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And where is Ms.Isinger’s indignation now? **updated x2 below post : Isinger responds.

When a reader tweeted a link last Thursday to the Comox Valley Business Gazette story about Clark’s comments on her ex-husband Mark Marissen, I did two things.

First, I nearly choked on my coffee. This woman has no filter between her mind and her mouth.

Second, I tweeted it to Christy Clark, Mark Marissen and the creator of the Madame Premier blog, Diamond Isinger to see what she would have to say about it.

Diamond rarely lacks for words on anything related to her heroine Christy Clark, but three days later, she’s still silent on this comment:

A seasoned orator, as well as a veteran of a talk radio business where controversy and titillation are king, Clark delivered what was surely the highlight of the presentation only a few minutes in.

While struggling against a microphone that wouldn’t stay upright, she commented, “I’m not going to say it reminds me of my ex-husband.”

The comment was met with laughs by all and the most raucous ovation of the afternoon.

Since Thursday, the story is starting to pick up a little traction. The Times Colonist did a mention in Press Pass with the headline ‘Is Christy Hitting Below the Belt?‘ and our good friend RossK did a great post titled … Return to Milf Island?  

Now, for those who might recall the Milfgate incident,while many people claimed it was the DJ’s wrong, it was my contention that the premier had already set the standard for innuendo and titillating talk with her prior interviews with the Vancouver Sun sports section and appearances on Rock 101.

In fact, RossK backed that up with a great transcript of one of her visits to the station while in her current position as premier. Remember Mr.Skin?

But alas, this latest limp joke really fell flat in my opinion – no pun intended.

Not just because people like Diamond Isinger run to the premiers defense with cries of sexism and political double standards for women in politics – and yes, both are real issues facing some women in politics – but because Christy’s ex is still very much in her life, co-parents their son with her and very much defends her and her government on twitter.

It makes me wonder…

How the hell Clark can reconcile being offended at Richard Bransons naked kite boarding comment, stating:

“I didn’t think it was very respectful.”

With her innuendo laden comment joking about her ex-husband.. all while unable to get a microphone to firmly stand up.

And if you want to talk about double standards, what would happen if a male premier made a joke about his ex-wife’s sexual function.. or lack thereof ?

Do you think that he might be called… gasp… sexist??

More likely women everywhere would have more than a few nastier words than that..including Ms. Isinger,who would personally man the guillotine… but because it’s Clark, she gets a pass? Come on. Innuendo laden and suggestive comments like this have ruined more successful politcal careers than Ms. Clarks.

Frankly, the hypocrisy between what Clark says and what she does, is stunning, dwarfed only by her inability to understand why she is so low in the polls.

It comes down to character and integrity – unfortunately for Clark, voters seem to think she has little of either, and with limp jokes like this, it’s no wonder.

*** While Diamond has steadfastly ignored me since last Thursday, a tweet from Bill Tieleman did elicit this tepid response last night:






** Update two.

Ms. Isinger finally responded with a non-response on twitter.








To which I responded :






Valid points, no? Ms. Isinger didn’t think so….











It is more than a little ironic that even though Ms. Isinger felt completely comfortable speaking out nationally on TV, on radio and in newspapers about the sexist comments, innuendo and disrespectful comments some female premiers face…  when the premier she defended the most, suddenly commits the same crime, joking about a very sensitive mens issue…..about her ex-husband no less…

She suddenly has no opinion. ( I didn’t bother asking Isinger what she thought of Clarks Manswers interview, that might have sent her under a couch for a week…)

credibility gone











( a shorter version of this post appears in the Huffington Post BC:  )

Andy Radia of Yahoo Canada has jumped in with this take :

And Political Analyst for Omni Television states this could mean more trouble for Clark:


  1. Right on the mark again Laila. Clark has invited what she has received, and I do not have any sympathy for such a classless woman. I don’t post, but do follow Twitter, and have noticed that Diamond is quite the bully at times. Seems contrary to what her little blog is preaching. In any case, it won’t be around after May 14th, as there will be no reason for her to post anymore!
    I do love your blog, and appreciate reading the truth about politics in BC.


    • Many thanks for the kind words Cathy.

