This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: Should the government provide more funding for the CBC?

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The winner of last week’s duel on temporary foreign workers was Laila with 86%.

This week’s topic:

Should the government provide more funding for the CBC?

CBC made a shocking announcement last week that it would be cutting 657 positions and no longer be competing for professional sports rights, in an effort to address a $130-million revenue shortfall.

As Canadians digested the news of what is clearly a pivotal moment for the broadcasting company, conversations began on social media about how to save the CBC.

Growing up in a rural area just outside of Prince George, the only TV stations we had were the CBC and what was then known as BCTV. From watching Mr. Dressup and the Friendly Giant as a child, to the Nature of Things and the Fifth Estate as a teen, the CBC has played a huge role in shaping the person I am today.

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In speaking with many of my readers, it’s clear that the nation’s public broadcaster has been much more than just a broadcaster — the CBC has, in essence, been part of our families and our lives. Hockey Night in Canada wasn’t just about watching hockey, it brought families and friends together to experience the highs and lows of watching our favourite teams, win or lose. Through the CBC, we’ve watched tragedies unfold, mourned losses and celebrated successes, and connected across the country.

The CBC’s programming is rich in diversity for both television and radio and is still a mainstay in many Canadian households — in particular in rural areas. It’s a terrible irony that in an era where government is spending millions on job-creation programs, the nation’s public broadcaster is forced to cut jobs to meet this revenue shortfall. In fact, it was inevitable…

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21 thoughts on “This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: Should the government provide more funding for the CBC?

  1. Nobody wants to lose their job and yes Laila, your history lesson is sound.
    Brent makes the point, all be it awkwardly, times change and so to must all things with it.
    In short, the CBC is worthy of being defended as a Canadian institution, however, it must also compete.
    Competition, makes the CBC stronger and in the end, is the only aspect that will prevail.
    If downsizing gets the CBC there, so be it with all the pain of job losses etc.
    My heart is with your column Laila but I have to use my head and vote for Brent on this one.
    Afterall, you have to let him win one every now and then.


    1. I also voted for Brent on this one… partly because of the question. “More funding?” No… but I have a big place in my daily life for the CBC — especially the radio programming. I don’t agree with massive cuts either but will give Brent points on saying that the CBC has to keep up with the times.

      On my daily commute, CBC is one of my two choices for an hour each day — and Cross Country Check-up ad Randy’s Vinyl Tap are mainstays for my wife and me.

      As well, we’re “Corrie” fans. (Some things just can’t be explained.)


  2. Keep the CBC but make it a Canadian Version of the BBC. High brow drama, Rick Mercer comedy and a arms length news and investigative reporting. Why broadcast, just stream,


  3. The government(s) have been cutting back the CBC for decades. They have no talent, they have no technology and they have no desire to dig for news. And the govt. doesn’t like a voice it can’t control. Nor did they like very much the voice that the CBC had – a whinging, stupid, provincial view of interviewers interviewing their own staff. Face it – CBC sucks. Having said that, CBC could get better if they were managed by competents instead of sycophants begging for money every year. A Public Broadcasting System could be good. But this one went off the rails long, long ago and the govt. is simply pressing the end game. The CBC has to fight (maybe too little, too late) and they have – somewhat. They certainly did their own in Duffy and Wallin. And they haven’t let up on Harper much. So, the spirit may be willing. But my guess is that they are now positioning for a big settlement so that the CBC fatcats can all retire early. CBC surrendered their integrity long ago. What next? Well, in the spirit of selling off all of our resources, the govt. will ‘sell off the CBC assets’ to Bell and Rogers, of course. Bottom line: this ain’t news. The writing has been on the wall for 30 years.

    On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 9:38 PM, No Strings Attached : Laila Yuile


  4. The government has been gutting the CBC for many years now; this is a method of reducing media reportage on government bungling to a common denominator.
    The CBC needs to stop being the only news media which reports somewhat objectively on the corporatocracy; continued underfunding will hamstring the CBC’s ability to inform the public and thus make it as irrelevant as the other “news reading” media.
    We don’t deserve “news reporting” media, do we?


  5. CBC has been our window on the world and the voice of Canada since before WW2. Six members of my family served in that war. My own family gathered around the radio to hear the war news, worried about their sons. They listened to Churchill’s speeches, the messages from the King. They listened to the reporters right on the battlefields.

    CBC still is that voice.for Canada. CBC is the only news outlet, that I really trust. However it seems, everything with the name Canada attached has to go. I resent the tyranny in my country. The outrage of our tax dollars, lining politicians wallets. PM Harper is the very worst fiscal manager, in the recorded history of this Nation. CBC is worth our money, Harper is not.

