Things that make you go Hmmmm: Is new John Horgan attack site linked to Campaign Research?

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So a funny thing happened on twitter today….

Saw a new attack video launched by a company called ” Future Prosperity BC Inc”

And I’ll show it to you here because clearly you are going to be seeing it all over soon…

So sweet. And a pretty slick ad with simple messaging that sticks. But who is behind this little ad? Who is  behind Future Prosperity BC Inc.?

Starting at square one. ( And I am not tossing any change at this one doing a corp.registry search)

Google the name and these three items come up:

screenshot-2017-01-10-at-4-49-11-pmHmm..The address goes to a Mail Plus business center place with a net cafe, mailboxes, business cards etc.  Phones not listed.

But that last entry on Google was interesting… and when you click it It says no such account exists… but thankfully Google still has a cached version that does exist linking the name Ben Sandiford to the creation of this site.


Which is very interesting for a couple of reasons and neither will be surprising to poligeeks like myself who follow BC politics because there is a Ben Sandiford who works for Campaign Research Inc….

You would best know this name if you followed Rob Ford or the current campaign of Kellie Leitch…or even the last campaign of Christy Clark because it’s the home of Nick Kouvalis.

“In 2004, Nick Kouvalis started one of Canada’s first cloud computing fully virtual “at home” call centre businesses.  In 2008, he merged that call centre business with and joined Campaign Research.  At Campaign Research Nick oversees strategic planning and implementation of advocacy campaigns for clients in highly regulated industries.  Nick served as chief strategist and pollster for the 2014 John Tory Campaign for Mayor of Toronto.  In the 2013 British Columbia Provincial Election, Nick was on Premier Clark’s BC Liberal campaign team involved with focus groups that informed the campaign messaging and strategy.  Campaign Research also conducted regular polling for the BC Liberals.  Nick was campaign manager to Rob Ford’s 2010 mayoral campaign that was called by a major Canadian news magazine “perhaps the most improbable election victory in recent Canadian history.””

Ben Sandiford is listed with Campaign Research as well :
“Ben is a passionate and results oriented research analyst at Campaign Research. A CMRP holder, he graduated the Research Analyst Program at Georgian College With Honours. Ben specializes in providing insight and analysis on research data to meet our clients needs. His analysis on trends, challenges, and best practices helps Campaign Research create strategies and tactics that deliver value to our customers. “

Hmmmm… could it be the same old gang again back at work for Clark? The same old gang that worked for Rob Ford and now, Kelly Leitch?  Is this your work gentlemen? Give me a shout so I can give credit where credit is due…


****Vaughn Palmer has the lowdown on Future Prosperity who actually issued a press release by front man John Winter…all the usual suspects from the last election…

Welcome to BC Election 2017. I’d say the games have begun….and if this crew is on board again you can expect a lot more where this came from… 

41 thoughts on “Things that make you go Hmmmm: Is new John Horgan attack site linked to Campaign Research?

  1. Ms. Clark belongs the corporate party of yes who just can’t say no. Enough of us know that her time is up and are prepared to make sure her employment is terminated on May 9th, 2017. That’s the day democracy returns to BC. That’s the day her top ups end. That’s the day our environment can breath a sigh of relief.


    1. I guess she forgot how much the provincial debt has risen under her time alone… not to mention the quickly escalating in price 9 billion dollar plus Site C …..


  2. What do I like about John? He is not nasty! He is funny! He sounds like he cares about BC and citizens! He weighs in on things and does not talk without facts! He is down to earth! He is optimistic! He comes from humble roots! He is honest! He is a team player! He is loved by those around him him! He is inclusive! Finally, he is NOT Christy Clark…

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  3. And so it begins…………. first attack ad, low key and effective. How is the NDP going respond? Will the NDP have the fortitude this time around to make a similarly stinging strike against Christy? Will they make her their focus in like manner? Perhaps by using the same ad and simply changing a few things to throw it back into Christy’s face? This time around, the NDP cannot play nice. People don’t remember nice speeches. People remember zingers. Does the NDP have a ‘zinger’? Better get it out there ASAP because Christy just threw down the gauntlet.


  4. A few months ago, I sent a potential ad that I constructed to BC NDP headquarters. It was my ‘Christy Clark version’ of that old “Oklahoma” favourite, “I Cain’t Say No”. All my friends agreed it should be part of John Horgan’s election campaign, but I’m not holding my breath.

    As to the NDP’s decision to put ‘the bear rescuer’ into Andrew Weaver’s riding, I am appalled. If I could think of a stronger word to express my disgust with this stupid decision, I would use it. Why would the NDP be targeting the Green Party, which hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the election? Do they not know that what needs to be done is to get rid of the arrogant, Haida knock-off wearing photo-op queen and her corrupt government?


