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New photos show new cracks and landslide yet again on the North Slope of Site C. How much are they costing us and how long before someone gets hurt?

New photos in from Site C today following yet another large slide on the work site.

The first is a full aerial view:

North Bank slope failure takes out entire road segment above work area.

North Bank slope failure takes out entire road segment above work area.

In this second photo I have enhanced the contrast so you can more easily see where the slope has cracked and has come down. The line starts just below the road on the right and goes up and over to the left. There is another smaller one lower down as well.  This is followed by a photo showing the exact area of the cracks and slide.



This, following several other slides on the north slope I reported here first in July, along with references to a government commissioned report from 1991 in which the ministry of mines and energy was advised the following:

5.Thus, all of the major terrain slopes present in the eastern Peace River Region are subject to slope failure. Extreme caution should therefore be observed in any effort to exploit or utilize river valley slopes.”…..Page 15

6.”Valley slopes throughout the region are subject to slope failure and colluviation, and the development of these sites should be minimized.”…..Page 17 summary excerpt

You can read all that and more, here, if you missed it this summer:

I then covered  more North slope failures again in August when further issues made me wonder why no one else in the media was asking any questions about whats going on up there and how much this is costing beyond the scope of the contract:

There are more photos I will post as I go through them, but these needed to be shared immediately. Because while hundreds of thousands of British Columbians still have no clue how the BC government exempted Site C from the only review that protected BC Hydro customers interests, many more continue to try and shine a light on this projects failings. And very little of this is seeing the light of major media outlets.

A friend from the Peace once told me that the river has a spirit of its own, and when it has had enough of  people tampering with its banks and waters it will let them know. From the looks of all the troubles on the north slopes… I think shes saying enough is enough.




  1. One hundred and some kilometers of these hills, the banks of the Peace River, up the Halfway River, up the Moberly River, all the little creeks that empty into the peace, even more subject to these slides if we let them flood the land at the base of the slopes.


  2. Irony…

    Donald Trump talked about shipping undesirable people out.

    Christy Clark is actually throwing good citizens off their land.

    Hundreds of misguided people are wasting time and energy, on the streets of Vancouver, protesting a US election they can do nothing about.

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  3. Hmmmm.
    One wonders how the govt spin doctors will handle a “fracking quake” causing damage to their “point on no return” Dam…..
    Mt Polley part deux?
    The arrogance of this govt is endless.


  4. It is doubt full the spin doctors will have to spin anything. We read about this news on this blog, but don’t expect to see this in the MSM. If you are dependant upon the MSM for your news, you will see nothing about the dam.

    They will keep working on this dam even if all they do is pile back up the stuff which has slide down. As long as there is work going on nothing will be said in the MSM. For anything to be reported in the MSM, the slide would have to be of such magnitude there would have to be deaths or the whole slide disappears and its such a geological event outside media cover it.

    If you watch the evening news or read the Sun/Province there just isn’t anything there about Site C or the slides. This is how the MSM in B.C. helps Christy Clark, they don’t report the news.

    We see more about the Dakota oil pipeline problems and protests than what goes on in B.C.
    Right now the press is kept busy with Trump and the American election. Works for the B.C. Lieberals.

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    • Unfortunately Julie, We need a visible opposition to run against Christy for her to “go”.
      We havent seen or heard from Horgan in any memorable way in ???????
      Sorry, I cant remember.


      • …….And then we have that intellectual lightweight of the Morning Global “news” Steve Darling (an honorary member of the ‘Babylon Society” for his endless prattling drivel at 5:30am )announcing his candidacy for the (surprise!) LIBERAL PARTY in Burnaby Lougheeeeeed !
        And Christy was there to give him a big hug!
        Woo! Woo!
        I’d like to ask the people at Global two questions
        1. Now that Steve Darling has announced his candidacy will Global remove him from reporting ANYTHING about politics since he’s obviously biased?
        2. Will the last Global “news” reader that quits that pathetic Shill “news” agency to go prostitute themselves for the (Christy Clark Dog and Pony Show) Lberal Party please turn out the lights?

