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With this stunning and somewhat rare West Coast Sunshine, we should all be outside enjoying the weather before it returns to nasty rain again!  However, I know a lot of people down with flu and colds now, and so I’ve compiled a few items of interest I found that I think you might want to check out!

1) Katherine Blaze Carlsons column in the National Post: ” Long Before Milf Interview, Christy’frickin’ Clark laughed her way through Questions on Her Looks andstunnedchristy Nudity In This Radio Chat ”    

Well, it’s about time you got on board, Katherine, but better late than never! The CFOX appearance was just part of the argument behind my December 27th post here and on the Huffington Post BC, but a crucial one, because as I wrote then, and stand by now, it set the standard for what was acceptable topic of conversation with the premier on that kind of station.  Don’t forget, you heard it here first, linked to within the comments section below the first post.  By the way, the earth opened up and nearly swallowed me live on Friday when I arrived home to an onslaught of messages about Bill Good.. gasp.. agreeing with my points in an earlier interview with Mike Smyth. Cue up the Audio Vault for 9 am Friday the 11th to hear firsthand.

2) Why is Christy Clark deleting messages of concern from movie industry workers, from her Facebook page?

Good friend and BC actor, Adrian Hough mentioned to me recently that Christy Clarks team had deleted dozens of message from her Facebook page, from members of the film and movie industry in BC… read on my friends!

The  countless messages  from both actors and actresses, and film/movie industry workers were left on her Facebook page in response to the news that the BC government could not make a case for any added emphasis in the BC Jobs Plan for film, television or video game industries.

Bob Mackin has the story : http://www.timescolonist.com/film-tv-gaming-left-out-of-bc-jobs-plan-1.44327

Interesting… Clark claims to have an open government that wants to communicate with the people, she states again and again she would rather talk to people than sit in the legislature… but when people want to talk to her… she ( her team) deletes their comments from her Facebook page?  Not exactly indicative of a leader who wants to hear from the people, if you ask me!

Luckily, one smart cookie took screen shots and posted them for posterity :http://www.ninja12.com/cc/

moneyNow, to me, the only reason she, or her staff would delete them all – and they were all civil – was so that no one else in the province saw the disappointment of a major industry being left out in the cold.  I find this compelling, because there is definite pressure on other sectors that have traditionally brought in revenue to provincial coffers, so why wouldn’t the government be interested in promoting and expanding that? And what will the impact be for BC film industry workers?  I asked Adrian for his take on this, and this is what he had to say:

BC actor Adrian Hough with Christian Slater” The film industry  has contributed something in the realm of 2 billion dollars to the province or more, but has been losing production like crazy, as well as talent to the East…which means that someone like me, who makes a living on frequent roles in production, Vancouver based, will have less opportunity.  Crews are being hit the hardest however.

I love living in BC, but if production leaves here, I might also be forced to.  My kids are here. I love BC.  The mountains, the ocean, the fresh air.  I like the community I have developed in the industry, and in my adopted hometown of Nanaimo. 

Making a living from the arts is possible, and most performers, and film people are incredibly generous with their skills, and selves, and work unreasonable hours.  The stories we tell are seen all over the world, as well as at home.. I think it does something good to people to be able to look at a film or television series,  and see someplace or someone they know.  Or recognize as their own. 

As far as economics go, talent and skills and stories are a totally renewable and unending (and therefore sustainable) resource.   ( my emphasis there-ly.)

But we have to remain competitive with Ontario and Quebec and the Maritimes and as for the ‘money people’, ( I have spoken to quite a few of them) they say that if they can take a show somewhere else, and save money in production, they will.  And it is happening.”

Talk about shortsighted leadership. Times are changing and so must we as we work towards a shift from a resource based economy to other economic engines.  Adrian makes a very compelling argument for fostering growth in an industry that, in an entertainment hungry society, could very well contribute more to our economy than it does now.

But hey, I’m just a writer/blogger/columnist… what do I know?  : )

**Note, I just noticed Bob Mackin has the same story poste, albeit an hour earlier, and has embedded a link to the site above on his blog- check it out here – credit where credit is due!!! http://2010goldrush.blogspot.ca/2013/01/film-folks-furious-premier-photo-op.html

3)  Andrew Nikiforuk, of whom I am a very big fan of, has a must read series on fracking over at the Tyee. In the series, he “takes a look at four very big claims the industry uses to reassure the public”  that fracking is A-ok for the environment, people and our future. A must read if you share the same concerns over fracking in BC as I do.


