liberal leadership, and broke that promise as soon as she moved her items into the premiers office.

      She hasn’t been elected, she has not faced the voters of bc, she has yet to be given a mandate by the people, and therefore that contributes to the lack of respect she encounters.


  13. the sad thing is we have a editor who cannot think of a response that ms clark could have used.
    we have a premier who chose not to deflect the question but answered it honestly and yet chooses to deflect and mislead when asked a legitimate question

    i think why women are not supporting her is she thinks that some men vote with their small heads instead of their big ones


  14. I didn’t even know what MILF meant until the article. She could simply have said, “What does that mean?” It would have been better for the radio host to have to say it out loud for listeners than for her to degrade herself.


    1. Check out the link to the CFOX appearance. She cant claim shes so shocked via Mike Morton today, when she talks like this all the time.

      As the twitter talk goes on the spin on her reply – God help us, a premier who cant think fast on her own – she hasnt made time to comment on the Port Mann fiasco, but she did make time for MILF talk…..


      1. First I find it quite insulting that Mr’s Obee and Morton feel that I give a damm about what they have to say on what they feel happened. I heard the audio, I am as intelligent as either of you so I think i can reasonably without your help draw my own conclusions. I am very tired of paying the likes of Mr. Morton’s salary to tell me what the premier really meant or didn’t mean. I can figure it out all on my own!
        The facts are that Christy Clarke made a complete fool of herself and said what she said and now I have to be insulted further by the likes of Mr. Morton and what is really irritating is that it is all on my dime. I feel it is my duty, because I know they read your blog Laila, to inform them this is very insulting to the taxpayer and that while you are on the dole from us you would be better served to just keep your mouths shut!


        1. Yes, we all heard the audio Don, and after listening to that one CFOX appearance, why would anyone defend her? She likes that kind of humour, shes eager to mention Mr.Skin ( http://www.mr.skin.com) and that was only two months ago? And now when someone asks her if shes a Milf, she laughs, goes with it, and thats allegedly being caught off guard?

          Was she caught off guard when she was talking about Mr.Skin too, ooooh wait, she brought that up. And her response to the stip poker question as well, not caught off guard there… it was all in her style of fun, she loves it.

          Why wouldnt someone think its ok, at another FM station, to ask her what its like being a milf? Give me abreak. You cant play the same game on another station and then pretend its not normal for you on another when you get called out on it.


  15. Ah yes more of the “I’m all for women’s lib until they say something I don’t like” editorial from one woman attacking another. I find it amazing when so called strong women seem to think they have a right to decide what is morally appropriate behaviour for OTHER women to engage in. God there are so many more important issues out there right now and we’re foccusing on this nonsense? BC media is pathetic enough without these kind of “news” items being dragged on and on.


    1. Yes Preston I agree there are a heck of a lot of other issues to focus on and if you read my site, you will see I have broken a number of serious stories over the years, and cover items that have been picked up by the mainstream press a number of times. I’ve covered everything from shadow tolls on the Sea to Sky highway, caught the government in a number of lies and revealed documents you wont see anywhere else.

      This has nothing to do with womens lib. This has everything to do with a premier who already set the tone for this kind of inappropriate question with not only the news article above, but appearances on other morning shows where the standard of humour is much like the MILF question.

      I honestly dont give a crap if she, as a woman, on her own time, loves to watch Mr.Skin or is happy to be a milf, or even if she swears like a trucker….. that is her business.. Do it on ” premier time”, it;s going to come back to bite you.

      See the comment above with the radio link.

      Ask yourself, if it had been Adrian Dix, as a premier, talking about Mr. Skin nudie pics on the internet, talking about all the nudity,if the press wouldnt have been all over that, and that women everywhere would be calling him a chauvinist.

      Ask yourself that.

      But oh wait. As much as I am not a fan of Dix myself, he would never be caught talking about Mr. Skin on CFOX. Because as a man, it might be the end of his career. But because shes a woman, its ok? We can accept that.

      I call BS on your womans lib issue Preston.


