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Site C panning out to make Fast Ferries look like pocket change.

Since moving to Van Isle life has changed dramatically. There is always something needing to be done on the property several townhouses and families would have lived on back in Surrey. Between that and everything that has to be done the blog has taken a back seat while I am keeping track of whats going on in BC politics on my phone.

That is, until I found out about this. And to be honest I was so upset when I read this I literally had to go whisper swear words into my pillow because the kids were sleeping.

It’s not right. And it shouldn’t be happening.

“BC Hydro plans to expropriate the home of Peace Valley farmers Ken and Arlene Boon before Christmas, following the couple’s refusal to sign over their top class farmland for the Site C dam, DeSmog Canada has learned.

The Boons said that the $8.8 billion dam could still be stopped and they are not budging from their third-generation family home, farmland, garden, greenhouse and workshop to make way for a Site C highway relocation until they are forced to leave.

We’re at peace with the idea of going to expropriation,” Ken Boon said in an interview.

Arlene and I agreed we didn’t want to sign anything over. It just goes against every bone in our bodies. They’ll have to take it from us.”

BC Hydro will seize the Boon’s farmhouse and 130 hectares of their land on or around December 16, according to the couple. They say they will be permitted to stay in their farmhouse as BC Hydro’s tenants until May 31, three weeks after the B.C.provincial election, and to farm their riverside fields for three more years even though BC Hydro will own the land.

I don’t think they wanted to kick us out during the election campaign,” said Boon.

In return, the Boons reluctantly agreed to sign a legal document stating that they will not interfere with construction of the highway, which will go right through the farmhouse built by Arlene’s grandfather and also through the farmhouse of a neighbouring property.”

Read the rest of this horror story here:

Well Merry Christmas Premier Clark. Happy New Year Ms. McDonald. I’m sure you’ll both be toasting flutes of champagne over the holidays at this development.

It’s been a long year for me covering Site C and it’s just a wee a drop in the bucket of what Ken and Arlene, Helen Knott, Yvonne Tupper and everyone else working to halt the dam have been doing and living. It was New Years Eve when this all started for me in earnest after receiving word campers were trying to stop the destruction of one of the oldest heritage sites in BC at Rocky Mountain Fort… and BC Hydro was quietly trying to evict them under cover of New Years Eve. 

Oh, never heard of it? Too late. Its been cleared. Would have made a nice park site to bring tourism into the region along with all the other amazing features in this area of the Peace but no, Premier Clarks vow to get the dam past the point of no return is more important than our collective history, or the Treaty 8 lands the dam infringes on.

And now, people are losing their homes and land they have worked for generations and treaty rights are being ignored completely while a decision from the Supreme Court of Canada is waited on that has the capability of putting an end to all of this. The precedent set in the recent Enbridge case bolsters this case.

But you will not hear of these expropriations on the evening news. You will hear about someone on instagram winning a KFC scented candle. You will see the latest Christmas fashions or the most tasty cocktails. But you will not hear about these people losing their homes and what Hydro did to get to this point.

There will be no critical examination of why or how this dam was refused by the BCUC twice already, so the province exempted it from a third review under the guise of the Clean Energy plan.

You will not hear that the power is not needed. You will see no one question Billy Bennett’s blather, who is just months away from retirement and won’t have to answer any questions then about the lack of due diligence. Heck he is spending his last days in government trying to cook up a plan to find a customer for Site C!

You will  probably see a lot of Premier Clark smiling and talking about jobs and selling that Site C power to the oil and gas sector to get them to stop burning the same gas she wants us all to embrace sending to Asia to save the world from pollution. Or some kind of bafflegab that inevitably goes unquestioned. Umm. Ok.

And you will read Vaughn Palmer gloss over the very big geotechnical issues that have had Hydro execs fly up at a moments notice when the walls of the riverbanks start collapsing onto roads workers have been going up and down. Why? Because the government ignored its own report that said the banks and geology was so unstable and prone to slides further development should be minimized..