4) Last but not least, Rob Shaw of the Time Colonist has a story out this weekend very relevent to the payoff payout of Basi-Virk legal fees..… of which I’m not unfamiliar with…. which lends even more credence (not that it is needed) to the theory that this was a deal made to keep them in silence, and prevent a trial from revealing the truth to the public. The timing is very interesting.. in particular because of Auditor General John Doyles strong attempts to get at the truth behind this deal… oh wait… arent the Liberals trying to fire him?…. hmmmm.


Of course, whether you are a reader  in the lower mainland, the UK, or in Europe, don’t forget to check back tomorrow night for a sneak peak at  my upcoming column in Mondays edition of 24 hours Vancouver, The Duel, with Kathryn Marshall!

30 thoughts on “Weekend roundup for your reading pleasure!

    1. Anytime Ryan! I find myself relying on others as well even though I am here in Canada. There just is not enough time in the day to see all and read all – I worried some of these might lose steam by Monday if not posted!


  1. Check out this link…

    Some excerpts – there is no intention to imply anything regarding the sequence of the following – but to give you a taste of content.
    David Loukidelis, the lobbyists registrar, launched a review of Kinsella, his 25-year-old firm The Progressive Group, its president Mark Jiles and Mr. Jiles’ own sports marketing company Bluestone Ltd. in June.
    Mr. Kinsella, whose companies have contributed $67,620 to the Liberals since 2005, has never registered as a lobbyist for any client.
    Progressive claimed it convinced the provincial government – on behalf of the B.C. Motion Picture Industry Association – to extend its practice of giving tax credits to foreign film producers.

    Could it be the puppet master who lobbied for the film industry wants to sever the strings to the puppets.


  2. Dear LY……….. The obvious skullduggery of this affair often misses another equally as interesting point.
    The lawyers.
    As Basi & Virk are contemptible and still regarded as criminal is no longer in doubt. They were convicted. And they admitted to at least part of their crime.
    Mind you, stench still wafts from Basi and Virk.

    My question: what about their bloody lawyers?

    How in hell is a $6M fee justified, accepted and paid without so much as a peep from the cheque writer (our government)? Don’t they owe the taxpayer a fiduciary duty of care in such matters? This case is especially questionable since the culprits ‘fessed up?

    How many more millions would it have cost us had the bad guys decided to fight?
    Assuming this is the legitimate legal fee for courtroom representation cum defense when one confesses to a crime, is it any wonder so many people are in jail? Who can afford such fees?

    If one is to find the truth it is often suggested that we ‘follow the money’. Basi and Virk are presumably ‘doin’ fine’ but why do we not question the connections and deals that must have been struck with the lawyers over the amount of the fees?

    If we follow the money, where do we end up?


    1. If you go back to 2009. this relevence of this post, has never waned.

      Read it, if you havent already https://lailayuile.com/2009/03/10/reality-is-easy-its-deception-thats-the-hard-work-lauryn-hill/

      And this.


      Read this. Read it well. Pay close attention to:

      “If ever I am in need of a defense lawyer, ( of course, I won’t be, but I’m just saying) Kevin McCullough would be the man I would want on my side. This fellow has the passion and tenacity needed to do the job, and is not afraid to address the court with that heated passion in full display. You could see the intensity on his face as he approached the bench with a rather massive binder in hand, and the fireworks began within moments.

      McCullough’s passionate argument against the adjournment also centered on the fact that very little of the 65 pages Kinsellas lawyer claimed he needed time to review was new, but he also targeted the handwritten notes of two Crown witnesses, Brian Kieran and Erik Bornmann. These notes, he pointed out, do nothing but confirm that Kinsella had been working for CN during the time of the deal.

      McCullough referred Bennett to several pages within a journal of handwritten notes made by Brian Kieran, where the notes indicate that Kinsella was contacted for information and updates on the deal. This is where Bennett asked McCullough what Kierans first name was, and the name ” Bruce” came up.

      From BC Marys comment section, a bit from my new friend, GAB, who attended with me:

      “One thing that came up today though – there was materials submitted that include a notebook of Brian Kieran from 2003 – connecting Kinsella to CN Rail.
      The defence responded that they THINK they know who Bruce is but the judge cut him off saying she didn’t need to know right now.