      1. Yes, and the press would have been wrong to care about that. We in Canada used to not make big issues out of the morality of our politicians barring they weren’t rapists and murderers. Now we’re all becoming so dirty and desperate for political points that we’ll actually make a big issue out of stuff like this. She was asked a personal question about herself, not about nudie pics, there’s a difference.

        And I don’t care about your resume before this. On this, you are wrong.


        1. Clearly Preston, you need to read a bit more of what I have covered in this province. We expect politicians to be real, to share themselves,to show who they are…. but they also have a responsibility to set an example and standard. She is the mother of a tween son – what would she tell him about all of this?

          You may think I am wrong, but many more think I am right. But I do appreciate you taking the time to comment either way!


        2. “Clearly Preston, you need to read a bit more of what I have covered in this province. ”

          No, I don’t. It doesn’t matter. On this I think you’re wrong, I don’t care if you wrote War and Peace.

          Canadians have never made issues of things like this. And I can pretty well tell you that more people would agree with me that they don’t care about this one way or the other. It’s journalists and NDP members trying to score points and that’s all.


        3. Not sure what rock you live under Preston but you might get out a bit more before writing with confidence about what Canadians make issue of…. I am not an NDP member, never have been, and have held them to account publically, much to their chagrin, as much as I have the premier…

          But please share more of your uninformed opinions,I quite enjoy them!


        4. Ah aren’t you the adult. Anyone who doesn’t agree with you is “uninformed.” What a child you are. Go read comments about this elsewhere, no one cares. You do that’s it. And you only care cause you want to be “right” all the time. First you called “bs” then you make comments about me coming from under a rock. You go on about “other” things you’ve done. Let’s face it, you’re just a prissy little snot who can’t stand people calling her on her BS. Waste of time.


        5. No preston ,actually most people who know me,or my work, take time to inform themselves before disagreeing, just to make sure they know that what they are saying, is indeed, correct.

          No,actually, I don’t need to be right all the time- being right is not what this is all about. I have been wrong at times, rarely, but am a strong judge of character and keen observer of human behavior and motivation. If that makes me a prissy little snot, so be it. I see your bait, beijinger, and have no interest in taking it.Your bitterness at certain events in your life is understandable,but misplaced.Losing a job at a national news outlet has nada to do with the premier…. unless you work for her, of course. I get that going from $30 a day as former journalist, to a flak, is demeaning in many circles, but you are a long way from any national news outlet here Preston.

          If you support Clark on her merits, moreso because she has none, good on you for having faith. If you support her on her looks, or comments, or milfiness… well that is another story altogether.

          But you do and say what makes you feel good, now.


  16. Hello Laila.I am new to your blog and am impressed with the quality and tone of discourse, especially around an issue so charged as this one. Even more, I am really glad that both you and Alex T have been specifically mentioned in Sean’s article. It’s writers like you that suss out stories that most of the MSM won’t touch. Where’s Vaughn on this? He may be on holidays but I would hope he would be hot on the heels of this given her past gaffs. This is not a one -off by any means. Where is Jas Johal? This is no tabloid titilation (no pun intended); it is part of a pattern. Perhaps given no fall sitting she hoped not to be caught out. She is a real piece of work-her poor son!.


    1. Hello Judi, lovely to have you on board!

      Thank you, we do have an excellent group of commenters, and from all across the political spectrum – liberals, conservatives and NDP, and many fed up with all three 🙂

      Vaugh has been fairly quiet but many reporters and columnists are very active on this on twitter, Keith Baldrey first began with a comment that my analysis wasnt bad but that dislike of Clark clouded issue…. but later on admitted that although the question was vulgar, she should have said no rather than try to score a point. https://twitter.com/keithbaldrey

      Truly, my rebuttal is very analytical. She has set the standard for finding this kind of appearance fun, as shown by her time busting into CFOX, but still she should never have admitted its a compliment to her. And when you consider the CFOX tape, it makes it even more laughable to think she was shocked at the question as she claims.

      Just embaressing for women in politics period.

      Too bad he didnt ask her why shes taken our democracy hostage in BC by refusing to call the legislature into session.