I referenced that report here, if you are interested.

Now Vaughn says this project is so advanced no government would kill it.

And to be honest, that may be true. Weaver can’t form government, and Horgan has said he would send it to the BCUC, but not that he would kill the project.

But I would remind Premier Clark , Horgan and Vaughn Palmer of the biggest boondoggle Newfoundland Labrador has ever seen, the dam project known as Muskrat Falls. You see, the history of Muskrat and Site C are so very similar.

Governments wanting a big legacy project. You know, go down in history as the premier who… as it turns out… pushed through the biggest mistake any government has seen.

Last summer, when most were out vacationing, fishing etc, the ceo of Nalcor – the hydro company building Muskrat Falls – came out and admitted after the timeline and budget had blown out of control in part to… get this… geotechnical issues- that they had made a mistake, their estimates were wrong and that they should not have built the dam. 

It wasn’t needed. They stymied their provincial regulator and did not give them all the info they needed. So the good people of Newfoundland Labrador were screwed. The federal government had to hop in with a bail out so the ensuing Hydro rates didn’t bankrupt people.

Here in BC the government exempted the same review. No independent body has ever examined the info Hydro has concocted and some of it has already been shown to be inaccurate. We know that the dam will take 94 years to pay off and the life span is about 75…

It’s estimated to cost 9 billion dollars. But the massive geotechnical issues that have resulted in work being redone over and over again, are going to blow a hole in that. And who knows what will happen in the years to come. Research shows mega dam projects often increase in cost to nearly double. Ask Newfoundlands premier how that’s working out for them…

Its better to write off a billion now, rather than waste another 10 billion down the road. On a dam you have to try to find a customer for..
and that no one has verified info on. Will we have a government with the brass to tell it like it is? Or will they cave to corporate pressures?

Because as far as I can tell, right now Site C is  shaping up to be the modern Fast Ferries… and rest assured, at 9 billion plus a few billion.. it is going to make the Fast Ferries look like pocket change.

** catch up on the entire history of this project here:


** The New York Times did a feature on the Site C fight… A must read and very thorough coverage.


  1. Site C, BC Place, Port Mann Bridge, Evergreen Line, Richmond Speed Skating Oval, LNG, Massey Tunnel Replacement, bet I’ve missed as many as I’ve listed. The corruption, cost overruns, unpaid workers (Canada Line TFWs cheated until BC Fed stepped up and fought for them), phoney timelines…these things have cost BC a generation’s future, but the media doesn’t hound the Libs, in fact for the most part the media covers up their massive failures.

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    • … and the media trains their people so that they can cash in by working for the government: Pamela Martin, Jaz Johal, and Steve Darling are just a few that come to mind. All familiar faces to the general public and therefore have the ‘star’ power that the BC Liberals need to sucker the voters yet again.


      • I am not so sure that we can condemn the ‘stars’ for making a living in the only way they know how. Can they DO anything else? Having said that, it is unseemly. Like Mike Duffy and Pamela Martin. For years we got faces implying neutrality but who, in the end, showed their bias in the extreme.
        And, as Laila says, the TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA. Do we believe that now with so many newscasters proving otherwise?
        Rafe is different – he started as a green-hued Socred (trout fishing). Went media-for-money. And then morphed DEEP GREEN. One of a kind.


  2. I’ve said it before and I say it again – the entire BC Hydro file, the so-called run of river scam with huge payofffs to Liberal pals and the bankrupting of BC Hydro AND Site C ought to be investigated by the Attorney-General’s office for corruption. The AG is supposed to be above politics and our first law officer and if Ms Anton weren’t such a Liberal hack, she would have the guts to stand up to the Premier, do her duty, and turn this entire gawdawful mess to independent crown counsel. In fact it should have been done 5 years ago.

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    • Never mind the Attorney-General, why hasn’t BC’s Auditor-General looked into Site C? Should be the #1 priority as this dam is the most expensive public infrastructure project in BC history.

