” Prosecution of the puppets, not the puppet-masters…” ~ an open letter to the people of BC.

A wonderfully outraged reader of mine forwarded me a couple of emails this morning, interesting in detail. After sending a  polite and well worded letter of outrage ( that also contained a link to a  recent Times Colonist editorial ) to  a well known local writer/reporter, said reporter suggested that he submit it as a letter to the editor, with the Vancouver Sun.

Oddly enough, this reader has submitted this letter to several papers, none of which would see fit to print it yet, including the Sun.

For your reading pleasure this Sunday morning.

RE: BC Rail Plea Bargain

 Open Letter to the People of BC:

 For those of us old enough to remember, this whole sordid BC Rail affair is eerily reminiscent of another country’s descent in to a near-collapse of democracy and the rule of law.


 Richard Nixon’s trail of dirty tricks, payoffs, slush funds and cover-ups.

 Prosecution of the puppets, not the puppet-masters. 

This is what has become of our once-proud democratic institutions.

 Where are OUR Woodward and Bernstein?

 Where is OUR Washington Post?

 People of BC – STAND UP! SPEAK OUT!

 Our democracy is at stake when Justice can be bought and sold.

 Warren White, Gordon Head, Victoria

4 thoughts on “” Prosecution of the puppets, not the puppet-masters…” ~ an open letter to the people of BC.

  1. Warren,
    Well said! Perhaps if more people cancelled their subscriptions and stopped buying the paper at stands and explained why they aren’t buying anymore then maybe, just maybe, the newspapers would start doing what they are suppose to do.
    I cancelled the Province many years ago because they weren’t reporting the news. I told them why and would not pick up their paper until they started reporting ALL the news.The FULL story(s).
    I’m also thinking campbell should stop using Mr. Poole’s memory. For I fear campbell just might end up lighting a fire under his own arse courtsey of the olympic flame.


  2. Ever read to sight a nit to pick…

    The fallacy that we live in a democracy or system where we can rectify the wrongs done by law, our elected officials, et al is an illusion.
    Don’t think even for a moment I suggest acceptance. I do NOT!

    Above this illusion we live under exists the system we wish to live in and the path to that system demands our attention.

    Sir William Blackstone’s Commentaries of thr Laws of England lay out our Rights, and RESPONSIBILITIES

    We as a society have neglected our responsibilities and by doing so are now in the fix we are in

    please go to Chap. 1: Of the Absolute Rights of Individuals –

    This will take some doing on the part of the reader and is necessary for all to know if we are to have justice


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