  17. More bad judgement even appearing on a show like that. Her answer is precisely why she heads for the hills and waits a few days when she’s supposed to answer tough questions. She needs staff to prepare her answers and can’t seem to properly assess situations.
    I can imagine how Margaret Thatcher, Hilary Clinton or Carol James would have handled it if they had even allowed themselves to be put in the situation in the first place.


    1. I think we would have been attending a funeral if he had asked Thatcher or Clinton ; )

      No one would ever ask Carole James that question. She is one of the classiest politicians around and a fine example for other women to look to in politics, or even personally. She just gives and cares so much.


  18. The reason that so few women get into politics isn’t just because men from the right act repulsive ly towards them. It’s because they have to guard against that while also deflecting petty criticism from women on the left who tear them down for not being an extreme feminist.

    Capable women in our society who choose not to go into public service are less turned off by the milf caller than they are about this ridiculous post.


  19. Really Dale, the hundreds of emails via my contact page yesterday and overnight and more this morning…say otherwise. And I am not “from the left”. nor am I an extreme feminist. If you read here frequently you would know that.

    I’ll cut and paste from above so you dont put yourself out having to scroll back up to make a point :

    “This has nothing to do with womens lib. This has everything to do with a premier who already set the tone for this kind of inappropriate question with not only the news article above, but appearances on other morning shows where the standard of humour is much like the MILF question.

    I honestly dont give a crap if she, as a woman, on her own time, loves to watch Mr.Skin or is happy to be a milf, or even if she swears like a trucker….. that is her business.. Do it on ” premier time”, it;s going to come back to bite you.

    See the comment above with the radio link.

    Ask yourself, if it had been Adrian Dix, as a premier, talking about Mr. Skin nudie pics on the internet, talking about all the nudity,if the press wouldnt have been all over that, and that women everywhere would be calling him a chauvinist.

    Ask yourself that.

    But oh wait. As much as I am not a fan of Dix myself, he would never be caught talking about Mr. Skin on CFOX. Because as a man, it might be the end of his career. But because shes a woman, its ok? ”

    Yes there is a double standard in politics…. a man would never have gotten away with talking about a nude celebrity site. Clark, as premier, did. But thats another story.

    Clark set the standard for showing shes into frat boy humour with that article in the Sun no one wants to touch with a ten foot pole. She also set the standard on CFOX that shes ok with that kind of humour. So now her handler claims she was so shocked she couldnt think and thats what popped out?

    Good grief.


  20. A couple of observations from watching this unfold on twitter an elsewhere. #1 The MSM, loosely grouped, wanted nothing to do with it. It took a week for Obee’s piece to appear, and while I found his defense soft-headed, I give him credit for breaking the cone of silence. #2 The NDP wanted nothing to do with it, the correct call politically. It’s not a partisan subject. #3 When an issue speaks to the leadership qualities of a premier and her support staff, as this one does, media silence is unacceptable. The whole thing is distasteful, but that’s not an excuse for non-coverage. It should not be the media’s job to protect the powerful from the consequences of their own answers, no matter how disrespectful the question.


    1. Very powerful comment Merv, thank you for sharing your observations on this. It is remarkable – in particular since as you know, I have written about and covered so many really in depth stories on so many really important issues – that this is the issue that really hit home. I decided to blog about it, briefly at first, when it was first brought to me by a reader and friend in Powell River, mainly because I really couldnt believe she would go that far to score a point,as Keith Baldrey so aptly described it last night on Twitter.

      As someone whose revealed a lot of stories that have never hit the mainstream media.. yet… this was the last one I anticipated getting so much press. Honestly.But it does speak to her character and I do not accept for one second she was caught off guard.


      1. “It is remarkable – in particular since as you know, I have written about and covered so many really in depth stories on so many really important issues ”

        its funny laila, both norm farrel and alex tsakumis made almost the same comment, and it is true for all of you.

        imho though this is a story that everyone can easily understand, relate too and directly reflects the premeirs character. there is no question about this, question asked and answered stupidly showing the woman should not be in charge of our province.

        most people are not interested in the financial workings of our government institutions, but this they can easily understand….. and its not good news for CC.