        Disgusting doesnt even begin to describe the “News” media in this city, this Province and this country.
        Steve Darling….my gawd.


        • Steve was let go from Global a while back and a reinstate Steve Darling facebook page popped up. Apparently when he was let go Christy was one of the first to call him according to a Global producer. So we have from media… Pamela Martin formerly of Global then CTV. Jas Johal formerly of Global BC who went to the LNG Alliance or something like that. Stephen Smart formerly of NW is in bc govt communications now.

          I get its media jobs are not exactly stable these days. Everyone does. But I feel bad for colleagues when the public inevitably starts questioning whether said journo was partisan all along. Even the reaction to Darlings announcement was very mixed by his fans,some saying it totally changed the way they feel about him.

          One thing for certain, its hard to make the leap from MSM newscaster or even just a morning news host personality, run for politics and then go back. If he doesnt win Im sure there will be a job arranged somewhere for him. And I wonder who is financing his campaign…


        • Well, I guess Global’s producers finally discovered what I realized in the first 5 minutes of listening to him prattle on endlessly.
          He was terrible.
          I cant count how many times Sofie Leung looked like she wanted to karate chop him in the throat because his nonstop babbling caused the show to run too long into either a commercial break or the weather/sport segment.
          The guy just didnt know when to shut up and cut off a personal babbling BS “story”…..
          I can understand his appeal to Christy


  5. AMEN! to all of the above comments. (Still not receiving your emails, Laila. I got your post from Ken Boon). I intend to make it my mission to show the above photos to some of the MSM journalists. Is that okay?

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  6. Sliding in the Peace Valley isn’t new. Just ask the Ministry of Transportation how many times they’ve had to fix the Taylor Hill. You need to reference more than an outdated report though. What conditions did the current government put in regarding slides?


  7. I’d like to know what all this fracturing and sliding has done to the budget. And the schedule. This remedial work doesn’t take place on its own and without a cost. Someone (the TAXPAYER!) is footing the bill!
    In the real world their would be a contract, AND a budget; that would be available for purview by a regulating body. Not in this case. We just keep on accepting the bullshit that’s fed us. Shame on us!


  8. Just read the latest ‘Site C Project newsletter’. I’m a convert finally. That Project has done so much for the City of Fort St John that I think every river should have a dam! We could put one in at Kamloops and flood the South Thompson all the way up to Seymour Narrows. We have the same shitty silt cliffs that could/would erode into the reservoir, we have plenty of Indian Reserves to desecrate, limited amount a farmland to submerge. No costly transmission lines to construct, no $250/unit camps required. Heck, half the Alberta population already lives on the Shuswap, thus alleviating the employment problem there.
    Vote John’s Aghast for your next Liberal representative!


  9. NVG Only if there is an energy supply gap and/or an energy capacity gap, neither of which Hydro has shown much reliability of forecasting. Where are you going to house these one million newcomers? In multimillion dollar homes? Well, there you go – one trillion dollars in economic activity! And if they all invest in green energy there won’t be any shortfall. Chrispy, you need me!
    On another note, instead of pumping (wasting) all those dollars on Site C, invest it in Black’s Kitimat refinery. But instead relocate it to the source, in Alberta, and pump a much more palatable product across the wilderness and over the seas. (Trudeau only banned CRUDE in today’s announcement).


  10. This is just another scare tactic! Thing is that the Site C will provide a great amount of ‘clean’ hydro electric energy, for a period of more than 100 years. This is much better than use of hydro carbons.

    Science indicates that it will take at least between 50 to 75 years to establish ‘reasonable’ cost effective alternate energies, plus, those alternate energies are far more expensive, than hydro electric. Site C hydro electric generation enhances the power generation, certainly for the northern communities in a shorter term than all the rest of choices.
    The opposition to Site C is seriously misplaced.


    • Excuse me? What sort of fiction do you read, Stephen D Green? “…In a shorter term than all the rest of choices.” Try natural gas generating plants, ie Calgary’s Shepard? plant. How much have you researched geothermal?
      As for 100 years? I wish I was around for another 20 years to witness the filling of the reservoir… with mud! So much for your ‘clean’ energy.


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