    1. I really hope someone can get creative with video editing.
      Split screen, side by side Clark-Trump spews and promises.
      Clark voice-over of Trump mouthing an endless stream of BS.

      CC…100,000 LNG jobs.
      DJT…greatest jobs producer God ever created.

      The continuous similarities are truly goose bumpy.


  5. Why would the NDP target Andrew Weaver? You must be joking. Andrew Weaver is a fake Green – he’s a BC Liberal who wears a Green Blazer. Most Green Party members I know (and I live in Elizabeth May’s riding) understand exactly what Weaver’s all about. He doesn’t deserve another term as an MLA under any circumstances but, if he is elected, it’s just like putting another stone in Christy Clark’s slingshot.


    1. They took a candidate out of a riding that is growing…a riding where the boundaries were reworked and now favour the Libs even more and the NDP seem dead set on running the same candidate who has not been able to win in prior elections… again.

      Comox Courtenay has a strong vote demographic from CFB Comox which is the biggest economic driver in this valley right now, and Bryce was an attractive candidate to many that would not have normally voted NDP. There is also a growing oil-patch family base here of families who live here but dad or mom works in northern Alberta.

      If the local riding association decided the other candidate was preferred there is no hope for him to run here. And this ‘strategic’ move may prove to be a big mistake. Personally I think it is yet another case of not seeing outside the NDP box.


      1. Right with you on this one, Laila.
        Nothing wrong with Bryce and he would have done well up Island.
        Oak Bay? Not so much.
        The biggest single thing against him there is he just simply doesn’t fit the demographic.
        He will be well received and liked on the doorsteps, but will be seen as everyone’s nephew.

        So, the NDP toss a good candidate and 2 winnable ridings.


        1. Forgot to mention that while I can’t begin to understand the whole Georgia Collins schmozzle, I think both she and Bryce Casavant would have drawn a whole bunch of new, young, blood to the game.


        2. I dare to think that there are reasons behind these moves. It’s great to express your views but I wonder how much damage is done when we who want a progressive government are so critical; your last sentence. There is room for questioning, for debate but making far gone conclusions hurt the party that I think most people right now want it to take the lead? There are folks working very hard at the provincial office, don’t bury them before they get going. PLEASE! remember that politician are ordinary people and sometimes despite the odds win!


        3. Niovi;
          Not sure who you were referencing when you said; “your last sentence” so it is hard to follow up on that.

          But, in sync with your thinking, following my comments earlier about Oak Bay, I received a call from a very good friend of over 40 years who asked why I am being so publicly critical of Mr. Horgan and the NDP.

          You see, we both go back to a time when admitting to being a CCFer, then an NDPer was a very risky personal choice which often delivered negative financial, business and employment consequences. Do the names Berger and Barrett ring any bells?

          To my friend, it seems I’m supposed to sing Kumbaya and not speak unkindly of the family we had a hand in raising. Well, I believe I paid my dues, in sweat and dollars; fought for the right to choose and think independently. To praise. To criticize.

          You say; “There are folks working very hard at the provincial office, don’t bury them before they get going.”
          That, right there Niovi, is a huge issue for me. If they are not yet “going” shame on them. They should have been cranked up on May 15, 2013. That was the day after the last of four consecutive elections they lost.

          There are 119 days until the election and I have not seen any sign of this “progressive government” you long for. Indeed, if I am up to it, we may well be having this same conversation four years hence.

          I thank you for your loyalty and service but;
          Heat the iron..brand me cynical.


        4. Do you remember when John asked for feedback from voters? Do you recall him saying he welcomes any ideas that are ” outside the box”? Please make a list of what you want them to do/say: I would love to hear it. If you have anything that will get people’s attention that would be great. The reason you know about all the scandals and misdeeds of the present government I would venture to say is because we have had one of the best opposition periods in history. They have done an outstanding job and that is why they are under attack, because voters like them. So short of giving away their election platform and allowing CC to copy it, make a list by all means. Cheers,


        5. Niovi, you know I love your passion and dedication. But what is hurting the party… and the very good people I know who are working hard inside it… is the people making some very questionable and bad decisions that have been seen time and time again in prior elections.

          It is not only understandable that there are criticisms, those criticisms must be taken seriously because they come not just from me…. I am but one person.. but from legions of others who are not a member of any party like myself.

          No one is trying to bury anyone. But how long are people expected to wait for the NDP to get it together?