        1. Haha… yes we all have our niches, and our corners _ I am a P3 person,contracts,corruption, rigged bids etc… and am working on a steller Port Mann bridge story as we speak here…but yes, many people don’t understand or get, the dynamics of the economics in this province. This post demonstrates one item I wish every British Columbian would get… https://lailayuile.com/2012/09/13/one-of-the-most-important-graphs-and-the-two-most-important-posts-you-will-ever-read-about-bcs-coming-debt-load/

          We have a fiscal cliff in BC too… but so many are paying attention to US politics that they dont pay attention to what is going to hit us here in BC, hard, if it isnt turned around.

          For a premier to be more concerned with this kind of nonsense is alarming. Do I care if she is a good mom? Yes. Do I care if she is a giving person in her ‘real’ life’ ? Yes. Do I care that she has not called the legislature, the place where debate, governance and policy occurs ? Even more so.

          Again, if someone can make time for MILF talk but not time for democracy, Houston, we have a problem


  21. The Liberals must be fuming because this story was starting to fade until the Times Colon ist dredged it back up to the top of the “pile”.
    Keep up the good work Laila
    Im off to the Mr Skin site………


    1. Haha… thanks. To be honest, the MILF story, although receiving a lot of attention, is the least of their worries. The debtload this province carries is getting worse by the second and her reactionary leadership since taking over is not helping matters.

      I am working on that killer Port Mann bridge story I will be posting after New Years. No pun intended of course. Might want to refresh yourself with some of my prior posts on the topic of that project.

      Also, I will be on with Mike Smyth at 9 am to chat briefly about the MILF question…on CKNW news 980.


  22. You did well on NW, Laila.

    It amazes me that so many of the callers don’t “get it” — but we can’t all have the same opinion. Then again, NW does have a history of attracting line-ups of supportive callers.


    1. CKNW’s pro Liberal “anonymous callers” aka
      Liberal toadies that couldnt form an independant thought unless it was paid for…………


    2. Thanks! – sorry for the late reply, but yesterday turned into a really crazy busy day. I was also on again at about 1: 30 when I called back into correct Lesli Boldt on stating the premier was elected to this position..lol… notsomuch. And interestingly enough,my comments seemed to really get a rise out of Darling who staunchly defended the premier.


      1. You did a really commendable job portraying our premie for what she really is. The Liberals have decided their course of action is to try portray her as an innocent that was taken advantage of, but we all know how crass she really is, and you had the proof to back that up. Steve Darling was obviously trying to defend her, as was Smythe. While the media is trying to figure out why women don’t like Christy, maybe the question should be, why do men like Christy? There are so many reasons not to vote for her, but I guess men think that a big boob is worth voting for. Women look at the empty space above the big boob and say they will pass. On another note, you are right to say she is wrong in proclaiming being voted in by the people of BC. Only Point Grey got to vote, and only 38% of them bothered. Of those 38%, Christy only got 7,757 votes out of 15,918. To claim that the people of BC voted for her is really a big stretch when she barely won. Plus the Liberal nomination process was questionable as well. They were supposed to turn in their books as they sold memberships, but Christy’s group waited until the very last minute. The Liberals try to make Dix look bad, but there were a lot of shenanigans with their election too. Keep up the good work.


  23. I thought you handled the topic on the ‘People’s Radio’ with class. Gave the tendencies of our Premier that show this is not a ‘one time’ but is a pretty consistent trend with her. Of course Mike Smyth is playing the ‘Devil’s Advocate’ in substituting for the ‘Peoples Broadcaster’ Good and I don’t believe three phonecalls gives anybody a demographics of how people are reacting to this.

    Anytime one gives their committment to a public office or position, be it a Teacher, Politician, Police, Doctor, there is a line that you do not cross, no matter what the situation. The Premier definitely has crossed the line not once, but several times, which put’s her character into question.

    Keep pluggin away!


    1. Thank you Gary, personally I spend so much time researching real issues of importance, federally and provincially, that this is a blip in what I do, but it has not gone un-noticed… and speaks to what more people fine compelling.