      Perhaps a comment like that might be appropriate between close girl friends over a drink or private dinner, but never in public, and certainly not in the role of premier. Classless is a very appropriate term.


  2. Dang! You beat me to it! Ms Clark seems to court a double standard. Women may quip something like this (like The Wife of Bath’s bawdy humour over drinks with their BFF) but she can’t have it both ways-nor can her acolytes. It is not the quip-which might be funny in a private circle of friends..but to do this publically? About a man who is still a cheerleader? CC has no sense of filter between brain and mouth nor does she understand the basic premise of public speaking-consider your audience!


  3. I said it once & I will repeat it, Diamond Isinger is nothing more than a Liberal troll with no values.
    She complains about anyone attacking her Christy, but being the hypocrite she is… she spends most of her time attacking the opposition.


    • I’ve updated above… the only response Isinger could give to Tieleman was an eyeroll.

      I’ve asked if she will post Clarks comment on her Madame Premier blog, but I dont think she will 😉


      • She hasn’t posted in her precious blog since February 25th….I hear it’s because she got a promotion to Scandal Downplaying and Spinning. Man has she been busy…


        • Actually,there is a new post up from yesterday… but she informs me via twitter that she is not actively blogging anymore – the time colonist post was the exception.She states she is not sure what she is going to do with the blog moving forward.

          Hmmm…rather convenient.

          See above for the full meal deal on Isinger and why she has no obligation to make a comment on Clarks comment.


  4. The issue for me is – we have a Premier who openly uses her Anglican faith to garner support – yet her public life and persona does not reflect the standards we hold for people in positions of Leadership, irrespective of their faith.

    Pamela Martin is the overll lead for ‘”tying faith into plan – reach through faith”” – Christy Clark speaks at a dinner hosted by Pamela Martin and the Premier denys knowledge of a document identifying Pamela Martin as the team lead?


      • Her education that she’s backed a losing horse?
        Her education thats she’s backed a unqualified leader?
        Her education that Christie is a loose cannon on a sinking ship?
        Her education that Christie will say and do anything to get elected?
        Her education that Christie is a pathalogical liar?
        Her education that she’s stuck with Christie until after the election?
        Her education that maybe Diamond doesnt know what she’s doing?
        Her education that sometimes Diamond can be (gasp!) wrong?
        THAT education?


  5. This is Isingers answer on Twitter to Bill Tieleman. @BillTieleman #eyeroll
    She can’t give Laila an answer but does it through Bill. Bill’s answer was MT which I don’t know the meaning of. Anyway, apparently Isingler can only roll her eyes for want of a defense. Pretty lame!


  6. When I first looked at Isinger’s Madame Premier blog, I was horrified by all the hateful comments made about Clark’s gender. And then I came across one of my own tweets she included which criticized Clark’s hairstyle. Somehow my snarky comment about her hairstyle was a sexist comment according to Isinger and warranted being included with all of the other nasty comments in her blog. I couldn’t believe it. BTW, I have also criticized Donald Trump’s hair and Don Cherry’s horrible sense of fashion. Joan Rivers makes a living from criticizing people’s hairstyles and outfits. Is she also sexist to Isinger?

    Then a few weeks ago on Twitter, Isinger posted several photos of a BCCP male political candidate with the clear intention of mocking him and making fun of him. For example:

    And now, when Clark makes a crude sexist comment about her ex-husband, Isinger is suddenly silent and has no comment. Except when she does.

    Does this sound like a hypocrite to you? It does to me.


    • In my opinion, Islinger would have been better to face the questions I asked of her.

      A male politician making similar comments about an ex-wifes sexual function would have resulted in a public apology at his lack of judgement and we all know that. Personally,I can’t even imagine a male politician with such a lack of judgement other than Rob Ford…. who seems to also display the same proclivity for political mis-steps as Ms. Clark,

      So,will Ms. Clark apologize for this? Or just add it to her list?