        6. Niovi, you make it very difficult to respond because it can so easily be taken as in fighting.

          Please, click the video that opens this topic. What is the first sentence?
          “Few people have heard of John Horgan…”

          “Do you remember when John asked for feedback from voters?”
          Sorry, I don’t.
          “Do you recall him saying he welcomes any ideas that are ” outside the box”?”
          “Please make a list of what you want them to do/say:”
          Been there done that. No response from either Mr Horgan or Mr. Holman. Not even a form letter of acknowledgement.

          “The reason you know about all the scandals and misdeeds of the present government I would venture to say is because we have had one of the best opposition periods in history.”

          Niovi, please.
          People do not read Hansard.
          No, they read;
          Bob Mackin
          Harvey Oberfeld’s Keeping It REAL…
          Northern Insights
          Rafe Mair
          The Gazetteer
          The Tyee

          The people behind those blogs are more well known and recognizable than the official opposition. Norman Farrell, though often dry and hard to follow, provides more in depth analysis of Liberal Government misdeeds than any NDP MLA. He does the oppositions homework for them; at his own personal expense.

          If it were not for Laila people would know very little about Site C. Rafe has more to say than John Horgan about LNG and BC Hydro. Follow Bob Mackin if you want to know about all the liberal insiders, bridges, Pavco. Ian Young exposed more on the real estate shell game and off shore money launderers than any opposition MLA.

          Please, Niovi, hit the streets.
          Talk to the people in Port Alice, Sointula, MacKenzie, Whonnock.
          Then click the video that opens this topic.

          I’m tryna build a fire here, Niovi, I really am.


        7. Thank you for your comments and guidance. I am not sure who you are but I appreciate your passion. I am remaining perhaps stupidly idealistic that the NDP will be making a difference. Would love to keep dialogue going if u have the time. I can be reached at or through messaenger on Facebook.


        8. Niovi, I hope your invitation to private conversations isn’t an indication you won’t continue posting here.
          Your comments, point of view and contributions are important here and I certainly would like to see you continue.
          Your open, public, dialogue will do more to advance your cause and concerns than one on ones.
          Keep ’em coming.


        9. I just don’t want to bore anyone and would rather learn from someone who seems to have read widely from a variety of journalists. I have been an NDP supporter and volunteer for a long time (late 90s) and trying to open up my perspective so I can be more helpful to them. I have read and studied extensively in the field of special education and now trying to expand my horizons. You might say I want to use you as a teacher to save myself some study time. An acquaintance told me the NDP has to capture attention and light a fire and I agree. I liked the way John held up that bottle of goo when he talked about the risk of pipelines. I understand that folks need to work and the economy needs to move forward but is there another way other than risk destroying our environment (and of course my geologist friend said there is nothing safer than pipelines ). Our society seems to be always caught in no win situations. We need solutions, do you have any? I don’t know your background. I hear people’s discouragement and call for alternative parties, yet unless they have these kind of answers that will not help.


      2. First, we don’t yet know who is trying to win the nomination in Courtney. Second, Weaver and the Greens spend more time attacking the NDP than the Liberal govt and I am very glad that Bryce is running in OBGH. He’s a great candidate wherever he runs.


  6. It would be simple child’s play to crush the Neo-Liberal party of BC . They have so much political scandal and baggage to even begin to list them here. If the NDP can’t take down arguably the worst government in BC history for the actual citizens then its clear the NDP must be dismantled and a real alternative to these Neo-Liberal vermin produced. If we could just convince the people that still vote for Christy to ACTUALLY look at her real record of debt scandal and cronyism instead of going to the default ” my grand pappy , and my daddy voted for the retread socreds and by golly i’m going to as well.” I voted for Gordan Campbell twice because i believed him but once i realised he and his were lying sacs of s**t i stopped . I’m not sure if its stupidity or ignorance buts its getting old .


    1. I’m so relieved to hear that I’m not the only one! I too, voted for Gordon Campbell. Twice. (Fool me once, shame on you…) But I was younger then and had delusions of becoming one of the 1%. Once I realized the deck was stacked against me I came to my senses and actively campaigned against him and his ilk (to no avail – apparently I’m not only not 1% material, I’m not a very good campaigner either). I sure wish there was someone out there to campaign FOR! I’m getting tired of being negative, and to no avail.


  7. Our Premiers hit the big time!

    The New York Times
    British Columbia: The ‘Wild West’ of Canadian Political Cash
    By DAN LEVINJAN. 13, 2017

    Read on….. Excellent photo of BC’s leader.

    Perhaps Ms. Clark’s recent donor’s list disclosure is merely damage control for the above article.


