A lesson in public relations.

Sgt. Jennifer Pound, media spokesperson, IHIT, speaking about the second targeted shooting in Surrey last Sunday  :

  “We always like to remind the public that when these shootings occur in a residential area, in a public area, the public unfortunately are at risk,”

Sgt. Peter Thiessen, RCMP spokesperson, speaking of the targeted shooting in Richmond last night :

“Police recognize these types of incidents are very concerning to the public. The potential for innocent people to be hurt is high.”

Chief Supt. Bill Fordy, Surrey RCMP, speaking to reassure Surrey residents that their safety is not at risk with recent shootings :

“Residents are safe, he said, because “the overwhelming majority of (Surrey) residents are law-abiding citizens with no involvement with criminal activity.”

Little consolation to the families of two innocent bystanders murdered in the Surrey 6 case,  still  left waiting for justice 5 years after the fact.

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  1. The difference between the rank and file (although a Corporal and a Sargent) and an Officer. Two practicalists and one with his head stuck some where else

  2. I guess the bigger issue here is…..
    Why does it take so long for people to actually go to trial for serious crimes?
    The Surrey 6 MURDERS were 5 YEARS ago. The Queen of the North trial for negligence causing DEATH began today…… 6 YEARS after the sinking….
    I could go on ad nauseum but we all know the reality.

    The Canadian “justice” system has turned into a mockery of justice.
    A crime is committed.
    The police investigate.
    Then the gong show begins……..
    IF a crown prosecutor actually deigns to proceed with charges….. WOW!
    We then begin the long agonizing process of entering a plea (guilty or not guilty), evidence gathering by the defendants lawyer, plea bargaining, trial, conviction or aquittal, appeal

    We have judges( former lawyers, crown prosecutors) argueing with lawyers and crown prosecutors over drivel. The recent aquittal of the two men charged with gay bashing comes to mind …6 witnesses apparently weren’t good enough ….they walked. Because the judge ( who wasnt there and didnt believe the video evidence) didnt believe the witnesses.
    Which raises the question…….I wonder how much THAT lawyer cost?

    Which essentially raises the ugly head of mistrust that most people have with the” justice” system in this country . If you’re rich enough to drag the charges, trial, and appeal process out long enough….then you’re probably rich enough to get an aquittal .

    And if you do get stuck in jail, dont worry, it is the Canadian penal system, murderers usually are out in 10 years or less……..

    Most people in jail are poor………… and that isnt a coincidence.

    • Yes, well, toss in the Surrey judge who thought a minimum sentence for a gun charge was unconstitutional, the RCMP officers who fouled the investigation into the Surrey 6 by getting involved with people related to the case, etc etc… and you have one hell of ” this isn’t working.”

      We don’t even have to get into how easy it is to buy a gun on the streets here now, or how many are coming across the border everyday. The RCMP are, quite frankly, outnumbered, in particular in Surrey where our population growth is so rapid, policing numbers cant keep up.

  3. Not sure it’s a Canadian problem so much as a BC problem.

    The current government has closed courthouses, not replaced judges (until recently, and then not the numbers needed) and underfunded Crown Counsel and this has led to much of the delays.

    Toss in appeal after appeal and the die is cast for delays that defy logic, in most cases.

    • All documented above on my soon-to-be-updated 100 reason the BC Liberals must go link at the top of the page. We reap now what we sowed for 10 years…

  4. Thanks,this really shows the spin that comes from Surrey RCMP every time we go through a period of gang violence.What about the reports we never hear of in the papers, of shots fired and weapons seized? When they live right beside us and eat and shop at the same places,everyone is at risk.

  5. All institutions grow hoary and the police and justice system are no exception. They are ‘old’. They don’t work. Firstly, we do not need 250 pound jack-botted cops screaming ‘get on the ground’ and tasering people. We only need sensible people (grannies will do) 99% of the time. I know. I worked in skid row for years. And I have been a bouncer. Talking will do it almost every time. When it won’t, a healthy, sane, calm person can do the job. So keep a dozen ‘roid-freaks in black on call for the few times they are needed to bash in doors. It costs us – the taxpayer – well over 750K a year to keep two cops driving to Tim Hortons. How stupid is that? Well, it gets stupider. It cost us millions to ‘process’ Basi and Virk and they plead guilty! We really have to ask why it cost millions for their defense, too….because we paid for their defense! The legal system has become elitist. That is ridiculous.

  6. And one can never forget former A.G. Wally Oppal’s ” sputtering outrage” when a reporter had the audacity to ask him if the legal system was “broken’ when a judge let someone off on a technicality.

    Time for the pompous twits in their ivory towers to wake the F**K up !
    The general population are FED UP with the ludicrous wait for charges, the ridiculous trial lengths, to be followed by milk sop sentences, and then the endless appeals…….

  7. Very good analogy. When I saw your first quote, I was going to compare it to Bill Fordy’s ridiculous statement but you already have. I am told that Bill Fordy was involved with the Pickton investigation. That’s the one where Catherine Galliford claims in her sexual harassment law suit that the other investigators were rude pigs to her and treated her like garbage. Why does everyone want to dump their garbage in Surrey? Sad.

  8. This is somewhat hilarious. Last week Bill Fordy issued a statement about how safe Surrey is, how the gang issue doesnt impact anyone other than those involved… blah blah blah….. and that he personally went and had a talk with the Hells Angels and told them they were not welcome in Surrey, he asked them not to set up shop and that to date, they had not…… http://www.voiceonline.com/message-from-rcmp-officer-in-charge-bill-fordy/

    I had to laugh. Sure Bill, the Hells Angels are totally going to do what you ask them to do, right?


    The spokesperson for the HA talked to the Province and stated clearly that they’ve already set up shop, just not formally, and that many Hells Angels live in Surrey and have for years. He went on to say that they are not intimidated or discouraged by police pressure. http://www.theprovince.com/news/Hells+Angels+they+aren+leaving+Surrey+despite+pressure+from/7879669/story.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

    Note to Bill Fordy. It doesnt seem to be the Hells Angels that are causing so many problems,nor do they appear to be behind many of the gang related shootings/ shot fired reports in the city. And you might want to go back into the files and see how many times reports of shots fired have had stray bullets enter homes of people not involved in gang activity.

    Yet another PR moment gone wrong.

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  11. While they are interested maybe someone with integrity in the not so honourable RCMP will investigate the real criminals in our midst.
    The (in)justice system in British Columbia has failed in its public duty and is nothing more than an extortion(against the people) and protection(for politicians and RCMP) racket.