      I have written about public debt.
      I have written about corruption and dubious bids.
      I have written about broken political promises, and the fiscal cliff we really are on the edge of….

      But people are up in arms over the premier who cant recall the legislature because then her party will be forced to answer questions they dont want to answer, talking about how she thinks, trashy as it is, that being a MILF is a compliment…then that says so much about where the mindset of this province is, rather than anything about myself, or my work.

      I did two small blog posts.

      It wasnt me who made the premier a country wide laughing stock issue…. it was her, and the people who find this more important and news worthy than how much this province owes, or why a premier who still has yet to comment on the people hurt, and/or their vehicles damaged by ice on the Port Mann Bridge….



      1. Why is this relatively minor issue gaining so much traction, in the face of far more meaty stories? I think it’s because it gives people a tangible foothold in their quest to give Christy and her party a firm boot in May.

        Spinners can twist figures and deflect blame — but when the character of our “leader” can be so clearly exposed, that is hard to gloss over.

        Thanks for your efforts on all files, Laila.


        1. Thank you G. – I know you must have read most -a look at my Best of Page, or even by category… the China Connection is my baby of recent … will give you a look at what is really going on in BC.


    1. Thank you yes, I did hear that….. among other items. You know, it’s totally nice to see politicians outside the box…. but not that far out the box. She wants respect and people to treat her with class, show some first.


  24. Listening to Lesli- good friend of Christy Clark -Boldt on NW….. does she ever admit she is a friend of the premier and a former political panelist on Christy Clarks show?

    No,not so much.

    Radio in Vancouver, apologising for her friends crap answer on NW.


    1. And Lesli made a huge error in saying the premier was elected to this position, which she was , and has not been. I’ve called into NW to rectify that PR spin. Having friend and former colleagues of the premier is not balanced reporting.


    1. Haha! Never fails everytime I get on air its when I have a cold, this winter its been hard to shake this one. But thank you!Yes, Radioman, you’re correct,Ms Boldt was on Christy Clarks political panel while she was on NW, I checked since I had not heard of her, not having been a Clark radio fan….A quick google also shows that she defends the premier all over the place, which kind of shoots her claim of not being a Christy Clark supporter right down hard 🙂


  25. I an so embarressed by Mr.Darling trying to support Christy because I watch him on Global,oh my gosh,what would his wife think? Would he like his wife saying this on radio? Even at Christmas the relaxing season? Steve,I am embaressed by you, considering how bad the kids in this province have it,you should be ashamed to have been in so much support of her and her nudie sites she likes and CFOX crap radio, and everything else.She is not Christian,or if she is, a fake one for votes, thank you.I am sending to 100 huntley street as well.


    1. I was surprised by Darlings fierce defence as well..lol..but nothing I can’t handle. Ms. Boldt did say Christy was elected to the premiers office, which she was not, by anyone other than Liberals. She has not faced the voters,nor did she keep her promise of calling an election to get a mandate from voters.

      Now, I have to get back to this Port Mann story, which has thousands of pages of documents that even the premier and Mary Polack havent read yet… : )

      Happy new year, and may we be lead by women of substance, not mush, in 2013. And may Christy Clark think before she opens her mouth.


  26. I am still mistified that the question was asked of C.C., on air. Senior public officials just don’t get asked these types of questions. They have ground rules for what may & may not be asked. The station screens the questions.

    For Clark to hve responded to the question, gives the question weight. It would be suggested, should any such questions come her way again, she simply not respond. It is better to leave dead air than to acknowledge the question. Acknowledging the question & answering it as she did, clearly demonstrates she is not fit for “higher office”.

    The media who defends this type of question & CC’s response to it are as banal as the one asking the question. Very bad manners.


    1. I’m not defending the question at all, but when you listen to her past appearances on CFOX and the loaded language she comes up with all on her own, you can understand why the host felt it would be fine to ask her that, in fact, he even tells her before asking that he knows from her appearances on the Jeff O Neill show that she has a sense of humour, and she agrees. So, she set that low standard herself in this case by talking strip poker and nude celeb sites which in essence are used as porn, on CFOX.