  7. Has Christy realized she is now the Premier and not a Talk Show Host? I also think the three bottom tweets you posted hit the nail on the head. I was really hoping that Madam Premier was going to do some good in politics, but apparently she has learned from her premier about how twisting good ideas to Partisan Politics destroys them. It’s too bad because we have a real problem with sexism, but it’s hard to take Diamond Seriously anymore. I have been a Liberal supporter up until CC’s reign began and will vote NDP most likely for 2 reasons: 1. Get rid of CC and 2. Eric Foster is my MLA and he needs to go to. I agree that CC faces lots of sexism but I also think she may possibly be the most inept premier In my memory. And Gender has nothing to do with that.


  8. Feigned outrage, and the tendancy to run and hide when the heat is applied. Two things that Christy and Di seem to have in common. If you can’t stand the heat, go away. Take it and go away.


  9. Ms. I. is simply a shrill for Christie Clark. Never heard about her until I saw her name mentioned. It would appear Ms. I has a few clarity issues.

    What is interesting is this was reported by a small independant in the valley, not the Comox Valley Record or Echo. Thank goodness for small independants and bloggers.

    Ms. Clark was playing to the type of audience which thinks this type of comment is funny. Unfortunately they weren’t in a bar. Ms. Clark has a lot to learn from Ms. Redford. Not about politics but how to conduct oneself while in political office. Perhaps Grace MacCarthy could give Ms. Clark a few lessons on appropriate conduct in public. I am sure her son will have to face some comments regarding this at school. As the saying used to go, “she’s just another example of white trash”.


  10. And Laila, from Alex’s site today:

    Want to know why Sam Sullivan beat Lorne Mayencourt for the BC Liberal nomination in Vancouver False Creek?

    Huge swaths of Mayencourt’s “registered members” were (wait for it) Indo-Canadian “members” who not only weren’t False Creek residents, but had never even lived in the riding. Mayencourt was heavily backed by Christy Clark’s camp, including Mark Marissen disciple Diamond Isinger. Sullivan’s people, remembering the exact same fraud Clark’s people pulled during the 2005 NPA mayoral nomination process weren’t having any of it an challenged hundreds of memebrships (trust me on this, I was in the counting room in 2006 and witnessed it myself).

    Well, it turns out that’s not the only bit of electoral trickery that went on. 19 year old Diamond Isinger, self-proclaimed internet “trouble-maker” and general annoyance, was front and center helping Mayencourt’s campaign. As it turns out, Isinger registered to vote and did so for Mayencourt.

    Small problem. Isinger was NOT properly registered as a resident of False Creek. In fact, the address she provided for proof of residency was that of Ben Parsons, her boyfriend.

    I contacted Isinger, and being the skilled shoveler of agricultural fertilizer she is, Diamond first told me she lived in False Creek “for several months” prior to the nomination date, and then furnished me with some passage from the BC Liberal constitution about a 41 days residency requirement prior to voting, etc. Classic attempt at deflection. She also claims to have provided the Returning Officer “government-issued ID and proof of…Vancouver False Creek residency to the election officials.”

    When I pressed her for specifics, she refused to respond. Bottom line: She used her boyfriend’s address to show residency, and was NOT registered with Elections BC as a False Creek resident. She’s from Port Coquitlam.

    Mind you, for a party that allowed the current leader to cheat during the leadership, this is a small infraction, but serves to show that the Marrisen crew is alive and well and that’s exactly where this twit Isinger sits. She lied about her residency so Mayencourt could collect her vote.

    Remember?! This is the same Diamond Isinger that pretended to be Mother Teresa and swaddled in holy robes not a few months ago when she was complaining about how women are treated in politics.

    How do you expect them to be treated when a 19 year old Liberal puppy is being trained to cheat??? And does so without a hint of shame!


  11. Bravo Laila! You have deposed the little princess to show her for the hypocrite she is.She dishes it up and then gets her nose out of joint when you won’t play by her rules.She has hardly helped Ms C’s cause as she has gone to ground. Sadly, as you commented in a tweet,she scuttled with her own venom and immaturity an issue that was worth seriously exploring-a double standard for women in politics.Ms Clark’s infamous comments about being happy to be a MILF and about limp mikes were the last straw.Ms Diamond should lick her wounds, keep her mouth shut,and learn her lesson. However, i suspect we have not heard the last from the “mouth that roared”.:too much chutzpa to keep her quiet for long.


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