Just an opinion from a “retired Businessman who lives in the Greater Victoria Region.”

Gwyn Morgan, a “retired Businessman who lives in the Greater Victoria Region.”, penned an article in the Alberni Valley News yesterday. http://www.albernivalleynews.com/opinion/206277021.html?fb_comment_id=fbc_156711017836202_280258_157028854471085#f6ac7ecd047de

Here is an excerpt:

We also need to focus on balancing the provincial budget, rather than taking money away from social programs to fund rising interest costs. Forty years of experience in business has taught me that too much debt is crippling. It scares me that the NDP has rolled out billions of dollars in new spending during this campaign, and their “every dollar is accounted for” rhetoric just isn’t credible because their anti-development attitude will reduce revenue at the same time as spending rises.

There is truth to the adage, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” The NDP came to power in 1991 and governed the rest of that decade. Investment dried up and economic growth trailed the rest of Canada. A low point came when the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce thanked the B.C. government for driving growth investment in Alberta.  Glenn Clark’s 1996-1999 tenure was arguably the most disastrous for B.C. and with Adrian Dix, Premier Clark’s former Chief of staff leading the province, I’d be very worried about history repeating itself.

It took many years for the Liberals to repair the damage.  During their time in government, North America suffered through a major recession and yet we now have a triple-A credit rating, higher than the U.S. government, allowing B.C. taxpayers the lowest possible interest rates.

Have the Liberals done everything right? Certainly not. The introduction of the HST by the Campbell government was badly handled. There have been other gaffes and ill thought out policies. And while there is a natural inclination for people to vote to change long governing parties, it’s important not to let the NDP sleepwalk to victory without thinking about which party is likely to create jobs and not burden today’s young people with a mountain of debt.

Well how wonderful of Mr. Gwyn Morgan, “retired businessman”, to share his concern for BC with the lovely people of the Alberni Valley and elsewhere, thank you to the internet. So altruistic.

It’s too bad that the editor didn’t identify Mr. Morgan as the soon to be former chair of the Board of SNC Lavalin – who has many existing and new contracts with the BC government.

Or point out that Gwyn Morgan was the founder and former president of EnCana, who has given extensively to the BC Liberals and makes a lot of money in BC.

Or that he himself supported Christy Clark financially in her leadership campaign…or that Gwyn Morgan even acted as a transition advisor to Christy Clark when she became premier of BC.

That might have put a bit of a different spin on his concern, don’t you think? In fact, it is a bit of a fracking joke if you ask me…


13 thoughts on “Just an opinion from a “retired Businessman who lives in the Greater Victoria Region.”

  1. And who owns the newspaper – not Mr. Black of Kitimat refinery fame is it? Birds of a feather flock together. It takes a skunk to know a skunk…. What an incestuous relationship these people have…


  2. Anybody who has paid a scintilla of attention to Gwyn Morgan’s sojourn in Ms.Clarke’s legislative office can be assured it was not for the benefit of British Columbians. It was primarily for the benefit of Encana, SNC Lavilin, and all of the corporate boards Mr Morgan is associated with.


  3. Morgan or anybody in his peer group should be the last people whining about how “bad” things are in BC and he wasn’t even around in the 90’s. There is nowhere that you can go to find a government so willing to give away the farm to gas producers, so to speak. Windfalls have been made by out of province natural gas producers that leave little more than dust in their wake. His “low point” with the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce has been elevated exponentially with the last 10 years of job losses supervised by the liberals. Residents and business owners from Northeast BC get to sit and watch while thousands of Albertans are housed in camps doing rudimentary work like facility construction, transportation, road building and pipelining, all willingly and genereously subsidized by resident taxpayers. I’m going to bet that some of those Edmontonians have retired happy due to the liberals lack of concern for BC jobs. But then we are only a few voters up here and dutifully send liberals every time. Except this time. Think Hadland in Peace River North, although Fox-McGuire could work a split, and Peats in Peace River South. So probably a change from the liberals does worry Mr. Morgan et al, who are probably more worried about having to earn money rather than rely on a subsidy friendly government.


  4. Hmmmmm
    Mr Morgan mentions that the BC Economy “escaped” the recession of the first decade of the new millenium. We “accomplished” that on the backs of BC taxpayers footing the new skytrain lines that were built by SNC lavalin ( Mr Morgans old alma mater). “We” also accomplished that by building a convention center that was originally estimated at $200 million and eventually cost $1 Billion. We ‘acccomplished” the avoidance of a recession by spending even more taxpayers money we didnt have for the Olympics, the Sea to Sky highway, BC Hydro contracts that have essntially bankrupted the company, sold off BC Rail assets in a cloud of controversy( $6 million dollar plea bargain ring any bells?).
    Oh and the HST was “mishandled” ……Thats a nice way of saying Gordon Campbell LIED during the last election campaign .

    Mr Morgan …..SHOVE your corrupt, incompetant, lying , cohorts so far up your ass it will take 4 years and another election to find them.


  5. Don’t be so hard on him even though he’s a deluded government supporter. ALL parties are promising to spend more and more. They’ll ALL fight until the last taxpayer is dead. The only thing that will change with the NDP in power will be the names of the clients to be paid off: we’ll be rewarding unionized labour, social welfare beneficiaries and government employees instead of fish farmers, Island Timberlands &c. and gas and oil.


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