      I suspect this is why eaf, we have never heard this question asked of any other politican before and never will again.


      1. Just to be clear… are you talking about the “You Can’t Say That: Christy Frickin’ Clark” audio clip?

        I want to believe that’s Christy actually saying words that have to get bleeped out — but it could all be some audio trickery. In any case, she certainly participated in the stunt, which gives her stamp of approval.

        My young-adult son said he’s heard Christy on The Fox when he’s commuting and thought she was pretty cool/funny.

        I suspect she’s the only Canadian politician that he could name, as he doesn’t pay attention to the news. He only votes if I pester him to. Hmm… I think I won’t tell him about the coming election, LOL!


  27. I note that the comments in favor of poor Christy appear to be from men…I have to wonder if that’s their personal opinion of her…a MTLF.

    More than most anything else associated with this .. person .. I have to wonder how political and business leaders from other countries view her? I would imagine they are well versed on some of her raunchier comments from the past, as well as the current crop in the news…how does that affect their attitude toward this person who is OUR advocate in the business world, whilst they’re busy making deals for our resources, and our future?

    Everyone in business knows the more respected a person is, the more likely they are to get the ‘best’ of an offer at final negotiation. With the comments she’s made, her dress, and attitude, I fear she may well be lacking the respect needed when dealing with some Eastern countries – especially those who have little respect for women at the best of times.

    How do world leaders see her? The downtrodden single Mom? The Christian wannabe? Or a party girl just having some fun…while her handlers have a more than a few sleepless nights wondering what the hell she’s gonna do, or say, next?!



    1. Oh gosh, she has so many clark fans going around commenting,its hilarious- the same thing on twitter, but this just tanked her with most women who found her past appearances on CFOX beneath her position as premier.

      Leah, I have received so many emails that there is no way I could ever answer them all.

      In fact, for those readers out there waiting to hear back, please understand that it’s been more than I imagined in a million years would come in and its not realistic for me to be able to answer them all due to sheer volume. If you’ve just made a general comment of support, which nearly all of you have, I thank you so much for taking the time to share that, and it’s really really appreciated.

      I will slowly get through the ones asking specific questions, but dont wait up for those : )

      It speaks volumes that men and women felt her answer was not off the cuff, nor caught off guard, and that taken after her prior appearances on the FOX and that infamous interview above, that it speaks to personal taste that many dont share.


    2. Hi Leah. At the Province, at least, I was noticing a fair number of women supporting Christy. If you count Tim Rice as ONE man, I thought it was pretty close to even, in support of her. My sense is 2/3 against, overall.

      I totally agree with you on international trade. Imagine Carole Taylor and Christy going on a junket to China.

      Who would get the most respect… and who would get a case of jarred farts delivered to her luxury suite?


      1. My good friend RossK did a post on the CFOX JEff O Neil show appearance to give readers a better idea of just how low Clarks standards were prior to appearing on the morning show with Drex in Campbell River…. and it’s just unbelievable!!!

        Check it out http://pacificgazette.blogspot.ca/2012/12/christy-clark-and-shock-jocksthe-prequel.html

        Here is a tease….

        “Was Ms. Christy Clark ambushed when she went on a north Island Shock Jock’s morning zoo show last week?

        And, more to the point (I suppose), was she made to look foolish because she just didn’t expect to be treated with such disrespect?

        I guess, if you weren’t paying attention, or if you form your opinions based on the bloviation from some of the local proMedia punditry you might come to that conclusion.

        But what if you heard Ms. Clark, not with ‘Drex’ on a little known Courtenay radio station last week, but, instead, with a fine fellow named Jeff O’Neal and his big city morning zoo friends on Vancouver’s C-FOX (Rocks!) from earlier this past fall?


        It turns out you can do just that.

        In fact you can go and listen to the entire ‘interview’ by Mr. O’Neal and friends here.

        But, just in case you don’t want to be (thoroughly disgusted?), we have transcribed some of the more ‘ambushy’ – type stuff below.

        See if you can pick out the stuff where Ms. Clark is ‘shocked’ and/or ‘surprised’.

