“Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.” ~ James Bovard

The posts are piling up here, and while many expected to see one about my conversation with MLA John Horgan, it was sidelined when an appt. I’ve waited months for was rescheduled without notice to this week. I hope to have that for you before the end of Friday.

If you haven’t heard already, independent MLA’s Bob Simpson and Vicki Huntington are hosting a Twitter Town Hall today at noon until 1 pm, to talk about democratic reform. https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/500447429967880/

“Use the hashtag #bcdemreform so we can find your comments! @bobsimpsonmla and @vickihuntington ”

Bob recently penned a great post on his site, about democratic reform and how maybe the legislature shouldn’t sit until some changes are made that actually allow MLA’s to represent their constituents properly…. changes like parties allowing free votes.

Check it out http://www.bobsimpsonmla.ca/the-bc-legislature-shouldnt-be-recalled-until-its-reformed/  , and drop by the Twitter Town Hall and submit your ideas on democratic reform.  See you there!

6 thoughts on ““Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.” ~ James Bovard

  1. I have had some dealing with Bob Simpson and cannot say enough good things about the man. I have also had some dealing with the local BC Lie-beral MLA’s in my area and have found them to be nauseating to say the least – certainly untrustworthy and very prone to sarcasm, mocking what would be respectable behaviour for most normal people.

    I wish Bob and Vicki the very best of luck with their proposed “townhall” event. I cannot think of a better way of trying to reach out to the public – with a very limited budget.



    1. I think it went well, its harder on twitter to condense ideas into such small bits, but there were some great ideas that came forth : Strict limits on contributions to parties, which I totally agree with, free votes for all MLA’s in the legislature,voting reform…

      Yes I really like Bob too. We’ve spoken and I find him to very straight up,and hes very involved in his community and the same goes for Vicki. Now, if we could get a few more independents like this out there… wow. That would do wonders in the legislature for keeping both the ruling party and the opposition on the straight and narrow.


  2. Have to agree with having more independents. I’ve pretty well leaned one way most of my voting life, but I don’t like what I’m seeing and hearing and not hearing, I’m tired of the promises, the twisting of so many words, and am hoping for an independent in my riding, but that person better be “independent” is all I can say. That is where the internet helps in finding out about people, where they come from, who they’re aligned with. And blogs, one of which is this very one where you call it as it is Laila. There are others as well. People must educate themselves and not listen to “mainstream” anymore. You don’t get the “whole” thing with them. It has and is “So” slanted.
    Our province, country has gone downhill so fast. People, educate yourselves, please.


  3. i totally agree with strict political contribution limits….
    I guess the only thing that worries me about ‘free votes” for MLA’s (or MP’s) is the possibility of endless elections. All it takes is a legislative “defeat” due to an unpopular law or tax and back to the polls we go…….
    Lets face it , the public will never support or vote for anything that increases taxes or user fees. Look at California. Fiscally ruined. After 25 years of state referendums on everything and anything their tax base has barely moved while the population has grown and aged. Govt employee pensions are crushing their budget but they must go to the public and ask ( in a referendum) if they want their taxes increased…..the result? DUH! NO! So. the govt is paralyzed with indecision.
    Winston Churchill once stated that England would have lost the war if they had referendums. Sometimes politicians have to make brutally unpopular decisions based upon information we (the public) are either too lazy or too uninterested to bother with.
    Another suggestion……
    I would like to link politicians pensions to the annual budgets of the govt.. Both sides of the Floor (opposition included) MUST produce a balanced budget.
    If the budget year is in the red, they dont qualify for that year of pension contributions. No cooking the books. Independant auditors can go back as far as 7 years to make sure their were no shenanigans.
    Nothing like focusing a politicians attention to taxpayers money management when you threaten to take away a year or more of pension contributions.
    Fast Ferries? nope. $600 million dollar roofs? nope. Tolled bridges? maybe. New Hospitals? maybe.


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