    The CBC is our heritage so, I am going along with Laila.


      1. Andy,I’ve deleted your comment,which is something I rarely do – I trust my readers to moderate themselves and for the vast majority they do. I feel strongly you crossed a line and the remark was discriminatory in nature. I have noticed nothing of the sort and your implications are not appreciated.


        1. it is your website and you are entitled to your opinion which is just an opinion, I do not remember what i said, but what ever was there, I stand by it. Whose line did i cross MADAM?
          Sorry. You don’t have to waste your time deleting my comment because this will be my last time to be on your website.


        2. Your comment was racially/religiously loaded and in my opinion and as other readers noted via email and message,very offensive. I rarely delete anything, only what is explicit, racially or religiously hateful or along those lines.


  6. I just tied it up the vote at 50% . I read Brent’s column and agreed with some of what he had to say. BUT I also agree with you Laila, those great CBC programs made me who I am today and they are important to community.

    BUT the CBC radio that I listen to (there is no TV here) has adopted support for Harper’s Administration. NeoCon ideology has infiltrated radio news and actually turned it into Conservative propaganda reports.

    We have elected a dictator in Canada and yet CBC’s Chris Hall gets on the blower and invents ways to support this, the worst government in the history of our country. No government has ever given, sold and dismantled Canada in so many repugnant ways. Dismantled our Canada – the one that we Canadians built – and our parents built. Hey Look – there’s CBC always getting a good word in for the Harper’s Cons. (as though what they do is at all legitimate)

    If CBC makes a report on slavery… should CBC give slave owners equal time to promote their position? Yes? No. I don’t think so…. but CBC gives credence to the writers of an undemocratic unfair election Act written by the party that was convicted in a fraudulent election scam?

    This is how Germans became collaborators in what ended up crimes against humanity. And I’m not saying we are going there… but we should learn from that history – if we let the small things go by when the big things come up – they are impossible to stop.

    So for me, CBC is about holding the country together as it did all my life… and that won’t happen with Chris Hall spinning the news in favor of the Harper Cons. We need unbiased news.

    CBC could get rid of the fossils too (those who shill for big oil) ie: Rex Murphy
    I voted for your column but I hope the vote ends in a tie.


  7. I have visited the headquarters of the CBC in Toronto and believe me they have been cutting back for years. The CBC is more than just news. It is the lifeblood of the nation. Reducing the CBC prevents the flow of information that we don’t get on other stations. To me, this is just another attempt to keep people in the dark and ignorant of what is actually going on in the nation.

    We have to support Knowledge Network with donations. Do we have to do the same for the CBC?

    I don’t support it being just “high brow.” it needs to be the voice of the people–and I mean all the people–not just a few.

    I like opera but I don’t want to listen to it 24hrs a day.


  8. Laila,

    The CBC should concentrate on Radio/TV news programming only. Unload everything else especially sports.

    And oh yeah, let’s make it a more mature offering like the BBC. The CBC already have some outstanding reporters and I think it would be an easy thing to do.

    But get rid of Mansbridge and people like Kevin O’Leary and Rex Murphy. A mature and sophisticated national broadcaster does not need to rely on “personalities” to draw viewers.

    People need only the facts.


    1. Get rid of Rex Murphy? No way!

      I’ll agree that he needs to be kept away from the camera… definitely a “face for radio”… but I love the way he talks to the citizens of Canada — especially kids. I get choked up when I recall the gentle and engaging way he talks to kids when they call in to talk about a favourite book they have read, or some other topic. I am very happy to have my tax dollars go toward people like Rex.


  9. cutting jobs is the way of the Cons. We ought to have retained the positions at the C.B.C and ensured the C.BC. had sufficient funding to provide decent shows. As a result of the budget cuts the C.B.C. cut Artic Air. Not a great choice. Provided jobs not only for actors but others. we have few enough decently paid jobs in Canada. The show was one of those great ideas which had a fairly even split between First Nations and European descent actors, oh and South Asian. The show was a good example of what Canada ought to be.

    The Cons never did like the C.B.C. so they will destroy it slowly but surely, just as they are destroying our country. The C.B.C. still provides the best news in Canada. Has wonderful documentaries which not only entertain, but educate. God forbid that continued. The Cons, by in large are “white trash” with back woods attitudes, which they wish to foist upon all Canadians. When you control the media, you control most of a country.


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