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  3. BC Hydro and the BC Liberals have done more damage to the BC economy with their efforts to build Site C than they have done to the valley environment as of yet. That damage to our finances will continue to get worse if they don’t stop, but the compensation that we would have to pay to the companies doing the construction destruction would be far less than the impact of actually building Site C.

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  4. She pulled a Harper on us………………and we had no choice. Damn this woman has got to go !! I don’t even care what party is in opposition anymore but #CHRISTYCLARK has got to go !! Even a Lame Duck Party or like Iceland, a Pirate Party ! #NOMORECHRISTY #NOMORECHRISTYVANITYPROJECTS #NOSITEC #NOPIPELINES

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  5. Christy has to be some kind of walking evil manifest. To do as much damage as she has and still smile is beyond sick and sociopathic, it borders on sadistic. And this ‘fake’ hesitation to ‘deal’ with Kinder Morgan is yet another act of duplicity. She is practically salivating. The people of this nation and this province are rock stupid – plain and simple. They are the turkeys just before Thanksgiving anticipating the holidays to come. We deserve her, we deserve that lying Trudeau and we deserve them like the ‘Mericans deserve Trump. No wonder the ‘elite’ disrespect the masses so much. They are right to do so.

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  6. Using clean hydro power to run natural gas and LNG plants means that the natural gas that would normally power the plant can then be exported and burned, releasing GHGs.


  7. Welcome back Laila! There is SO much negative about this project and this government that its difficult to know where to start. My heart goes out to the Boons, but I suppose their case could be worse. At least they’re alive. A few (very few) people have made impassioned pleas in favour of abandoning this ridiculous waste of energy, resources, time and money – apparently to no avail, so I’ll leave it their much more eloquent efforts and keep my comments to my self. With any luck the slopes will sluff in and the project will be aborted.
    I wonder if the $500,000 Hilton hotel/camp was included in the $9-15 billion budget? That could go a long way towards helping the homeless in other jurisdictions – other jurisdictions where they couldn’t earn 6 figure salaries. Bet the Fort St. John hoteliers are not to happy with THAT competition. Also bet there are numerous people that would be happy just to work for room and board!
    Best of the season to you. Glad to hear you’re enjoying life on the Island.


  8. So folks, just imagine that FN protesters win their day in court. Then the judge orders that the site be returned to it’s original state!


    • That s 470 MILLION for the temporary work camp!
      Yes FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY MILLION, not five hundred thousand as you wrote, DOLLARS FOR A TEMPORARY WORK CAMP, this alone should have folks demanding answers from BC Hydro/ Christy Clark!


  9. So glad to see you on Ken Boon’s Site C related media, Laila. I’m still not receiving your blog directly as I used to, but that’s okay. I found you and that’s the main thing! 😉

    I watched Vaughn Palmer’s Voice of BC last night and felt compelled to write to him after listening to George Abbott and Paul…..(geez, I’ve forgotten his name already)…. shrug Site C off like it wasn’t even worth talking about, a fait accompli, so to speak. Anyway, Vaughn’s reply surprised me. He was so well-versed on all the history of Site C, plus many other energy debacles of which I wasn’t aware. Too bad he didn’t add more of those revelations on his show. Makes me even more determined to help the Peace Valley landowners and First Nations in their fight to stop this abomination.

    I’d like to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season Laila, and an exciting new year. Got any snow up there in your new digs?


  10. Three questions immediately come to mind with me after reading the Vancouver Sun and New York Times articles.

    Why hasn’t the Vancouver Sun produced a similar piece?

    What kind of journalist would go to the site to be impressed by the mechanics of the project, yet while there fail to interview any of the available locals directly and devastatingly affected by it?

    The last two paragraphs of Palmer’s puff piece say that although he’d be surprised if any government halted it, much can yet happen to affect the project. Why does the headline definitively say he said it’s so far advanced no government would kill it?