        Because, I’m telling you, I sure as heckfire cannot.

        In fact, it is my opinion that it is the mandateless Premier herself that makes the most ‘shocking’ and inappropriate (not to mention ‘surprising’) statements…”


    1. Yes — and why didn’t Ed correct or clarify that?

      I’ve written my MLA, John Les, with a link to the interview, wondering if it was a simple mistake (like when she can’t remember her only child’s age)… or is she setting the stage for a late election?

      I’m not even sure what the latest possible date is. Laila?

      Wouldn’t it be fun if the reply was, “That crazy MILF doesn’t know what she’s talking about!”?


      1. Makes one wonder. She seemed very… vague, rather..sedate..

        I just arrived home and going through more emails, some interesting anecdotes on how embaressed and angered some Liberals are. Which by they way, a good number of liberals are telling me this was the last straw with her and they are turning in their cards.

        Seriously, the CFOX stuff is worse than the MILF comment.


      2. I phoned CTV last night about that very issue and it was obvious my question wasn’t welcomed. I was finally told she had probably had a slip of the tongue. When I pointed out she said 2014 -twice-and wondered why Ed didn’t follow up or seek clarification, I was asked what my second question was. Don’t know if the guy on the news desk was having a bad night or whether they’ve had a lot of calls on this.


  28. It is NOT difficult to be a woman in politics. I can think of many, of all persuasions, who do their job honourably and with dignity. Carol James is the first that comes to mind. But it must be very difficult, at all times, to be Christy.


  29. Laila you were great on the radio with Smyth and even better with the dreadful Steve Darling, why didnt HE point out to Ms Boldt that she is UNELECTED .. some news guy he is
    Its a damn sad day in this province when I google what my unelected premier had to say and I’m 4 hits from a porn site!!! thanks for that Ms Clark,
    Really?? our legislature sits closed while this is garbage continues at taxpayer expense??
    and then to be admonished for not having a sense of humor!
    that one really galls me!!!.. from the so called proffesional media out there..Dave Obee’s piece in the T.C> was embarrasing to support that kind of crap because he thinks she’s a hottie??? god help us
    It just goes to show you that christy supporters think they CAN put lipstick on a pig and try pass it off a duck and no one will notice.
    How do we get rid of this classless train wreck of a govt?


    1. Haha! Great comment Beth! And thanks for the kind words – I thought Mike was definately on the offensive but I managed to handle it well and in the end put him on receiving end by comparing this to how much would he want shared in the public, as a public figures? We like to see politicians on a real level, but not on a trash talk level. I think the banter about strip poker in the legislature and her joking shes tired of seeing her colleages naked takes respect from the legislature and government itself… how do her colleagues feel about that when they get jumped on for various comments and miss-steps?

      I don’t think anyone can hear the CFOX tape or see that Sun interview above, and think for a moment she was shocked and caught off guard. RossK really hits that home….

      And yes, that CFOX interview was a couple months ago…. she had time to crash CFOX and talk crass, and not make time for democracy or to let the people have their MLAS at work.

      It really is MILFGATE..lol..


  30. Christy lives in the shallow end of the intellectual pool. She will say and do and sell anything to get ahead. She is phoney through and through. Her Jobs Plan page is one lie after another. She is painting old news as new news, old job creation as new job creation.


  31. I won’t disagree with anything Laila said but for me this story is just another reminder of why I don’t vote and why I find the media in general so disappointing.

    Had I been the guest on that show, whether the term was expressed as a word or with the letters spelled out, I would have had to honestly respond “what is that?” Now there’s one more four letter acronym whose expansion I can add to my curriculum vitae. What’s 26 to power of 4?

    If this keeps up in a few years there will be no recognizable discourse at all.