  8. Instead of reading the Vancouver Sun, home delivered, I’ll take in the North Vancouver Library and peruse the New York Times …. because it doesn’t matter which of the Post Media editions it produces eg. the Province, Vancouver Sun, National Post, the content is exactly the same except the ‘odd’ columnist which is unique to each one. Vaughn Palmer, Michael Smith, Andrew Coyne. All other content is EXACTLY the same as each other. Post Media is a promoter of all things that the BC Liberal Party wants to be put out to the public, without providing balance reporting from the opposition with differing opinions.

    The Times has taken the BC Liberal to task over Site C, and now political donations.

    Maybe the reason that the New York Times is voicing the concerns of the public in British Columbia is because Post Media is on the way out, of being in business.


    1. Total agreement.
      The “Media” in this Province drink each others bathwater……
      Anything too controversial is crushed by either the editors or the advertisers( govt or big business).
      And they wonder why their ratings or their readers are abandoning them in droves…..


  9. I recently pointed out that while the NDP does a decent job in the house, no one reads Hansard and they get a failing grade when it comes to street fighting. I said the work-for-free bloggers do more homework and opposing the Liberal Government, than any full time salaried members of the NDP.

    No one makes my argument better than Bob Mackin at
    A first class example being his article on what the May election SHOULD be about;

    In that article, he outlines the issue and in so doing emphasizes where the NDP continues to fail the people of BC.

    Bob Mackin on the Liberal record:
    “Scandals like the firing of eight health researchers (which drove one of them, Roderick MacIsaac, to suicide), Triple Delete, Quick Wins and Swing Teams, the BC Rail privatization and Basi-Virk legal bills.”

    “The Mount Polley tailings dam disaster and exempting $9 billion Site C dam from B.C. Utilities Commission approval. Cash for access and pay to play. Clark’s $50,000-a-year commission for attending party fundraisers and her expensive charter jet flights to and from her Kelowna riding.”

    “Increased ambulance wait times, taxing senior citizens who must use wheelchairs and underfunding the public schools system. The proliferation of homeless camps. Letting real estate corruption run amok in Metro Vancouver. Inadequate treatment for opiate addicts and lax enforcement of drug laws. Raiding the accounts of Crown corporations to artificially balance the budget and keep income taxes low, and then hiking the prices for electricity, vehicle insurance, medical insurance, ferry fares and beer to pay for the shell game.”

    Again, between Mackin, Yuile, Farrell and other bloggers, the NDP need no paid researchers; their homework is done and platforms are handed to them. Gratis.

    Pity they sit on their hands.

    Quick, who is Robin Austin? Claire Trevena? Scott Fraser? Melanie Mark?
    Yeah, thought so.

    Good people all, just not known.


  10. Ah, Kelly Leitch’s campaign manager, Nick, upp it would seem its the same ugly guy. if we have Nick involved we can expect to see some of the same things Dr. Leitch is carrying on with on her campaign, such as the Canadian values, etc. Should be down and dirty, Montreal Simon’s blog has given some coverage regarding Nick and Kelly.


  11. I’m with Hawgwash at 9:56 p.m. We do get to criticise the party. its how it improves. If we don’t, the party will continue to make the same mistakes and leave it in the same position as last time. Until the NDP starts to act like it wants to win, my money is staying in my wallet. it will go as it does in previous years, to charity because when Christy Clark wins again, charities will need every nickel they can get.

    Nottley won in Alberta and who did she use, Gerry Scott. Dix and the NDP did NOT use him in the last provincial election and they lost. So are they going to use him this time? who knows.
    So who is Gerry Scott? He was the war room manager, campaign manager Mike Harcourt used way back in the day and used until he was premier of this province. Before that he got Bob Skelly elected to the leadership of the NDP. How that ever happened I’ll never know, with the field of candidates they had, but there I was watching Skelly win. when I asked how did that happen, some one told me, he used Gerry Scott. So if he is good enough for Notley to win in Alberta, one does hope he works on this election because the bunch they used last time from back east, well we all know how that turned out.

    Hagwash is also correct in his 7:56 a.m. comments. I support everything he says. More letters are written to editors of small local papers by people who don’t agree with the B.C. Lieberals than by the NDP.

    Having lived in the Comox Valley from 2000 to 2015 you didn’t see a profile of the NDP in the valley. People who didn’t belong to the NDP provided more of an opposition and I’d suggest that happens in other areas of the province also. Its difficult for sitting NDP MLAs to get much coverage from the MSM but one does wonder if they try. You do see EBY getting it though.

    As to moving the candidate from the Comox Valley to Oak Bay, who ever had that brain wave pretty much assured the NDP will loose two ridings now. Taking on the Greens might be a good strategy but not in that riding and not with Weaver. In the past few elections the difference between the NDP winning and loosing was about what the Greens got, so the Conservation Officer was a good choice for the Comox Valley.

