As if Christy didn’t have enough troubles already…

Christina Joan Clark(e)  – and her former husband, Liberal power player Mark Marissen – have both been named as defendants in a long-standing supreme court civil action, and were scheduled to stand in a 2 day trial by judge September 28th, 2011.

However, an order for adjournment was signed August 26th, and a new trial date was to be rescheduled by counsel – that date has yet to be posted as confirmed with the court registry yesterday by phone, nor has the matter been settled. The clerk noted that from the notes on the file, the adjournment was requested by the plaintiff, not Marissen and Clark, however she could not confirm that without the actual document in hand.

With a supreme court civil trial  possibly still looming over her head, sources tell me this was yet another contributing reason she did not want to call a fall election.  Simply wouldn’t do to have any press on even this kind of thing in a campaign, if the judgement didn’t go in her and Marissen’s favour.

The case stems from a car accident that occurred September 2008, in which court documents allege Christy hit the other driver from behind, while driving a vehicle leased by her former husband- Volvo Canada is also named in the suit,which was filed in Supreme Court in early 2009.

Now,in a rather ironic twist, it was none other than  Justice Anne Mackenzie that presided over the latest order to adjourn and reschedule…. a name familiar to any and everyone following the BC rail story for the last few years.  Also interesting in a Bornman(n)-esque kind of way, is that in the statement of claim and statement of defence spell her last name as Clarke , not the more familiar spelling of Clark. Just counsel being cautious, or did Christy drop the letter e somewhere along the way, like Eric Bornman(n)was known to do throughout his career?

After all, they were friends!

*** Update.

Here is the Statement of Defence submitted by Clarke and Marissen: statementofdefenceMarissen

Statement of Claim – page 1not included because of personal information.

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  1. Well, the Campbell/Clarke BC Liberals, are batting a thousand for corruption. I would think, a “special Liberal prosecutor” should, be able to get Christy off. That worked for both, Thornthwaite and Kash Heed.

    I mean, if the OBC can award, a trash heap, junk yard like Campbell, with the dirtiest political record, in recorded Canadian history, the OBC. Christy’s boo boo is child’s play compared, to the crap Campbell pulled and gets rewarded for.

    Has anyone else like Campbell been awarded the OBC? Campbell, twice lied to be re-elected, for two different elections. There was Campbell’s theft and corrupt sale of the BCR, that wasn’t going to be sold. There is Campbell’s other election lie, the HST wasn’t on his radar. Throw in his lie, of the small provincial deficit.

    With all of Campbell’s dirty tactics, lies, drunk charge, deceit, and cheating to win…Hell, Christy’s civil suit, is a shoe in.


    1. Documents will be posted shortly, just working on formatting and then of course my three year old woke up from his nap!!

      They are indeed pretty straightforward when you read them. 😉


  2. I am sure we all remember justice MacKenzie, in Campbell’s corrupt sale of the BCR trial. The brain dead witness and when it got too hot for Campbell, the trial was stopped short. Of course, Bornman(n), deemed a good character, who can go on with his deceit, lies and law practice.

    The two tiered BC judicial system will see to that. I don’t remember any BC Liberal’s nor the elite, having to pay for their crimes. That’s just for we peons, that have to pay for DUI’s and such.

    **edited. LY


  3. What is really sad is, Canada used to be a good country, welcomed all over the world. We are just, another corrupt country, because of politicians such as Harper and Campbell. There are articles in other country’s media, who have taken note of the demise of Canada. Europe has noticed. Australian’s have noted this. Holland is very upset, by what is happening to Canada. They loved our Canadian boys, who liberated Holland, during WW1!.

    Canada is in a dictatorship regime now. Corrupt politicians, such as Campbell are rewarded for their corruption. Campbell desperately needed the OBC, as a credential, for his disgraceful appointment as, High Commissioner to England. Campbell has not one saving grace. He is the most hated politician, ever known. Campbell’s corruption is legendary. He is so putrid, he will grin and accept the OBC, he definitely does not deserve. That’s exactly how revolting Campbell really is. However, England knows that too, all of Campbell’s dirty reputation went to England, long before he did. They know all about our corrupt judicial system. All about Campbell’s theft and corrupt sale of our BCR. They got it all. Even the disgusting OBC, rewarding Campbell for his dirty record and Campbell’s drunk mug shots were sent too.

    All of this is, very embarrassing and shameful, to the good decent people of BC. There is not one vestige of cleanliness, left in BC. It’s all evil, dirty and corrupt, because of, Campbell/Clarke and the BC Liberal Slime Family.


  4. It took the government 22 months to get my contested traffic charge before a judge, as the MVA regulations state they are supposed to do, only when I finally got there, it wasn’t before the judge of the provincial court it was before a Justice of the Peace who it appears, doesn’t know that if she claims not to have jurisdiction to hear ME, she doesn’t have jurisdiction period. The court system in BC might as just have a collection box in the courtrooms, and save us all the lawyer’s fees, There lawyers and judges are all serving up to three of four masters and since WE are the one’s paying them, why are WE on the bottom of the heap? WE need nominated and elected Attorney Generals in Canada, not political politicians beholding to a political party and the government headed by an unelected premiere.


  5. Off topic.
    Let all of us, say a prayer for the little three old little guy, missing in the Kootenays. My little granddaughter is three. I can’t bear the thought of, what this little boys family is going through. That poor little soul. May he be found safe and sound.


  6. Yes, I too send ‘Well Wishes’ to the little childs family and friends. My Son and his Family also live in Sparwood, with their 3 and 5 year old Daughters.


    1. I do pray for a speedy and happy resolution for both the dear boy and his family.

      I will be posting those documents tomorrow, the littlest one spent a good part of the day hanging off me because he missed his big brother so much at school !! They became best friends over the summer and the sudden separation is hard for him! Families first, Christy says, right?!

      Sorry everyone, I need to black out some personal information in the documents and quite frankly I am hot, sweaty and need a cold shower. Morning comes soon enough!


  7. (I guess) when she is flipping her name is Clarke. When she is Crusty she is Clark.
    No to elected Prosecutors and Judges unless you want both offices to be more political.
    Start putting pressure on MP’s and MLA’s.
    They are the ones who boss the courts and take advantage.


    1. Grant, I posted copies today in the post above. Sorry for the delay but its been a very busy few days here with little time for the site. My apologies!!

      Please note in the statement of defence from Marissen and Clark, they admit guilt to rearending the woman from behind, they are not arguing that, they are arguing other factors….


  8. Has anyone YET ever found a cope of Anne Mackenzie’s resume, or her history of decisions? Who she knows? If she’s a Liberal Party donor? etc etc etc?


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