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    • Ever so slightly off topic, Lew. Apologies. But the credibility of the entire US election is being questioned by (get this!) the CIA….those whose business it is to mess in elections believe that the US election was messed with by the Russians. BUT – on the CBC news at dinner – not a mention of it. NOT a mention! Instead we got the Alex Fraser bridge closure. Maybe a snow depth measurement. With THAT kind of journalism from our national broadcaster, is it any wonder Site C gets precious little analysis? And the Vancouver Sun hasn’t had any credibility for decades. Marvel Comix gets closer to the truth than does POSTMEDIA .

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      • Yes. The United States of America, usually busy lecturing other nations on democracy, now has a President-Elect on record as saying the presidential election was rigged one way, and its Central Intelligence Agency saying it was rigged the other, and our national broadcaster can’t be bothered with it.

        Meanwhile, the BC Liberals have installed friends and insiders in key positions within BC Hydro and on its Board, by-passed any independent oversight, and are in the Premier’s own words rushing the largest public project in BC history past the point of no return before the next election. This in the face of extensive evidence and expert opinion that the project is not required, and is not in the public interest for many reasons.

        And the Vancouver Sun (and most other local media) serves up coverage of it that would result in a failing grade if submitted as a paper in the first term at any school of journalism.

        Send in the clowns.

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  11. No prudent, responsible government would hesitate to stop the hemorrhaging to save blood—and maybe even the patient! Selling such a plan at this point when considerable amounts of taxpayers’ money have already been spent is the hard part.

    As I’ve said all along: this Site-C dam is special-purposed to help the discredited BC Liberals fight the next election (which they probably expect to be an uphill battle). In other words, the BC Liberals have anticipated whatever Horgan can possibly say about the project and built rhetorical responses in advance; these responses look exactly like the Site-C dam cuz that’s what it was always for, partisan advantage during the May 2017 provincial election.

    Even if Horgan says nothing about Site-C, it is still designed to be NDP-toxic. The NDP has to be very, very careful on this issue as a result. A trap is laid at virtually every approach, just as planned from the beginning. Just wait and listen for more frequent attempts to goad NDP candidates into commenting on Site-C; the absurdity of building a hugely expensive dam for no other reason than make a very bad government look maybe a little, tiny bit good allows more absurdity; imagine Christy baiting the NDP with: “Site-C is the best project in the world because the NDP couldn’t run a lemonade stand!” It’s hard to get a handle on comments like this, and normally there are enough bread-and-butter issues with which to challenge the government and advertise a better alternative to simply change subjects when baiting non sequiturs are thrown out.

    That’s why the NDP needs to take between-election time to manoeuvre around these loaded questions in order to reveal the government’s calculated dishonesty, reckless expense of public money, and how that hurts British Columbians—a conversation that involves complex detail. Christy will do everything to keep it sloganeering, punchy-one-liners. That’s why it’s best to initiate the conversation before the leaders’ TV debates, for example. Christy is very rude and has no qualm about interrupting and drowning opponents out with superior volume during these televised opportunities. Leave the duking out for the debate (and I hope John’s ready cuz there’s enough desperate motivation to expect the tried and true kick to the groin).

    Here is one of the places to detail the perfidy of Site-C. Doing a great job, Laila!

    What astounds me most is how bad it looks when a government has done just about everything it can to look like it deserves to be in power, including breaking the law, lying, withholding information, setting innocent people up as diversionary decoys and squandering of hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars, to name only a few on a very long and disgraceful list—and it still looks so bad it has to do something even bigger and badder to distract attention away from itself and its outrageous record? I mean, Site-C gotta be one of the biggest scams in BC history, and the BC Liberals’ breach of public trust on Site-C is almost advertised with a megaphone. Is that mean whatever it is they’re trying to hide is even worse?

    To me it always comes down to BC Liberals corruption of all that’s ethically holy. And to list all that, take all day. Ain’t no sound-bite. It’s just the numbing, unspeakable truth.

