“Talk is cheap, throw money instead.”

H/T to Rob Shaw of the Times Colonist for this list of Liberal job appointments since the May election. He's asked in this article, that if you know of any more appointments, to email and let him know - definitely worth a share if you haven't seen this. http://www.timescolonist.com/opinion/blogs/politics-1.61088/liberal-job-appointments-since-the-may-election-1.676341?blogRssReaderId=7.1014 There you have it - the BC Jobs … Continue reading “Talk is cheap, throw money instead.”

Weekend roundup for your reading pleasure!

With this stunning and somewhat rare West Coast Sunshine, we should all be outside enjoying the weather before it returns to nasty rain again!  However, I know a lot of people down with flu and colds now, and so I've compiled a few items of interest I found that I think you might want to check out! 1) … Continue reading Weekend roundup for your reading pleasure!