Surely this must be a violation of the Elections Act…

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From: Kevin Falcon <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 7:37:04 PM
Subject: Down to the wire


Down to the wire

Dear Friends:As we enter the final days before voting ends on the HST referendum I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the status of our effort on the ‘NO’ side to keep the HST. Our efforts to engage with British Columbians and get their input into how to improve the HST are paying dividends. Since announcing the reduction of the HST to 10 per cent and ensure families come out ahead, we have closed the margins significantly and we are within reach of a slim victory. In fact, some polling suggests we are in a statistical tie when you factor in the margin of error. With a race as close as this has become, I am asking that each and every one of you commit to a final push in your riding to try and identify every last possible vote and move us across the goal posts to deliver a victory for British Columbians.It’s undeniable that implementing the HST has caused us some political pain but the fact remains we can, and will, get past this difficult issue and get back to what we should be focused on – building support for the only truly free enterprise party in BC and providing British Columbians with strong, effective governance and leadership. 

With a victory within our grasp, I am asking all of you to spend as much time as possible focused on getting the vote out in your community to ensure British Columbians are returning their ballots and marking them with a ‘NO’ to higher taxes and a 12 per cent PST plus GST.

Ballot packages must be received by Elections BC, a Service BC Centre, or an Elections BC Collection Centre before 4:30 pm, Friday, August 5, 2011.

British Columbians need this victory for a strong economic future. We are close and I’m convinced a final push by us all will be enough to secure the win and help get the province back on track.

Regards and good luck,

Hon. Kevin Falcon
Minister of Finance

Authorized By Jim Pipe, Financial Agent BC Liberal Party.

AND the new photo showing the front of Mayor Dianne Watts car after her 2010 accident  in which many media reported she was hit by the other car…)

30 thoughts on “Surely this must be a violation of the Elections Act…

  1. Hang on a second…

    Isn’t Mr. Falcon the Minister responsible for the Ministry that is supposed to be being impartial?

    Regardless, doesn’t the fact that they would blatantly do this, without any regard for the potential consequences, tell you that they are scared crapless about losing.


    If they know it’s going to go down to defeat you don’t think they would try and screw up everything so badly that they could call for a do over do you?


    They wouldn’t do something as brazen as that.

    Would they?

    btw, for anyone interested, I’ve been following the secret barrels of insider HST contract pork story pretty closely over at my place.


  2. One would think it should be, logically…but we’re talking liberal government here. Corruption trumps logic and honesty, every time.


    1. Not griping… laughing actually because it is so far out there from the truth, Josef!! Yes RossK, this is the impartial and I do recommend everyone regularly read RossK’s site not only for his unique and pointed blogs on all things political, but for the lighter and most precious contributions that provide me with a much needed break from the heavier side of life!


  3. Yes, desperation is showing. The BC Liberals, secretly gave firms with Liberal ties the contracts, in the pro HST campaign. That was on TV. Falcon made a very feeble excuse, there are a lot of angry people over that one too. When they pulled the HST papers out of the FOI, they were blank, bare, nada. The BC Liberals, have been caught cheating AGAIN. The HST referendum ballots are stored away in a secret place. We know what that means.

    So many of the ballots were screwed up. Blank pages. Pages missing, envelopes missing, only one ballot to a household. Ballots left in apartment building, just stacked on floors.and ledges. People not getting new ballots, when they were requested.

    There is just so much corruption in this evil BC Liberal party. If this wasn’t so pathetic, I guess I could laugh too. All I felt, was a deep contempt for Falcon.


  4. I suggest there is nothing honourable about Kevin Falcon. He continues to stand by and promote efforts to strip British Columbia of its rights under the BNA Act, which states that the provinces have the right and jurisdiction with regard to direct taxation. Kevin Falcon continues to rub citizens’ noses in the fact that we talk about democracy but have none, thereby giving politicians to do what they wish without regard to any consequences for their actions.

    Whatever the rate of taxation is or will be based on the outcome of the referendum currently underway is that the province of British Columbia will lose its right to make decisions about its fiscal and financial matters.

    If the victorious vote is, No, and the HST stays, British Columbia will have ALL of its direct (sales) taxes collected by the receiver general of Canada (who is a servant of the Bank of Canada, not the federal government of Canada.) The disbursements of these taxes will be issued by the Bank of Canada, which when following the pattern of the federal government, will be controlled and/or influenced by the policies of the Bank of Canada.

    Since the Bank of Canada is not an agency of the Queen or the government of Canada, and is independent from control or influence by the government, British Columbia will have given much of its sovereignty to an independent body.

    If we had a democracy, which we do not have, there would be a law or statute providing remedy for the public against the tyranny we are now experiencing. If there was no such law or statute, the people would have the legal and binding ability to create or have created by their governing body such as law, which would protect us from such actions against the people of this province.

    Kevin Falcon continues to arrogantly forge ahead without risk of any consequence for his voice and action against the people of British Columbia.


    1. Love that Cheryl, love that… ; ) But, in defence of assholes everywhere… he is in the upper 2 % of biggest assholes in the province of BC!! Just think, I have more to write about him next week too…


  5. Instead of focusing on rants, why don’t we start thinking about a different party, one that has the guts to make the changes necessary to prevent more of the same corruption, lies, and deceit? Throwing out this party to elect another lot without a better plan is no plan at all. The old saying that most people don’t plan to fail but fail to plan seems to be rising from the political ashes again.