      At one point, the judge asked Kieran’s first name (Brian) and then she said, oh-, not Bruce? There’s a Bruce mentioned here. Who is Bruce?

      So….Who’s Bruce? “

      ( Good question- who is Bruce? One name that comes to mind is Bruce Clark, whose alleged connection to the sale is detailed in Bill Tielemans A to Z article on all the key players in this case HERE )

      A little birdie told me once that they wondered how it was that more attention wasnt paid to this aspect and this excerpt….. so again… why is it Doyle is on the hit list?


  3. Hey Laila, NICE WORK. The sunshine was a welcome change, but, I don’t know if you noticed any in your area, but here in Nanaimo, the skies were full of chem trails! They criss-crossed the sky. Have to wonder if they have anything to do with the new strain on flues descending upon us? So the poor little Christy was set up and taken advantage of——LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO! It’s better than any soap opera.


    1. The sky has been a stunning clear blue here for a few days now Irene. Nothing but gorgeous sunshine! I think the flu wouldnt be as bad as it is if more people washed their damn hands more often! Seriously, the number one thing you can do to reduce your chance of getting flu is wash your hands again and again and again during the season. Proven method : )


  4. Hey Laila, I know how we can have Natural Gas exploration without Fracking AND a conclusion to the BC rail debacle…..
    Offer all the people involved….. immunity …..as long as they break rocks for 20 years searching for more natural gas……

    That way we save the enviroment ANd we get to see all the playah’s do “hard time” 🙂


  5. Laila – With respect to your item 2) about the film/movie industry, your actor friend, Adrian, says:
    “But we have to remain competitive with Ontario and Quebec and the Maritimes and as for the ‘money people’, ( I have spoken to quite a few of them) they say that if they can take a show somewhere else, and save money in production, they will. And it is happening.”

    -The provinces that Adrian refers to ALL have the Harmonized Sales Tax. The HST took effect in Ontario on July 1, 2010, the same day that it took effect in BC. During the “official” debates that were held just prior to the referendum in BC, a local spokesperson from the industry of which you speak, explained very clearly what would happen to the industry if the HST was voted out in BC.


    1. I do recall, which makes it even more odd that the government wouldn’t do something to address this in the jobs plan. Unless they are totally fine with losing all these workers? And all the spin off that comes from it?


  6. I’m pretty surprised at the comments and scores at the National Post’s story on Milfgate. Possibly BC Christy staff clicking up the scores? I would have thought the readership would be more intelligent than what is shown there.


    1. It’s funny…. I was just chatting about this with a reporter contact of mine last week. : ) A friend of mine from West Van mentioned some interesting tidbits that had come from her social circle, interesting enough to raise an eyebrow but not solid enough to write about.

      By the way, how are you recovering from flu? Are you ok now?


      1. My flu? Yeah, finally. Thanks for asking…..
        My flu has just morphed into a cold. No biggie BUT this is the worst flu season Ive seen in ages. I didnt bother going to a doctor and several of my friends that were down with the flu said the same. Weren’t sick enough to justify a visit to a doctor or a clinic just running a temp for a few days, dry cough, etc..
        You have to wonder how many “unreported” flus there are out there like ours…..
        Im surprised that the govt doesnt use the internet to track something like this a little more diligently. Their current govt wesite seems to only use “doctor reported flu’s”….. perhaps a website that people can log into and click on a button. one would think it shouldnt be too hard to set up.
        cause they’re missing a ton of people.


  7. BC is foul with corruption, especially since Gordon Cambell’s reign of terror. He began Grand Larceny BC. We all remember Campbell’s first election lie, the BCR wasn’t for sale? Wasn’t Christy Deputy Premier at the time? Weren’t the BC Liberal Ministers of to-day, also present? Not one of them spoke up against, any of Campbell’s thefts and sales of our resources and assets.

    The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals forgot to tell us, they worked for Harper and, not for BC and the people. Campbell’s second election lie? The HST wasn’t on his radar, before the BC May election. Hansen caught in a lie finally had to admit, the HST radar papers were on his desk, before the BC election.

    Christy’s job plans are not for the people of BC. They are for China and their cheap labor. Christy has already permitted 200 Chinese miners, to take BC mine jobs. The mines in Northern BC, owned by China and the U.S….will bring their own miners.

