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Bits and Bites, March 24th 2011

March has been an exceedingly busy month for me and that has been reflected in the lack of blog posts. I am happy to tell you that April is the light at the end of the tunnel and you can look forward to a variety of compelling, exclusive stories.  For now, I… Continue Reading “Bits and Bites, March 24th 2011”

Berner is back, and better than ever!

One of my favorite bloggers is back, and in better format than ever. From his blog,David Talks/ The Berner Monologues : Happy New Year All! Here is my announcement: This month I am beginning a new television show. I am partnering with SHAW TV CABLE 4… Continue Reading “Berner is back, and better than ever!”

” Truth will only make you unpopular.” ~ Wolfgang Borchert

I had my first taste of how true this statement is Friday night, with an incident that happened while I was out enjoying the Stanley Park Christmas train with my two youngest children, and some close friends of mine who joined us. I share it not only because… Continue Reading “” Truth will only make you unpopular.” ~ Wolfgang Borchert”

” 100 reasons Gordon Campbell must go” becomes new feature page

For your reading pleasure, may I introduce you to a new page I have created here on my blog, which will be permanently located on the tab lineup above!  It is a comprehensive and substantial list of the worst of Campbell’s actions and achievements during the past 9 years.  I… Continue Reading “” 100 reasons Gordon Campbell must go” becomes new feature page”