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*updated* This one is for Dermod: When is arms length decision making, not?

Of all the valued friends or colleagues I’ve had who have passed on in recent years, Dermod was the one I could never find words for, after he passed. I think its because I have never met anyone else like him, and probably never… Continue Reading “*updated* This one is for Dermod: When is arms length decision making, not?”

Dermod Travis, 1960-2020

  There is much to be said about Dermod and the work he did, even while in hospital, close to the end. I will write more when I can type without tears but this is gutting, for many. It’s hard to comprehend not talking… Continue Reading “Dermod Travis, 1960-2020”

Monitoring the monitors

A little funny thing happened on the blog today I thought I’d share because it’s another one of those things many people don’t know about government. They monitor media and not only do they monitor it, they rate it. I often get incoming links… Continue Reading “Monitoring the monitors”

Port Mann Bridge becomes the new ‘Fast Ferries’ debacle.

If you don’t follow Integrity BC on twitter https://twitter.com/INTEGRITYBC , or at their facebook page where frequent updates are posted, you are missing out on some vital information regarding BC politics and how the BC government operates. All of the work posted is rock… Continue Reading “Port Mann Bridge becomes the new ‘Fast Ferries’ debacle.”