  6. Gloria, I will tell you that I wish I was able to testify to Premier Christy Clark, MLA that in Washington State postal voting took a tragedy in 2004, 6+ months of litigation, 2 annual legislative sessions, and much more to get right. I wouldn’t have used the hot-button HST as a testing range.

    Oh well… oh well… DAMMIT CHRISTY O’CLARK!

    Oh and THE Hon. Kevin Falcon, MLA… I would die in a ditch for Kevin. He is a family man, a warrior’s warrior, the kinda fella that is of solid conviction & candor w/ the yee-haw “right stuff” to lead. The kinda guy who if Premier would have rocked the world in ways that turn off the 95% of BC voters NOT Kevin THE Falcon fans. This sewer of attacks upon the man really are unnecessary. Yes, he errs but he errs out of conviction and loyalty.


  7. Josef, lol, you maybe should sacrifice yourself on he alter of neoliberalism, the ditch would be fitting. Also, since you don’t pay taxes here, maybe you should keep your opinions on the south of the 49th. Asshole.


  8. Not to worry Kim – he is even worse over on Sean Holman’s website “Public Eye Online”. Seems that Josef is 5 cents short on the dollar and continues to annoy people – like this is the only way he can get his jollies !! Best to ignore him and he might just go away. Pay him attention and he will only get worse – if that is possible 😦



    1. Josef, quit justifying your bromance for Falcon. He errs from blind ambition and tunnel vision- like Kim said, you are American, you don’t pay taxes here, so take your rah rah shishboomba cheerleader routine to his front door. The man will never be premier because he is a mini-Campbell filled with self-importance. And FYI telling the truth is not an attack.


  9. Isn’t this Josef guy the same one who threatened you and your facebook friends with what he could do to you with his Liberal contacts in his rolodex ? Like getting them to make life hell via accessing stuff and making false reports to the tax agency and other places? I saved that conversation online…. yep, same guy. The Liberals should tell him to shut up since he makes it worse for then when he goes off.


  10. Re: Josef Kunzler

    I think that a note to the US FBI might just be in order. Any survelliance done on this individual (Josef Kunzler) is sure to reveal a lot of things he (assuming “it” is a he) would rather the authorities didn’t know. Being a US citizen, this man might just be a threat to National Security – he is obviously playing a dangerous game on the internet – where emails and home addresses can be easily traced.



  11. Is this not the same person that has been banned from other sites?

    He really has nothing to offer, other than hate, spite. and malice. Ban him Laila, believe you me, he won’t be missed.


    1. I’m sorry Gloria, I still believe in free speech and have never banned anyone before, I don’t intend to start now. Ignore him and he goes away, engage and he bites like a fish on a juicy worm.


  12. Laila, oh please. Spare us your fears.

    “The man will never be premier because he is a mini-Campbell filled with self-importance.”

    Do you realize how close THE Kevin Falcon got to being Premier of BC? Try within minutes of winning the whole game.

    BTW, I don’t appear here often because you’re the only tolerant one.


    1. Christy have said herself she wants to have a mandate from the people… and I agree. The people of BC did not choose her for premier, her party did. And so, she should call that election as soon as possible and get a mandate from the people… ; )


  13. lol I am not surprised, Josef says he would die in a ditch, that fits him to a T.

    I can’t ever see, Christy taking a mandate from the people, even if she did, she wouldn’t honor it. The BC Liberal’s don’t work with the people, they work against them. What did Campbell do with his mandate from the people? His theft and corrupt sale of the BCR, and the valuable real estate that went with the BCR, sure in the hell wasn’t working with the people. That was an out and out blatant lie, to cheat his re-election. In what way, did Campbell’s theft and sale of our rivers, work with the people?

    The HST wasn’t on Campbell and Hansen’s radar, another election lie. Throw their provincial deficit lie along with their HST lie. The HST WAS on, Campbell, Hansen, and Harper’s radar. They colluded on the HST, long before the BC election. Hansen was caught in a lie, and had to admit indeed, the HST papers were on his desk, before the election. However, Campbell does work for Harper. Poor old Harper was drooling at the mouth, for BC’s HST, so they forced the HST onto the citizens, without a full debate in the Legislature. How are those dirty tactics, working with the people?

    The HST has cost BC 12,000 job losses in June. Not one red cent has “trickled” down from big businesses savings by the HST. Instead, they jacked their prices way up. The HST was a scam, to thieve from the people, to give to big business. You would have to be, as brain dead as Martyn Brown, to believe the HST was good for the BC citizens.

    Why did the Liberals, give secret contracts to the firms with BC Liberal ties, the money for the pro HST campaign? Why were the HST contract papers blank, when they were pulled from the FOI? Why were the referendum ballots all screwed up? Why would anyone do a stupid vote in that manner? People of course, had moved. Some pages were blank. Some had missing inside envelopes. Many households only received only one ballot. Ballots were stacked in apartment vestibules and scattered on the floors. People who requested new ballots, were ignored. The referendum, wasn’t a fair vote. This is just another dirty scam, by the BC Liberals.

    We all know, the BC people are dead set against the HST. However, the vote has to go through Craig James of Elections BC. He was caught in corruption before. The ballots were also hidden, in a secret warehouse. The location being kept hidden by Craig James, from Vander Zalm and Bill Tieleman. We all know what that means.


  14. There is a story in the tyee right now about how unregulated shipping has inevitably led to criminality… After reading that article – I don’t think that this behavior of Kevin Falcon is desperate – I think it is demonstrative of his character.

    People like Falcon feel nothing but contempt for others (recall the traffic jam / attempted suicide fiasco). People like Falcon naturally behave criminally.


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