Two new warnings issued to BC Hydro on Site C construction….again

Breaking news. BC Hydro and  contractor Morgan Construction have once again been issued warnings, two this time, for non-compliance and violations of the Environmental Certificates.

One warning was issued for three separate incidents in late 2015 and spring of 2o16 in which BC Hydro was found to be “not-compliant with Condition 69 of the Certificate which requires the Certificate Holder to implement measures to control and clean up leaks and spills of hydrocarbon material during the construction of the Project.”


The second warning was issued after two separate occasions in March and April 2016, when BC Hydro was found to benot compliant with Condition 69 of the Certificate due to a failure to adhere to measures to properly segregate and dispose of recyclables and waste material during the construction of the Project”

These in addition to the  warnings and remediation/mitigation efforts ordered  for earlier sediment control  infractions following repeated complaints by locals, along with photos I posted and questioned DFO on.

More recently, a federal investigation revealed air quality monitors at the site, had been turned off.

Considering the growing number of infractions and non-compliance one wonders who exactly is in charge up there. But then again, this might be just how the Clark government plans to get to YES…


15 thoughts on “Two new warnings issued to BC Hydro on Site C construction….again

  1. The first thought that comes to mind is the story of the fox being in charge of the hen house. Christy and the wrecking crew and BC Hydro,,,,,,BED MATES!


  2. One of 3 things will happen.
    1- By OIC the Environmental Assessment Office is closed.
    2- Enforcement Officers will be replaced with friendlies.
    Or, more likely;
    3- Business as usual with no consequences.
    Aka “Let’s just continue to ignore him.”


  3. “I wouldn’t characterize my view of the Site C project as one of confidence.” – Bill Bennett.

    Neither would I. And Bill Bennett is one of the main reasons. The damning Auditor General’s report alone should have resulted in his resignation. Instead, after vowing to get the Site C project “built for what they tell me it is going to get built for,” he now says he’s quitting to do something else. But not before getting the project past the point of no return, as directed by Christy Clark.

    Rushing a very questionable mega-project past the point of no return before an arbitrary date determined by the provincial election cycle does not a statesman make. It’s hard to imagine any energy minister in the history of British Columbia that has damaged the province to a greater extent. And his harmful legacy will continue long after he escapes office.

    In that I have confidence.


  4. They could be issued these certificates on a daily basis but nothing is going to change. its ahead, to the “point of no return” as instructed by the photo op queen. Its not like some one is going to come along and put them in a pair of silver braclets. Now that would be fun, polluters, sent to jail. One can dream


  5. Yes, sadly these mean absolutely nothing.

    Not worth the paper they’re printed on.

    Not even an annoyance, just pointless, because this project has been determined to go on to completion no matter what happens.

    Welcome to BC, the Zimbabwe of Canada.


  6. I disagree, they do mean something, they mean that despite repeated warnings and notices BC Hydro has continued to ignore at least some of the conditions imposed on their receipt of permits. This in itself means that BC Hydro is not concerned about such trivial matters as the environment and is an indication of how they will continue to behave if they are given additional permits. Please, rather than being jaded by such ignorant arrogance, write a letter to PM Trudeau and Minister of Fisheries Leblanc, and tell them you are fed up with the unlawfulness of this dam, and ask them to not allow more permits until this comes under better management, after a BCUC Hearing.


  7. The thing that has to done is let the Prime Prime Minster know we the people of B.C. are also Citizens of Canada and we are under a Provincial Government acting in a dictatorial manner towards the people of B.C.and its his duty to protect us ! ? She continues to ignore court decisions ,allows and abets Hydro to BULLY She is liar, cheat,is money hungry to the point of distressed needy people of the province, while stacking the deck with her insiders when ordering inquiries into deaths,Med researchers kids ,etc etc etc ! Her and the majority of her cabinet. are the dregs of society and do not represent the people that elected them.


  8. I would just like to state: THERE IS NO POINT OF NO RETURN! Just because you paid big bucks for the medicine, if it makes you ill, are you going to pay more big bucks to keep taking it? Stopping site C as soon as possible would be ideal, but no matter at which point it can be stopped, it is never too late.


  9. The project is solely meant to provide cheap power and a reservoir of water that is not regulated as free flowing, for natural resource extraction projects in the north (the destruction of the north’s potential for local food independence is likely/hopefully just a bonus that guarantees dependency on expensive food imported from elsewhere by the labour force).

    Agencies that willingly would work towards those aims while stomping over both the spirit and letter of First Nation’s Treaty rights, pushing multiple species to extinction, and disrupting the hydrology of the entire north through to the Arctic; are not likely to be worried about a bit of spilled gas or written warnings.


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