” Friends take care of Friends.” ~ Norman Farrell

Norman always has something thought provoking on his site, and often sees and finds something others may not. Case in point, the connections between Deputy Finance Minister Graham Whitmarsh and should have been soon to testify in the now defunct Basi-Virk trial…Gary Collins!!

Appears they share a common past with Harmony Airlines…..

Well, if that just doesn’t make you go …Hmmmm!

 Go read all about this, and more,at Northern Insights/Perceptivity

RossK has much more on this aspect up at his place right now…. apparently(courtesy of Sean Holman’s archives) the two men in question, have an even more coincidental relationship : Whitmarsh was ” relieved” of his duties at Harmony just one small day prior to Gary Collins resignation…. http://pacificgazette.blogspot.com/2010/10/one-day-de-harmonizing-of-gary-collins.html 

Go on, read it all !

 ( and perhaps go back and read these oldies, but goodies,for some insight into how this completely honest, open and transparent Premier handles his open, honest and completely transparent government…. )







8 thoughts on “” Friends take care of Friends.” ~ Norman Farrell

  1. I was in Court Room #54 on Monday (Oct 18th) when the sentence was handed down against the two defendants, Basi and Virk. I stood outside of Court Room #54 and heard the Special Prosecutor say to reporters, and myself, that it was his decision to accept a change of plea from Not Guilty to Guilty, no one else was involved.

    Now I’m hearing, second hand from the Press, in this morning’s newspapers that there was a deal struck on October 8th between two Deputy Ministers, that they made the deal. So why has there been a delay of ten days, why wasn’t the Court informed that there was a change of plea back then, and why were the Press out in force on Monday when the most that were in attendance previously in Court Room #54 was perhaps seven or eight, no make that five or six fine upstanding Press people?

    Plus, on Monday there were eight RCMP officers as well, in civilian clothing. Under cover perhaps?


  2. Maybe I’ve got House Arrest too! I never leave the house except for ‘work, family or recreation’. Oh yes, and I’d leave if it was burning down. I’m not so pissed at the pitiful sentences as I am that they expect me to believe that Basi & Virk had this sudden epiphany after seven years. C’mon, I might have been born at night, but it wasn’t LAST night!


  3. Maybe I’ve got House Arrest too! I never leave the house except for ‘work, family or recreation’.

    Good one! BTW, does criminal activity fall under “work” or “recreation?”


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