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Two new venues to join me at now and later in the fall.

Recently frustrated with far too many issues not getting the coverage needed in traditional and large media outlets serving the province of BC, I tossed out the idea of doing a weekly podcast to friends and followers on twitters and facebook – to say the response was incredibly positive would be an understatement!

I’m not alone in looking to start that venture for the fall-at this point it’s not certain whether I will be doing the podcast as part of a collective or on my own strictly for this site, but stay tuned over the summer as details are worked out behind the scenes. Many readers were thrilled at the thought of having something they could download and listen to while they worked or took part in other activities and I think the time is ripe for this kind of expansion. So this is the first bit of news for you!

Second, when I tossed that idea out on social media, an opportunity knocked that allows for greater exposure and exploration of the issues and of my work here, as we head into BC Election 2017.

After a week of working out the details,I’d like to invite you to listen to CKNW every Wednesday morning from 9am to 9:30am, as Martyn Brown and I join host Jon McComb as panelists on a new segment dedicated to BC politics.

There is no contractual obligation for this segment to avoid any conflict with theΒ  independent work I do here or anywhere else, but it does open the door to engage new readers, cross promote and expand the audience for this blog and others.Β  If you aren’t local to Metro Vancouver, you can listen online at

Simple click on the Listen Live button at the link above to hear the segment, and I would love to hear your reactions as we ease into this new segment starting tomorrow, Wednesday June 29th!


  1. Congratulations
    Its an avenue that can only become advantageous to more BC citizens by having you as a commentator on CKNW.
    Here in northern BC we can get CKNW (although at times quite static) we keep abreast of what is going on via CKNW.
    We look forward to hearing you on CKNW.
    Someone like you has been long needed in keeping Nifty Christy’s and her Liberals feet to the political fire


    • Thank you Ray!If you cant get it on the dial, please go to the site and listen on the net, it should come clear that avenue.

      I hope I can bring the kind of commentary I do here,on air in looking at things from a non-party perspective.


    • I agree – I was honoured to be considered as I have missed Jon in his old afternoon slot and don’t often get to listen in the mornings. Thank Rafe,eager to see how it goes!


  2. Good news for sure and with Jon McComb no less.
    Congratulations on both.

    While I stopped listening to NW some time ago I still try to catch Jon McComb if I am in the car, when he is on.

    The good thing about the NW bits is they are archived and if absent minded like I am can be listened to after the fact.

    I hope there is a way for non Twitter-book people to sit in on the podcasts as well.

    What really excites me though is the ability to pass you on by voice. I know most of my links to you and others fall into the “I’ll look at it later” box and are never seen again. With the broadcasts they can listen while they do other things. No excuses now.


    • Thank you! And yes a podcast would be blog-based and accessed here – still working on the semantics of it because I want to have a quality sound for listeners – you are my core and really, twitter is just another delivery and engagement vehicle to engage new readers.If a collective site works out then perhaps there as well.

      I agree, if you have something to download or listen to, then no excuses! An exciting new journey we’ll feel out as we go!


  3. I often wish I could win the millions and then start an on line News Hour.I enjoy watching the 6 o clock news ,but know full well how biased and short on real news you get from the MSM.So I like your idea.I don’t do twitter ,but do face book.I would hope that your new venture would be able to access through your blog as well as face book.I look forward to timing into CKNW on Wed .Surprises me though that they would have you and Marty Brown on weekly.


    • To be honest, I was a bit surprised as well πŸ˜‰

      What is important is that everyone can access via this site.This is the heart of where I started and where ‘home’ is for our community. That matters πŸ˜‰

      If I win the lotto, I’d do the same!!


  4. YOUR RIGHT! The Bias is so Obvious and it it wasn’t for Social Media we would be in the dark which is were the polititions want US! Thanks Laila I love your insight.




  5. oh, this could be so good! Please send an email/notice on blog when the first show is going to be. I’ve a memory like a sieve and I do so want to hear the show. I’ll even get up early for this event. Thank you, thank you to Marty and thank you to the radio station. Who knows we might have a revitilization of radio in B.C.


    • Oops!! The first show is tomorrow!! Go gentle on us!!

      I’ll share all of your comments,criticisms and feedback with the station and with Jon and Martyn,for sure eaf.


  6. Laila Yuile @lailayuile
    I’m so sorry to waste taxpayers funds but there are so many people in government going through my site today it’s a bit hilarious…

    Maybe this could be a discussion on air for all to hear.
    Sure like to know who is wasting most by watching you.


    • Thank you so much Mike πŸ™‚ From you especially I appreciate the kind words. Pushing bigger rocks than ever πŸ˜‰


  7. First decision CKNW has made in quite a while that will benefit listeners. Jon McComb showed last week he still has some fire in his belly by calling out Cameron Muir on the foreign investment driver in the BC real estate boom and then having Rebecca Warburton on for an interview about her continuing experience with the health ministry firings. Jon has seemed like a soccer player on a volleyball team the last few years, but hopefully he’s found his game again.

    The ball appears to have started rolling slowly in the right direction at β€˜NW. You’re the perfect person to help it gather some sustained speed.


  8. Great news. Brave and freeing news. God I hope it lasts and BC people can finally see through the photo-ops and BS spewed daily by the MSM. Although I never listen to CKNW ( I’m on VI), I fear that it will be short lived and absolutely roasted by the Liberal turd carriers.


  9. I do not trust Chorus,Global,Shaw,there words are not to be trusted they have advertising accounts that come out of our pockets ,they have a political agenda to protect there revenue.They have stacked the deck with the likes of Leslie,Good,Aliese Mills,Baldrey,Mike Campbell, Mike on and off smyth,FLETCHER now thats a laugh a minute king of the press goonery etc,I hope N.W are getting the same impression i have on my discussions with the mere unwashed that people in general cant take it any more.Jon,Simi,Drex, YES !!!!,Good LUCK Lila and friends you just might help N.W.Where is Jessop?? Drex???

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    • I removed NW from my dial years ago, likewise all paper products. The podcast idea has potential, something like Canadaland. I’d pay a small fee for it too.


    • Hahaha!!! Too funny πŸ™‚ They are extending the segment this morning, to take listener calls and feedback,so don’t be turning it off right at the 9:30 news. Hang on for a bit longer.


  10. exciting news! maybe you and others might consider a consortium of bloggers/media types to join together to do an audio podcast for 3 or 8 hours daily of 60 to 90 minute shows on political/social issues. or how about doing video using google hangouts, blab ( or other interfaces.


  11. I heard it on the audio vault. Great job! You certainly didn’t cover all the topics, so you’ll be needed back for many weeks.

    I also learned who “13” is on Harvey Oberfeld’s blog. His name is Doug.


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