    The ship building contract is supposed to be given to SeaSpan which is, the Washington Marine Group from the U.S. That is the company Christy’s brother Bruce was involved with. Contracts the U.S. win in Canada, they too bring their own workers. Just as they did with, the tear down of the old smelter in Kitimat. The few BC people that were given jobs, were treated like dirty by the Americans. They had to breathe in Aluminum dust. They were not given any safety gear. They were not given respirators, as the American workers were. Most of the BC people had to quit because, their health was very much in peril. The U.S. is also building the new smelter.

    I am wondering if BC people will get any ship building jobs? SeaSpan is an American company. They could bring their, “experienced” ship builders with them? Perhaps?


  8. One thing that bothers me in Bob Mackin’s article in the Times Colonist is the quote from VFS president Pete Mitchell: “With the reinstatement of the PST/GST, the competitive advantage that Ontario currently enjoys will grow by the 7% PST that is paid by producers in B.C., but not Ontario.” The HST = PST+GST, so where’s the competitive advantage?

    I’d also like to say that I’ve been very disappointed with the quality of movies that have been made in B.C. in the past few years. I feel that the all-Canadian productions are far better than US productions brought to Canada for the sole reason that they can make them cheaper here (although not anymore, I guess). We have all the talent necessary to make quality movies here, why not use it?


    1. Ummmm, Gini?
      Could you give me an example of an “all canadian production that was far better than an all american production?
      For the life of me , nothing “all canadian” jumps out at me as being particularly good unless its a 5 minute cartoon sandwiched between the “main feature”(all american) and “coming attractions”( all american)


      1. I’ve seen productions on both CBC and CTV that are superior to the Hollywood ‘B’ movies that are often shot in Vancouver. I’ll get back to you after I’ve had time to research some movie titles. I’m hopeless when it comes to remembering those, but usually, anything that has Paul Gross’s name on it is pretty good.


        1. Fair enough, I like the CBC documentaries or investigative reporting stories and the Canadian journalists excel far above their US counterparts ( unless their US counterparts are Canadians that have been poached for big bucks by US tv stations).
          As for Canadian movies? Yawn.
          I just relish the fact that most US Hollywood productions have tons of Canadian actors in the lead roles……


        2. I also like the actors who haven’t been lured to the US, except for the odd film. People like Wendy Crewson, Victor Garber, Gordon Pinsent, Paul Gross, etc. One of my favourite made for TV movies is ‘Love and Hate: A Marriage Made In Hell’, the Colin Thatcher story starring Kenneth Welsh and Kate Nelligan.


    2. In response to Gini –
      With the HST tax policy, the tax that is paid by the producer is REBATED to the producer. When the PST/GST policy is reinstated in BC, the PST (7% in BC), will no longer be rebated to the producer. Former Premier Vander Zalm worked with the BCNDP to ensure that British Columbians voted out the HST in the referendum.

      (BTW, the PST in Ontario has been 8% for some time.)


  9. It’s too bad that Kathryn once again misses the mark that McJobs have any benefit in this province. The past 11 years have proven they don’t. $10.25/hr produces no income tax and those earning it have zero savings making it impossible to purchase anything but the most basic items required in the average household. How can that be a good tax base?
    Kathryn, simply repeating the same tired talking points does nothing to deal with a $60 Billion debt. Neither does McJobs. Manufacturing jobs were once the heart of a booming provincial economy. These days the only folks doing well are crown corp. execs., and folks like Hochstein and so on. Imagine you yourself living on a minimum wage. Not even close there, eh, Kathryn?
    Selling natural gas to a country which has more gas than we do is pretty silly, too. Importing foreign workers is just plain stupid as well. How does that lower our unemployment?
    Sorry. K., but Laila wins again.


    1. I’d like someone to tell the story in simple terms… that I can understand. Show me the money coming in from California and being left here — and the subsidy/tax credit cheque they take home with them. In the end, are we left with a hole or a mound?

      Adrian McDonald “the troll” in those comments gives pretty well the only dissenting opinion to the other commenters… but it ‘sounds’ like he knows what he’s talking about.

      The truth probably lies somewhere between the two — but I’d still like to hear the simple story. Heck, many in the movie biz have the skills to make a little animation with stick people and money bags. Make it simple and tell the truth, then post it where we can see it.


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