    Noiovi, some of us critize the NDP because on this blog because when we send a letter of “suggestion” to the party headquarters, ya, might as well have sent it to the B.C. Lieberals advocating for better treatment for the disabled. From the read of it Hagwash has been around with the lefties since the 1950s if not before. Some of us were working campaigns back in the 1970s and 1980s. We saw what won elections, but this bunch who are running things, just don’t seem to get it. if the NDP can’t see their base is not all that enamoured with them, how do they think they are going to get the vote of the undecided or those tired of corruption.

    My bet says, who ever gets their base out to the polls will win. A lot of people may stay home this time having had enough of the “corruption”, but then some may not care and it is up to the NDP to make them care. So back to the topic of Lailla’s post, yes it will be a dirty campaign and the NDP won’t be able to counter it with much. They are going to be outspent by about millions and they don’t seem to be going negative. if they were, they’d already have some of their members writing letters to editors of community newspapers and ads paid by supporters.


    1. I do see a lot of letters in our local papers which are against the Liberals, in my area of surrey south, surrey white rock. I attended last provincial council meeting and I am convinced that they will fight hard and have hired the appropriate people to do the job. It just takes time and as you said they have to do it with a lot less $$ than the liberals. Please watch for all the ndp tweets during the women’s march and retweet. January 28th is NDP action day. Please get out and door knock and bring your friends. If you can’t then retweet. My twitter is @niovieducation. Lots of supporters on twitter, please join.


  12. e.a.f.
    I’m really quite worried; has anyone seen an NDP?

    The NDP could make huge over the head cards of Laila Yuile Tweets and voters would learn more about the BC Looters Party that’s in power. Why aren’t they publicly calling Coleman a liar? Stick it out there and let HIM deny it. When he does, call that a lie too.

    When Gerry Scott said goodnight to Rachel Notley, I really hoped we would see him back in BC but, I fear it might already be too late for even he to rescue a drowner that desires to go down, or at least just tread water.

    One big reason he worked so well for and with Notley is that he really believed in her. Perhaps he does not have the same passion for the BC MIA NDP. Like the old saw goes; “you can’t help those who won’t…bla bla…”

    A leftie in the 50s, ha ha, hardly. I was an active in the 60s and 70s labour movement and a proud grinder for Dave Barrett. I mentioned Tom Berger because back in those days the NDP was tight, like family and you knew everyone. In the late 70s I became a business owner and remained true to the NDP. Still am a big fan but have voted local best candidate through the last several elections. I don’t much care for Weaver but some of the Greens are looking ok. They may actually be the benefactors of the donnybrook in Cow Bay.

    Not a lot of time left and I’m getting tired. May just give up soon.


    1. I have a hard time seeing the NDP win here with Craig Keating,Glen Sanford and crew on board. Career politico’s whose time is long gone.There is so much self preservation going on internally right now its sickening. And to be honest, I don’t think Horgan is the problem from what I have seen. It’s those people the public never sees behind the public faces. If I were him I would fire them all.


      1. Fire them all?
        Can you spell Moe Sahota?
        Do you know how hard it was to roll that anvil off the dock?

        I like John Horgan, I really do but, if he is not the problem and some shadowy figures are then the title “Leader” is token and meaningless. Kinda like Christy Clark, eh?

        What a conundrum.

        I can only hope a whack of independents surface soon. Independents like Vicki Huntington who are elected on their merit, community standing and need not a party or special interest bankroll. Independents who at best could help hand Christy Coleman a minority.


  13. Yes, it takes time Niovi, the NDP has had 4 years to get ready for this election. At one time they had constituency associations which did a lot of work in the ridings, and actually did things to keep their position alive in the eye of the public. then come election time they’d borrow union business agents to run the elections in ridings. If you try to distance yourself from the unions I would expect they won’t be that willing to “loan” at no cost their staff to help run elections. Twitting is nice, but it doesn’t always win an election. Grass roots work needs to be done. As to door knocking and marching, what is the message? You need a message. The B.C. Lieberals “ad” as outlined at the start of the post is the actual problem. Even if an attack is the message, that’d be better than what we have now.

    If you want to use twitter and all the computer generated media then the NDP needs to start using it. Just have a look at what blogger Montreal Simon puts out…….His stuff on Kelly Leitch, Nick, is her campaign manager, is priceless.

    Christy Clark and the B.C. Lieberals give any half decent cartoonist a lot of material to work with, you’d think some one at the NDP would get it together.


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