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  12. Well, well well.
    The Clark govt decided the optics of a Christmas Eve eviction were too mean spirited for even them….Scrooge meet the PR Dept.
    The trouble with this entire construction project is the lack of a budgetting process.
    How? In this day and age….. can a govt get away with “winging it” when spending 5 billion? 10? 20?
    We dont know how much a multi billion dollar dam is ultimately going to cost?
    How do you get away with that?
    How is that possible?
    What idiot would agree to those terms?
    I cant get a fricken bank loan for a $5000.00 car if I cant tell them what the car will cost.
    Its a violation of every basic accounting principle that large corporations are legally OBLIGATED to follow and most hold dear.
    Unfortunately this Dam will take years to complete and Clark will probaly walk away at the 11th hour and wipe her hands of the entire fiscal mess.
    Probably to a nice “consultants” job in one of the very self same companies she handed billions to.
    Conflict? What conflict?
    Jail is too good for these lying, theiving scum.
    If the NDP come to power they should stop it in its tracks and AUDIT EVERYTHING.

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    • Seriously? The NDP? The limp-wristed, limp-Dixed, flaccid, impotent, invisible do-nothings? We have paid our NDP walking-smile-with-a-dead-fish handshake $1.5M over these past twelve years plus huge benefits not to mention a lifetime debt for a gold plated pension for doing exactly what? She deigned to visit our community exactly twice in all that time and sat there smiling and asking what the community volunteers had done. She acted like our proud mom, not our champion. They are willing accomplices. They are useless. They are the spouse who repeatedly gets beaten but goes back to the bully anyway – half the problem is continuing to do nothing and expecting things to change. I continue to ask myself, “Why would they want things to change? They are getting paid to do nothing. What’s not to like?”

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        True enough.

        A jellyfish has more of a spine that a career politician.

        But I can dream cant I? ( or maybe its just an LSD flashback)


        • Sorry, Astro. You are right. I tried to be too brief in my condemnation when only a tome would have a chance at describing their inadequacy. Mind you, it would take a small library to document the destructive evil manifest by the Liberals insatiable greed and corruption. But….Back to high school? Where spelling, grammar and great literature are now not affordable for our government? Surely you jest?


        • He made total sense to me.
          Let me guess.
          You’re a true blue, dyed orange NDP supporter that never accepts that the NDP has EVER done anything wrong…
          Newsflash bubba. 99% of ALL politicians are nothing more than bobblehead dolls voting the way they are told and God help them if they step one inch out of line.
          Banishment forever is a likely result.
          Once ever 4 years we get to throw out the garbage that “represents” special interest groups(Unions in the case of the NDP, Big Business in the case of the Libs)…..not the people that elected them.
          Does the truth make any sense to you now?
          Then let me make it easier for you.
          The current system as it stands is failing the voters.
          Hence the election of the lunatic fringe like Donald Trump. Voters are willing to try anything to shake up the status quo.
          Democracy is a joke, bought and paid for by special interests.
          But at least we get to toss out the ruling party every election unless the NDP squanders another election.
          I can dream cant I?


        • This a ridiculous project, casting $9 billion, then plus all the extras, say another $2 billion! We do not need the power, not even for LNG. It would not be enough anyway. Instead we waste useful farm land, that with the situation in California, we might need to grow our own crops!


        • You are partly right, Astro. My apologies. I was being too brief in my condemnation of the NDP where, really, a tome or multi-page indictment is required. One simply cannot write enough bad things regarding the opposition. They do such a poor job.
          Suffice it to say, “For evil to be done, good men only need do nothing”. The Liberals do evil and the NDP do nothing.
          As for going back to High School….I dunno…what with all the drugs and poor teachers, the cutbacks and the lack of standards, the politicized bureaucracy and the lack of critical thinking, what would be the point? They do not even teach spelling anymore! I actually learn more from reading Laila.
          But thanks for the encouragement to keep on writing.


  13. Canada Line – Projected cost……………….$1.3 billion.
    – Escalated cost……………….$3 billion+
    – Actual cost…………………….$2.3+ billion.
    – Costs as per documents in the Susan Heyes lawsuit against TransLink……$2.8 billion

    It seems the BC Liberals cost accounting is non existent. As well the Auditor’s General’s Office is not doing its job due to lack of funding.