  32. Hello again. Cassidy Olivier’s piece prompted by your blog has stirred up a hornet’s net of comments about Ms Clark’s “judgement” and double-standard. At least 31 comments posted-pretty impressive for any story in The Province.
    Thanks to Barry who gave us the link to her CTV interview. I agree.She looked dazed, disconnected,casting about for words and repeating things to give herself time to answer. The election date changing to 2014 should be BIG news. I am trying to email the interviewer to see if this was a mistake but I am surprised he didn’t pounce on this after the second time she mentioned it. I too am curious and will follow up with my Liberal MLA. The responses, if I get them, should be interesting!
    I look forward, Laila, to your piece on “Falcon’s Folly” the P3 project that was politically motivated and numbers fudged by questuinable accouting practices.
    Happy New Year to you and all the contributors on this post!


  33. “A short interview with a radio station in the Comox Valley would normally be forgotten before it ended, but bloggers and political observers are doing all they can to ensure that this one stays alive.”
    Doesn’t that statement speak volumes on how the MSM in BC attempts to keep the people manipulated and in the dark about our politics.

    If the rest of the province did like most bloggers, and disected the MSM reports there would be a different political atmosphere here and in the rest of the country


  34. 97 comments and growing…
    This story has legs.
    Where are we gonna get real “juicy’ political stories after the incompetant boob is literally “voted off the Island”


    1. Ahhhh… you see, this is what is so great about the Liberals… and all parties to be honest. There is always a story waiting to be told. You just have to know where to look….


    1. Seriously G, you owe me one for posting that so early in the morning…. : )

      She’s a mom. And she cares. And shes tough, and wants a good future for all our kids….

      You know, just when I think she might wake up one day and suddenly realize why women don’t like her…. she goes and plays the mom card again. Guess what Christy? Carole James is a mom, Lana Popham is a mom,most of your own female MLAS are moms….. and I cant recall any of those politicans, NDP or Liberal, using the MOM card as an election strategy.

      Reality check time.

      Most moms in BC, do not have the luxury of even having the choice to have their kids in an elite private school, or even choosing to live in an area where the public school might be one they feel would have the best options for their child.

      A large number of moms don’t have enough money to even entertain the option of their child, or children, being able to play a team sport, in particular hockey, which is a very expensive game for kids to play. New goalie pads? Hell, I know many moms who go to the equipment swaps because they cant afford to buy anything new.

      Many single moms do not have a) child support b) a lawyer to help get them some c) a government with a system that actually is able to track and enforce support payments d) a willing and supportive co parent to take their child/children for a week on/ week off co parenting system.

      Most single moms – and dads – are hurting from the decade of cuts made to every system they rely on to make a better future for their kids.. .courtesy of the BC Liberals….. See my 100 reasons above.

      Honestly, Christy acts like having a child (one) and working at the same time is something she invented and will endear her to female voters…..when the truth is that since he was born, she has never even been remotely close to living the life of a single mom, or most married mothers. And she represents the government with a horrific record of child poverty and reductions to services that benefit children.

      Election please!


    1. I don’t think it would matter than much. Those who remain support her and have stood by during this mess of a premiership…. seriously, by not opening the legislature this fall, but making time for all sorts of other things… like that CFOX appearance…. she showed how little she values the legislatures reason for being.


  35. Laila now that you are official part of the media at Huffington you should go easy on Crispy Cluck or she wont give you a hug and bake cookies for you as she has for the rest of the media


    1. Ha!

      It’s funny, I posted this to facebook a couple days ago, via the link at the Georgia Straight, of which I thought Stephen Hui did a particularly brilliant job of summing up his opinion of this greeting:


      ” In her New Year’s message to British Columbians, Christy Clark comes off more like she’s auditioning for a Canadian version of Last Comic Standing than campaigning to hold on to the reins of the provincial government.

      Perhaps it’s just good foresight on the premier’s part. After all, a career change is most likely in order for her after the May election ”

      Last comic standing…. oh so appropriate.


  36. And in a rather pot calling the kettle black moment… Clark makes this rather sexist comment about her ex husband while making her recent presentation in the Comox valley :

    “A seasoned orator, as well as a veteran of a talk radio business where controversy and titillation are king, Clark delivered what was surely the highlight of the presentation only a few minutes in. While struggling against a microphone that wouldn’t stay upright, she commented, “I’m not going to say it reminds me of my ex-husband.”

    The comment was met with laughs by all and the most raucous ovation of the afternoon. ”



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