  14. It gets better. Like I said, this is going to make the Fast Ferries look like candy store change in your pocket.

    They may have to twin a temporary bridge thanks to so many traffic delays. Someone at BC Hydro couldn’t even project the correct traffic flow and count to come up with the right size bridge to maintain schedule.

    And we are supposed to trust them with the rest of the plan? Sure….

    This will be the biggest boondoggle ever. EVER. There is a good reason the BCUC turned this down twice already.


  15. “The Peace River Regional District has already called out the province of British Columbia once for not allowing the Agricultural Lands Commission to review the removal of 5,340 hectares of land from the Agriculture Land Reserve for use as the Site C dam reservoir.”


    “The lands to be flooded represent the largest land exclusion in the 43-year history of the ALR.”


    • Hugh, that article is over a year old! And did you notice any change? Not a bit. I only visit this site once a day and it gets downright disheartening. I can only imagine what it would be like to dwell on this and other similar problems all day every day.
      I notice Norm Farrell has been absent for a couple of months. Don’t blame him and can only hope that he’s recuperating from his dental problems. We miss him dreadfully!


  16. Nothing is beyond the point of no return except perhaps death and even that has been reversed with new medical procedures and CPR. The building of a dam can stop at any time. Even if a dam has been built it can be de constructed, and the land left to recover.

    Horgan might want to get that message. Its a waste of money to build the whole thing. Better to take the financial hit now and get over it. The dam costs may go double so even if $5 billion were spent, its better to cut your losses sooner than later. The building of the dam gets so little coverage I would suggest half the voters in this province don’t even really know anything about it. The pro media has done a good job of keeping it out of the news. Oh, well one good shake might put it on the front page or a bunch of deaths of workers, but until then, It is doubtful they will say much about it.

    In my opinion this dam is not about electricity, its about a reservoir and being able to export water. we don’t need the electricity. the export of water would give Christy and her cabal a lot of new change to spend. the can build pipelines for oil/tar and gas. a water pipeline would be a piece of cake. now people wouldn’t be in favour of that, but if it meant not having to pay much higher taxes to get the province out of bankruptcy, who knows what people would go for. Its all about the water and not about the electricity.

    What is being done to the families on site C is no different than was done by the Socreds back in the days when they were building dams.

    If the $8 billion were spent on health care, education, new nurses and doctors the fight against fent. deaths we’d have jobs also and a healthier socity, but alas it would not have Christy’s name on such a project and I’m sure she wants the dam to be named after her, just like the Bennett dam. In this case though it will be dam Christy clark.

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  17. …was awake all last night. Couldn’t sleep a wink. Was worrying about “getting Site C past the point of no return.” Damn! I know its not my problem, but whose problem is it? Who determines if its past the point of no return? What are the criteria? I hope its not the same boffleheads that neglected to locate a source for the armour rock and must now haul it from a
    distant source across a (for now) non existent bridge.
    I have kids the same age as Chrispy, they went to college; and graduated! and I wouldn’t entrust that decision to them!
    I sometimes wonder if its still on budget. And then I wonder if Anyone knows. I mean, you must have budgets and schedules to proceed with a venture like this. Vaughn Palmer says they know to the exact hour some five or six years in the future when the reservoir will be full as well as some 5,500 steps in between. Why can’t/won’t ‘they’ share that information with ‘us’, the Owners and funders? Would you authorize and construct a million dollar house without knowing the progress and cost every step of the way? Would you entrust that progress to someone (say Chrispy) that didn’t have your best interest at heart?
    Okay, got that off my chest. Will try to get some sleep now.


  18. This is really sad news. For those who are fed up with the same old BS from our politicians, may I suggest you become a candidate in next May’s Provincial Election. The United Canada Party (UCP) is opposed to the Site C Dam and needs candidates who oppose it too.


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